02 Yarrapindi NSW

TRIP SOUTH – Nov 2006.

0000-Goodbye Brisbane.

Prior to leaving Brisbane we travelled to Tangalooma to see the Dolphins.

Nov. 13 2006 Left Karen and Michaels and travelled south, stopping at the locksmith for a Portaloo key! Took “scenic” route through Kingscliff but area now so built up there are few ocean views.

Stopped for the night at small caravan park at Wooyeny. Paulene Kaye travelled down to see us and have tea.

Nov.14 Went via Ocean Views and Brunswick Heads and Bangalow to the Midson’s in Ewingsdale.

Nov.15 Walked in Byron Bay and went up to the Lighthouse. Spent the night again at Midson’s.

Nov.16 Left on real start of our Southern Loop! Went via Lennox Head and Lake Ainsworth to Ballina and revisited old haunts before travelling down the Pacific Highway to our first free site stop

at Woodburn. Felt a little nervous but met the “Meandering Mitchells” David had been on the road for about 14 years! Brenda was his new lady who had been anxious about roadside stops

so we reassured each other. VERY noisy with all the passing trucks but otherwise uneventful night.

Nov.17 Short hop down to Grafton where we stopped overnight in the Big 4 – lovely grassy drive-through sites and quiet!

Nov.18 On impulse did a “left hand down” to Minnie Waters where we spent 2 nights in the caravan park and while there visited Wooli and drove along the beach to Sandon which is otherwise pretty inaccessible. The area was pretty with pleasant beaches and lakes.

Nov.20 On via Coffs Harbour where we walked out on the jetty and on to Sawtell.Overnight in the caravan park which was windy but pleasamt. Sawtell had a shady main street with seats to  watch the passing parade.


Nov.21 On to Urunga where we spent a week. Windy a lot of the time and we were eaten alive by sandflies! Walked regularly out on the boardwalk where we saw many different types of crabs

and seabirds including godwits and curlews. On a drive through the farming area saw cattle egrets with yellow breeding feathers which I had never seen before! We also went on a drive to

the hinterland up to Dorrigo and Bellingen to rainforest and the Dangar Falls.Saw Eastern Rosellas and back in the caravan park saw tree frogs, ibis, heron, crested doves, more rosellas,

galahs and bats at night.

Nov.28 Left Urunga but at Nambucca Heads, tug overheated – hose had come unclipped. Fortunately local garage owner was Land Cruiser fan and had a spare clip so having been abandoned

with Turtle at the side of the road while Ian went to the garage we hitched up and stopped overnight in Nambucca Heads.

Nov.29 Got Rx for the sandfly bites which were still driving us NUTS! Continued on down the coast to Stuarts Head, Grassy Head and Stuarts Point before stopping overnight at Paddy’s Rest

Stormy with strong wind.

Nov.30 Unhitched Turtle and headed up dirt road towards Yarrahapinin Lookout. Wind had brought part of a tree down across the road which Ian managed to haul clear using Tug. Great

Polarization and politicization of RACISM

Elsewhere I have identified that RACISM is a product of Politics and continues to be “promoted” as what I call a “political football” (An issue which enables governments to justify the payment of large sums of money while they promote another achievement or political gain (one-up-man-ship) on “the opposition”.)

The real problem which is ignored and “never discussed” is exposed below with a “letter” from Jacinta Price.

TheCode provides a solution to the issues raised here because domestic violence, racism and sexism can all be resolved by addressing all of these issues in two ways; ONE – educate all people to understand and practice the code (for their own survival and their own DIGNITY) and TWO – provide the people to do the education AND the enforcement of TheCode while the education process catches up!!

Here are a couple of letters which identify THE PROBLEM and separates THE PROBLEM from the political agendas throughout the world:

These are the words of Jacinta Price – a very inspirational Australian:

Given we are continually being denigrated as a nation and bombarded by accusations of racism and bigotry, I felt it wasn’t only necessary to defend my home and the country I love but to also provide the overwhelming evidence that demonstrates these accusations are lies.  If we can’t have pride in our own nation how are we expected to evolve successfully?  If we keep telling a particular demographic they are victims of others of a certain skin colour we are effectively removing that demographic’s agency and that, to me, is completely un-Australian.

Here is a list of our nation’s achievements toward Aboriginal Australia and dare I say there’s very likely a whole lot that I have missed but we have to start somewhere right?

1856 – In South Australia all Men including Aboriginal Men were given the right to vote.

1896 – In South Australia all Women including Aboriginal Women were given the right to vote, 32 years before Women in England were given that right.

1948 – It is not well understood but no one in Australia was an Australian Citizen up until this year.  We were regarded as British Subjects until the Citizenship Act was passed.  Citizenship Rights were being extended to Aboriginal Australians gradually throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s by Coalition Governments.

1962 – Aboriginal Australians were granted the Right to Vote by a Coalition Government.

1964 – Aboriginal Australians were virtually granted full Citizenship Rights under a Coalition Government when the Aboriginal Ordinance was repealed.

