Mission Statement

To-day, Saturday 18 Jan, 2022, I have found a home for RRR.  From the outset I have always been aware that RRR is far bigger than I am and that it is impossible for me to disseminate the thinking behind RRR on my own. To-day I have found the community which can help me formulate my ideas and beliefs.

W3C is the acronym for the World Wide Web Consortium and this statement on their website provides me with the motivation that I have been looking for, for a considerable time. I quote  this reference in full :

The early web community produced some revolutionary ideas that are now spreading far beyond the technology sector:

  • Decentralisation: No permission is needed from a central authority to post anything on the web, there is no central controlling node, and so no single point of failure … and no “kill switch”! This also implies freedom from indiscriminate censorship and surveillance.
  • Non-discrimination: If I pay to connect to the internet with a certain quality of service, and you pay to connect with that or a greater quality of service, then we can both communicate at the same level. This principle of equity is also known as Net Neutrality.
  • Bottom-up design: Instead of code being written and controlled by a small group of experts, it was developed in full view of everyone, encouraging maximum participation and experimentation.
  • Universality: For anyone to be able to publish anything on the web, all the computers involved have to speak the same languages to each other, no matter what different hardware people are using; where they live; or what cultural and political beliefs they have. In this way, the web breaks down silos while still allowing diversity to flourish.
  • Consensus: For universal standards to work, everyone had to agree to use them. Tim and others achieved this consensus by giving everyone a say in creating the standards, through a transparent, participatory process at W3C.

New permutations of these ideas are giving rise to exciting new approaches in fields as diverse as information (Open Data), politics (Open Government), scientific research (Open Access), education, and culture (Free Culture). But to date we have only scratched the surface of how these principles could change society and politics for the better.

I believe that RRR has a place in Free Culture and Open Goverment and we will set about researching these two concepts.  There will be more.