RRR Book


At last! The RRR Booklet – 2023:

This booklet can be downloaded directly using :  (130 KB as at 24 May, 2024)  Book – RRR-Ver2

It is an opportunity for you to download the explanation of  The_rCode  for a expanded understanding.

The information can also be read by reading all the menu items (top of page) and the posts (right-hand column) on the RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) website by selecting from the CATEGORIES (right panel).

Thank you for following RRR,

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PS. Jude, who used to run this site, has regretfully given up on the task. I would like to thank him for all his hard work. We are really sorry to see him go. Something to do with his not wishing to provide any further personal information. While we support these measures it does have consequences as collateral damage to people like Jude who wish to stay out of the limelight!!