1967 – The Referendum went through with overwhelming support of well over 90% of Australians voting to allow Aboriginal Australians to be included in the Census and for Aboriginal Affairs to become a Commonwealth responsibility.  Another successful Coalition Government initiative.

1968 – The Equal Pay decision was applied by a Coalition Government.

1970 – A State Coalition Government in Victoria handed back the Lake Tyers reserve to the Aboriginal community.

1971 – Senator Neville Bonner, a Liberal, became our first Aboriginal Parliamentarian.  Since then there have been 43 Aboriginal MP’s throughout state and federal Parliaments in Australia.  To add to this 8 MP’s have recorded Aboriginal Ancestry but have not been identified as Aboriginal.  The Northern Territory gave us the first and only Government, at any level, led by an Indigenous Australian.  This is not widely known or celebrated because Chief Minister Adam Giles was with the Country Liberal Party.

1976 – The NT Land Rights Act was passed by a Coalition Government.  Under this Act around 45% of the land and 80% of the coastline of the NT has been handed back to traditional owners, I’m one of them.

1992 – The High Court overturned the Principal of Terra Nullius with the Mabo Decision.

1993 – A Labor Government passed the Native Title Act.

In Australia today we have experienced historically significant acts of symbolism that include the 1991 Reconciliation Walk Across Sydney Harbour Bridge.  For six hours 250,000 Australians of all backgrounds walked together to demonstrate the fact we are not racist but are overwhelmingly in support of Aboriginal Australia.  We have spent a week every year since commemorating this event and what it means.

A Labor Prime Minister said ‘Sorry’ on May 26th 1998 in recognition of the impact of the policies of forcible removal of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from their families.  These days and others are commemorated every year to recognise historical injustices and to demonstrate that everyday Australians DO care for the plight of Indigenous Australians.

We spend days and weeks each year recognising Aboriginal Australia in the following ways:

National Apology Day – 26 May;

National Sorry Day – 26 May;

National Close the Gap Day – 17 March;

Anniversary of the Referendum – 27 May 1967;

Reconciliation week – 27 May to 03 June;

Mabo Day – 03 June;

Coming of the Light – 01 July;

NAIDOC Week – 05 to 12 July;

National Aboriginal and Islander Children’s Day – 04 August;

International Day of the worlds Indigenous Peoples – 09 August;

Indigenous Literacy Day – 04 September; and

Anniversary of the UN Declaration of Human Rights of Indigenous People – 13 September.

Throughout Australia ‘Welcome to Country’ or ‘Recognition of Country’ is applied as standard ritual practice before events, meetings and social gatherings by governments, corporates, institutions, primary schools, kindergartens, high schools, universities, work places, music festivals, gallery openings, conferences, and so on and so forth.

Aboriginal Australia is a part of the daily life of us all in some way shape or form and yet we are still facing accusations of racism in our nation.  We have been hoodwinked into believing that somehow reconciliation means appeasing the aggrieved, those who refuse to forgive, and we are held to ransom every time the goal posts are shifted.

The good will and support of the Australian people is always on display and it has only gathered momentum along the way.

It’s time now to recognise the efforts of thousands of Australians throughout our history who have done what was in their power to support Aboriginal Australia including those who are not Aboriginal but who call us family.  It’s time to recognise that we cannot possibly be a racist country if over 87% of people who identify as Aboriginal in non-remote areas of Australia are in fact married to non-Aboriginal Australians.

We must also remember that our nation is not only simply black and white.  We are rich with the contribution of Australians of many backgrounds and this is one of our greatest strengths as a nation.  What of the 30% of Australians who were born overseas, from every country on earth.  Are they all racist too?

It’s time to stop feeding into a narrative that promotes racial divide, a narrative that claims to try to stamp out racism but applies racism in doing so and encourages a racist over reaction.  Yes, it is time for some truth telling.

We should be celebrating what we have achieved together before the good will of the nation runs out.

This  Interview with Paul Murray places this letter in more meaningful perspective. The message that “charity begins at home” is pretty clear BUT we (all of humanity) needs to understand the true cause of the BASIC PROBLEM WITH RACISM and understand that we can play a part in the solution.

And to provide another perspective on the unnecessary complication and polarization of the whole issue with regard to RACISM here is another letter. A cry from a different reality:

Michael Richards, better known as Kramer, from TVsSeinfeld does make a good point.

There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.

And then there are just Americans..

You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction.

You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’…

And that’s OK…
But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger,Camel Jockey,Beaner, Gook, or Chink ..

You call me a racist.

You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you….
So why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?

You have the United Negro College Fund.
You haveMartin Luther King Day.
You have Black History Month.
You have Cesar Chavez Day.
You have Yom Hashoah.
You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
You have the NAACP.
You have BET….

If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists.

If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.

If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.

If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives,we’d be racists.

We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce,
and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce.
Wonder who pays for that??

A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant,
but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.

If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists.

There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US .. Yet if there were ‘White colleges’,
that would be a racist college.

In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights.

If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.

