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Hi there,

Thank you so much for visiting this site. It is the Home of TheCode for a New World of Peace. Perhaps we may even be able to reduce the damage being caused by the TWO MOST SIGNIFICANT PROBLEMS FACING SURVIVAL ON THIS PLANET :

One ———– Human Greed and Selfishness


Two ———– Climate Change.

We sincerely believe that, by applying TheCode to our lives, our attitudes and our decisions it will be possible to make a difference.

Understanding TheCode and applying it our daily lives will not affect our religious beliefs or our sexual beliefs. It should only put them ino perspective. TheCode will change our attitude to our fellow human beings and encourage us to take greater responsibility for our own lives.

PAGES on the website are expanded, corrected and updated from day-to-day as our research progresses and our thinking expands and will be based on all the POSTS and COMMENTS. POSTS are provided as suggestions for changes to the PAGES or even new issues that should be addressed. POSTS serve as the basis for presenting different viewpoints for discussion. POSTS can only be added to the website by members. COMMENTS can be added by any person and added to any POST or PAGE on the website.

Please join us and provide us with your thoughts as COMMENTS.

JudeĀ  10/1/2020

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