Religions and Bibles

I believe that all religions have a fundamental purpose in common. That they all have the same objective. I believe that if each and every Religion was to have a single sentence purpose as a precursor to the religion, as I have proposed for the Laws of each and every country, then all Religions would suddenly find that they all have the same objective in mind. Ooops! What on earth have all the Religious wars been about anyway? Put very simply,  because people are a.) not prepared to Respect the opinions of others and b.) GREED.

All the religious books-of-guidance,  for want of a better term,  therefore all have the same PURPOSE in mind and are all subject to the same errors of interpretation.    Let me try to explain my viewpoint by using the Ten Commandments as an example. The reference used here takes great care to interpret THE WORDS THAT WERE HANDED DOWN TO BE TREATED AS LAW. Many subtle differences are detailed and the Jewish and Hebrew Ten Commandments, as listed, keep the laws as simple and unambiguous as possible. Let us consider the 6th commandment. The Christian set defines the 6th as: You shall not kill. The Jewish and Hebrew defines the 6th as: You shall not murder. Not a big difference but the first definition is used as the main reason why a person should be a vegetarian or even more extreme, a vegan. If we accept the second definition as being “correct” then the consideration that we are “murdering” cows is not really a consideration. It does, however, apply to people!

To my understanding, the most blatant and inhumane misinterpretation of the religious books-of-guidance is the justification that the terrorists use to “kill the infidels” as allegedly “dictated” in the Koran. There is no religion on this planet that justifies murder and definitely not genocide. And to top off this blight on the planet the Do-Gooders maintain that these people should not be put to death!!

The next issue which creates misinterpretation of the religious books-of-guidance is the fact that we do not take into account THE AUDIENCE that these books were written for or the environmental conditions that applied at the time or the level of education and understanding that prevailed at the time and consequently how these laws would be PERCEIVED at the time. What were these laws intended to achieve AT THAT TIME?

All the Religious Tomes are very similar in concept to our Law Books and have the same fundamental error. The thing that is missing is the KISS principle.  This document is based on the KISS principle. All that is important is TheCode. Acceptance, understanding and application of TheCode is all we are trying to achieve.

It is in this area of the purpose behind religions that I seek help from people who belong to other religions to see if we can align ALL RELIGIONS to agree that they have a common PURPOSE and therefore can co-existent AND co-operate. This can be achieved by means of  TheCode. We need to establish TheCode as a means of achieving peace. I believe that if we can agree to use TheCode as a basis for resolving errors of interpretation then we will be able to reach an amicable compromise for most (if not all?) of our differences.

PLEASE let me have your understanding and interpretations,



World Economy Effects

Problem Number One is still GREED.

But what frightens me most at this time is that GREED is going to aggravate the biggest problem that has been created by Covid-19. The number of deaths is a serious aspect of the virus , with 180,000 on 23/Apr, but this is NOT the most critical issue.

I have just listened to an audio file from South Africa which discusses the World Economy and the effects that Covid-19 is going to have on all countries in the world. This very serious wake-up call has made me realise that TheCode has become an essential REQUIREMENT for our survival.

TheCode enables us to evaluate decisions and actions at a level which is more than just about ourselves but about people and the planet. Whether we like it or not if we do not have a planet then no people can exist (well not the human race as we know it anyway ). If we do not have people, then countries cannot exist. If we do not have countries, then neither groups nor families  can  exist. And if families do not exist then there will be nobody who can take the blame for your or my existence !!

GREED reduces the likely hood of the survival of any other level of existence except SELF.

If we do not remove the obvious excess of greedy people, religions, political parties and countries and learn to live together very soon we will cease to exist as a species.

As soon as Covid-19 is reasonably under control, and this includes the USA which I believe is going to escalate over the next weeks, we are going to have to face up to the worst economic disaster this planet has ever faced. Covid-19 has exposed the very fragile state of the World Economy and the very structure of world economics will be forced to change.

These changes are going to be extremely painful to everyone on the planet and the effects on each and everyone of us is going to be very different but very certain and very life changing. Read Event 201 which is a war-game researched in OCTOBER, 2019. Like 9/11 (again?) they knew and have shown themselves to be unworthy.

PLEASE help me address the PROBLEMS urgently,


TheDon damage will end

This is a news release from The Atlantic.  Written by a Republican. How I wish that the Republicans as a whole would disown trump as an entity. He is only capable of creating more damage than he has already done so far. His back-to-work insurrection campaign is going to cause many more deaths in the USA. And his appeal to the many illiterate Americans is his last-ditch election campaign – American citizens flaunting their guns and their right-to-freedom – will continue to strengthen his minority vote.   But I do believe that the many uncertain voters with some intelligence must outweigh the ignorant and naive.

I have decided that even trump’s technical voting campaign cannot possibly outweigh his pitiable and incoherent ravings that define his latest press announcements. I am surprised that any reporters even bother to show up at these “briefings” any more ??

Vote for trump

I have a very low  opinion of America as a whole as a result of trump’s pathetic charade and will not make any further reference to this very sick individual. I do hope that Congress will ensure that changes are made to the American Constitution to ensure that the American people can never be subjected to this type of evil again.


Time for the Ten Year Plan

The Covid-19 consumes most conversations and most news reports at this time but there are a number of discussions about what we need to do after Covid-19.  Our lives will change. The issue that needs to be addressed  NOW is what changes will be made.

Insanity is clearly defined here.  The layman’s (over-simplified version) is that we will have more of the same and expect a different outcome. The politicization of this pandemic has been extensive. In fact, so extensive that the above legal interpretation of insanity describes TheDon very accurately and the GREED of too many of the American population ( read:  The Republicans who support TheDon ) provides a sickening example of how the economy ( read: PROFIT ) comes before the population of the country.

It seems to me that the purpose (read: ambition or motive or desire ) of most of the super-rich in the world is to become richer. What  do they do with their money that benefits the people or more importantly The Planet?  If the population is decimated by something like Covid-19 then there is no economy ( see: Economy 101 ). And if there is no Planet then there is no population and no opportunity for the rich to have any income at all, never mind become richer !!

This is a generality because there are many who are making efforts to benefit other than their bank balance. There are many initiatives being funded across the world BUT what is the purpose of all this effort and money if the planet is destroyed by GREED or POLITICS or RELIGION in the meantime. Elon Musk and Space X are aiming to provide a new world for us to go to in the event ( sorry WHEN ) we are overcome by ARMAGEDDON but IMHO this is headed for a bad outcome it all we are going to do is expand the current climate of Greed, Politics and Religion.

So what does this have to do with the Ten Year Plan?  Recovery from Covid-19 pandemic will have to rely on POLITICS. Each and every Government is going to have to plan to get their country back on its feet. So we are going to have to rely on the POLITICIANS to get the world back on an even footing.

The most essential part of this process is going to require a united government to achieve this process. All forms of government are going to have to ensure that ALL the people are taken into consideration to get the countries back on their feet and get the world economy back on a sound footing. Historical feuds of any sort have got to be put behind us and whatever compromises are necessary to achieve this must be resolved. (This can be achieved using TheCode!! )  All democratic Governments need to make sure that they act responsibly (for the country and not the party or any political incumbent) and that they ensure that they are accountable. The Ten Year Plan can ensure that no political party ever has the ability to manipulate the people so as to achieve personal or party advantage.

We do not need criminals like Donald Trump in power!

Sincerely,  Jude