welcome to respect above all else.

The site is very much a work in progress.  The framework which I am slowly getting together is very important to me because it defines the process which I need to follow. Identify all the BASIC problems facing society which can be addressed. Ensure that this is the starting point of the problem and not just the manifestation of a problem.  Ensure that the problem is defined as simply as posssible with as few words as possible. Then set about finding potential solutions to these problems.

The purpose of this website  ( blogg? ) is to to this transparently in the HOPE that I can get some help from other persons with similar concerns who believe that  the problems are worth addressing and that a significant number of people would really like to see this planet survive. Or that the survivors from the impending ARMAGEDDON have a happier, healthier and more practical approach to life and their relationship with other human beings.

I further decided that I would never be completely satisfied with any of the content of this site so if I locked it in maintenance mode “while I got it organised” it would never go live. So here it is. My thoughts, ideas, paranoia and opinions. Warts and all. I will also be using a lot of links to the internet to try and make some of my points. To save time and typing as well of course. I do hope that the links which I provide remain available. The Internet is becoming rather volatile !

Please join me.
I am sure that we can make a difference. Maybe not a lot. Maybe not even sufficient BUT
Your comments will be most appreciated.