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Welcome to rrrHelp.com the home of The3RsCode. (TheCode)

TheCode which is the title / name of this website is,  in fact,  a formula for deciding what is and what is not COMMON SENSE.  This analysis shows that the common sense of yesterday is not necessarily the common sense of today.  This essentially means that common-sense SHOULD BE an objective view taken of any situation at a specific time and in context.

We ask you to join us in finding SIMPLE (KISS) answers to the PROBLEMS facing us all at this time. We believe that there is something we can do about it. This link Friends of the Earth,  and many like it,  do address this issue BUT it is our belief that most of these groups only address the apparent ( as visible and recognizable ) problems and not the real underlying roots of our Problems. Maybe because the SOLUTIONS are not easy to accept. We are, after all, the most serious threat to this planet. Covid-19 is just another virus that is in competition with us. Please take care of yourself ( and others where possible) in this time of worldwide crisis. It will be resolved as soon as EVERYONE takes it seriously and plays their part in getting it under control.  When Covid-19 has been brought under control would be the best time ever to get our SOLUTIONS put to the test.

We believe that The3RsCode ( The RRR Code OR TheCode ) provides a life-jacket for the human race. It is a mantra, reference, guide and self-discipline which will  provide HOPE for everyone and a process for defining right from wrong at a level which is appropriate to any current situation or process. Please give me an opportunity to explain how TheCode can be made to work.

Understand RRR and promote RRR and assist us in refining the SOLUTIONS which are being built for THE PROBLEMS of our very unique and beautiful planet.

TheCode should be the basis of Social Sciences in all of our schools. Especially as the Christian teachings have now been removed from the school curriculums in Australia.

Thank you,

Jude Hope ( jude.hope@optusnet.com.au  2020 )