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Why TheCode ???

People do not know who to turn to for guidance or comfort or decisions or help or love! These are the ingredients of happiness. And happiness is a fundamental requirement for human existence.

Those who can provide any or all of those ingredients are all too often in the same state of unhappiness. This state of unhappiness is exacerbated by the present uncertainty, confusion, fear and hate that is consistently driving mankind into ARMAGEDDON or the Apocalypse.  If you click on the blue highlighted words they trigger references to online sources which I consider provide a reasonably objective view of the subject.

Uncertainty and confusion is largely the result of misinformation and propaganda and results in bad decision making which in turn reduces a persons self-confidence and erodes ones dignity. Dignity is a disappearing human strength. When a person can behave with dignity that person is able to maintain a degree of self-confidence and resulting happiness.

Fear and hate are fueled by people with irresponsible and self-serving objectives.

I have made a detailed study of ex-president trump who, as the most successful con-man to walk this planet, is the best possible example of a person who has specialized in promoting all four of these disruptive emotions. Using the most powerful communication tools on the planet he continues (as at Aug, 2021) to create these emotions throughout the world, but especially amongst the American people, to strengthen his own personal aggrandizement.

So with trump leading the brigade we then have a plethora of religions, nations, cults and groups who are all trying to convince us that their-way-is-the-right-way. Underlying every one of these groups is a sincere desire to make their followers lives better in one way or another. However every single one of these groups has its shortcomings! If there was any single group that had all-the-answers then they would have attracted a sufficient number of followers to have the majority of the world agreeing with them. They would have suitable answers to most of our nagging doubts and fears.

This conclusion leads me to believe that there HAS TO BE another solution and after many, many years of soul searching I have decided that the only solution lies in the establishment of a rule that is as simple as possible and based entirely on logic. Not influenced by the multitude of philosophies that have existed throughout the ages. This rule must be as short as possible. Based on the KISS principle. Ten words maximum. It must also be able to be tested against all the philosophies  of the past. In other words it must not go against any other philosophy or religion because I do believe that ALL religions are based on good intentions. It is the followers who have adapted or twisted those beliefs in some way to achieve their own PERCEIVED benefit.

Take careful note that it is perceptions , which are modified by complexity,  that are the cause of most of our grief. Our perceptions, based on our background, education and environmental influence are what introduces complexity into the simplest of situations.

It is my intention to explain TheCode on this website and to develop the contents of this site into a book which will be created on the sister site (rrrlife.com – currently under development. To be operational during October 2021). I do not believe that I can achieve my objectives on my own so,  with the help of  any and all, anywhere on the planet, the book can be completed and handed over to generations to come as it becomes THE references site for TheCode. The site caters for that specific objective!

This site explains the use of every word that goes to make up TheCode – Respect before Responsibility before Rights . We then identify the major problems that are dragging mankind towards ARMAGEDDON, with explanations for why these problems were identified as the major problems. Then with a lot of persistence and help from many other people we will use TheCode to identify solutions to these problems.

Solutions to the problems facing mankind by using TheCode to evaluate our recommendations and decisions is possible. And TheCode will identify ways for mankind to regain some dignity and happiness in the process.

Keep Safe,   Jude.