Don Trump

Well after Donald Trump’s manipulation of his Impeachment Trial you have to acknowledge that those Americans represented by the Republican Party in the USA have been let down by a group of politicians who completely validate my definition of Politics as Problem Number  2.  Any politician of any government MUST place the interests of  country before their own survival.  That is why they have been elected after all.  The Republican Senators who supported Trump so as to achieve his acquittal should really be ashamed of themselves. They clearly place their own individual survival or the survival of the Republican Party before the interests ( survival ?? ) of their country.  I am fairly sure that these issues will be sorted out in time BUT how much damage will yet be done to America by the actions of a man who is clearly unfit to hold the office of President and who continues to lie and cheat with complete immunity. The Republicans have given The Commander in Cheat the OK to bend the Rules as he pleases to achieve his own goals and continue to WIN regardless of the long term effect it may have on himself or the USA or the people of the USA.

Donald Trump has earned the crown of The Teflon Don now that Gotti is locked up for life.  Hence my name for Trump ( I refuse to refer to him as the President because he is denegrating the whole of the American population and getting away with it ! ) :

Don Trump

the Mafia influence in the USA has never been stronger.

The False News claims by Don Trump are fascinating.  He must have studied the Nazi misinformation experts with great attention.  I do not believe that he never reads. He is just very selective in what he reads and what he does not read becomes classified as False News. Another one of the literally MILLIONS of articles which are trying (vainly it seems) to educate the American people of how dangerous the Don really is, is The Original Donald Trump.

I will be using Don Trump as a most extreme example of many of the PROBLEMS which  is attempting to resolve or mitigate.