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Once Again this site is being Rebuilt!

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I have decided to restructure the the RRR website entirely. Firstly because WordPress was rapidly getting locked into the Web-Big-Brother process like my favourite Web-Big-Five (WBF). We, too, must have our own set of acronyms!
This of course means that we have to start from the beginning (Again!) because WordPress could not allow you to export your pages/posts without a huge amount of effort. So Sorry!! about all the inconvenience. Please be patient because I have to rewrite pretty well everything I have done so far
Thanks to ianm and QuickBus for all their support and help.

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I grew up in a small country town on the other side of this wonderful planet sometime in the late 1940's with the conviction that people in general were basically good and well intentioned. The late 1950's saw a move to the big city and the times of the Flower People with folk songs about freedom and a mood of anti-establishment. In the late 1960's I spent enough time in the USA to watch the Moon Landing. 72 hours glued to the TV as mankind set about proving that we could escape this planet. In the late 1970's made the move to Australia fearing the future of my family in a country which was in turmoil because of the GREED, FANATICISM and intolerance (lack of RESPECT) of a minority group of people.
Sometime in 2005 I decided that this PLANET was not in a good position and that there was something that was not-quite-right. The majority of people were no longer GOOD. I decided to try and figure out why this was.

There HAS TO BE a SIMPLE method of reversing our decline into ARMAGEDDON that is happening NOW
I sincerely believe that the application of The CODE to the PROBLEMS that face us can achieve this objective. Please help me apply The CODE.

Sincerely, Jude.

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I reference a large number of websites in the text of RRR -- BUT -- If you know of a website which is appropriate to the promotion and/or application of The CODE please let me know.

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