Importance of Religion

Religion is an essential component of freedom of speech.

TheCode must not be considered as a replacement for Religion. It must be used as a reality check, a peace-maker and a negotiation tool by one religion when considering another religion. By both religion one and religion two :

Firstly:  RESPECT that the other religion exists and has followers that believe the doctrine that the religion teaches.  What they do and how they do it is entirely their own affair. They may ask that you consider or try to understand THEIR DOCTRINE. They may ask you to join their group but they can never, under any circumstance, insist that their’s is the one and only solution or path to follow. This is fanaticism and the second worst aspect of religion that exists on the planet. The worst aspect is when that religion believes that they need to threaten or blackmail you into following that religion. This is the start of a war.

Secondly: Test the RLC , both positive and negative, to assess where this religion actually stands on the chain. If you do not have enough information (not fake-news) about the religion then you are not in a position to decide whether the religion is good or bad for the human race. Any religion is there to benefit the human race by providing guidance and spiritual support. If it is not doing any of this then it is not a religion. If the religion is having a detrimental effect on its followers or their quality of life then it should probably not be supported or tolerated in society. I do believe that all religions are of benefit to the followers. But many religions do not go any further than Level 3 RLC.

Lastly: Like all other entities, religion only has those RIGHTS that are given. If the religion rates negatively on the RLC then it does not have any RIGHTS.
Not even human rights. Least of all is freedom of speech. It needs to be contained within its place of origin and should not be allowed to expand beyond its place of origin. In terms of RESPECT we will not go so far as to say that they may not exist but we do not need them anywhere near our own environments. Terrorism is one form of this type of religion and it should not be allowed to exist outside the confines of its own promoter.

TheCode can be applied to any person, group, organisation or country to assess the value to any specific RLC but judgment should not be made in relation to any other RLC.

Please make sure that RLC is understood when reading this Solution,


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