You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it.
But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.

You rob us, car jack us, and shoot at us.

But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer
running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.

I am proud…… But you call me a racist.

Why is it that only whites can be racists??

BE PROUD TO BE WHITE! It’s not a crime YET….But getting very close!


I really do believe that application of TheCode as a MORAL COMPASS can address these issues and get the world out of the “RACIST trench” which is being dug deeper and deeper every day. Polarization is not the solution!!

In Australia we have a Department of Aboriginal Affairs which is one of the most costly items in the Australian Government Budgets. As a THIRD (but probably the most significant, important and achievable) objectives of the Australian Government would be to remove all references to the Department of Aboriginal Affairs and any and all references on ALL government forms that relate to, or identify race. AND from then onward all Australians should get treated EQUALLY. This includes providing outback Australians with better facilities. The excellent service provided by The Royal Flying Doctor Service is not enough. Use the money saved on the administration costs for the Department of Aboriginal Affairs.

Keep safe,




Letter to President Joe Biden

CONGRATULATIONS on your election as President of the United States.

May the prayers and good wishes of the whole world guide and strengthen you in the your HUGE task of rebuilding America from the rubble that trump has created for you.

One current and critical political issue: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 – The U.S. Senate runoff elections between Democrat Raphael Warnock and incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler to complete Johnny Isakson’s term. The runoff election between incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff will also take place. I sincerely hope that the Democrat nominees are successful. They need to ensure that you do not have to live through 4 years of Senate negativity.

A Moral Compass:

It is my belief/conviction that you need a Moral Compass to use as a tool to justify your decisions and commitments. This tool cannot be aligned to any religion, belief system, race, creed, cult, philosophy or specific country. A philosophic but scientific formula for sanity, truth and co-operation is required.  I believe that this could be TheCode. This is a work in progress!  Sincerely, Jude.

Your strength lies in your strong Christian beliefs which I admire most humbly. President Obama’s faith is well documented HERE and I believe that his commitment served him well. Your commitment to Catholicism and your personal beliefs are very well covered HERE and the (amazing!) interview which you held inspired me to write this letter. America is not totally Christian in outlook or conviction and thus the Ten Commandments cannot be referenced as a GENERAL MORAL COMPASS for the American people as a whole.

The PROBLEMS facing mankind at this time, in order of importance, are GREED, POLITICS, RELIGION, THE LAW and DOGOODERS. I accept that the highest priority problem for America at this time is Covid-19, an issue which you are addressing with competent leadership selection and experience.

I address the problems associated with RELIGION HERE  and it is for these reasons that I believe that you need another MORAL COMPASS to use as a point of reference for your decision making processes and a MORAL COMPASS which can be understood, accepted and applied by any person on the planet REGARDLESS OF THEIR RELIGION, RACE, CREED OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

This code (TheCode) is :

Respect before
Responsibility before

Detailed information is provided on the website HERE  but an attempt to provide a summary of TheCode is as follows;


are given and NOT taken. When RIGHTS are demanded or quoted it is usually for the wrong reasons and are usually because they are being misrepresented. Example: I am entitled to make my own decision about wearing a mask!!!! Freedom is granted not taken. And if it is in the interests of the majority of mankind (not even just the local community!) then do as you are told (or requested) by logic and scientific recommendation. Not to do so is selfish, illogical and quite meaningless. Inappropriate demands on the rights of “freedom”.


is the paramount driver of dignity and of truth. RESPECT must be accorded to all living things on this planet, especially between each and every person on this planet.

Example 1: If social media could be encouraged/persuaded/instructed to remove any and all communications which do NOT show RESPECT the battle for truth and facts is partly won. This is not difficult to do and places a significant control on the BS and the vitriol that one sees in the press and social media at this time. RESPECT for a persons beliefs requires a measured, objective and intelligent assessment of another persons beliefs BUT it most certainly does not mean that you have to agree with or support those beliefs AND it does require restraint. A significant reduction in aggression will result in a far calmer and realistic approach to resolving disagreement with someones beliefs and consequently a positive approach to fact-checking!

Example 2: Using TheCode to assess a person; trump has no RESPECT for anything other than a grudging respect for his followers (Trumpists). He certainly has no respect for ANY person or persons (family included!). This objectively defines trump as a bad person and the fact that he is amoral, plus all the other unsavory characteristics which he displays, are irrelevant.

Example 3: Any person who does not accord RESPECT to all animals lacks a necessary aspect of humanity.

Example 4: Lack of RESPECT promotes polarization which is the most significant contributor to sexism and racism and RESPECT would also result in the ability to “confine” mistrust, fear and dogma to be a private issue which can be contained and controlled as such.

RESPECT is a realistic, practical, meaningful and appropriate replacement/alternative for the word LOVE that is the driver of most religious beliefs.


becomes significant when related to the ability to use TheCode for making decisions. Every decision has consequences. Every decision has a bearing one of the following dynamics :

  1.  Self (includes both the physical body and the spiritual being that drives the body)
  2. Family.
  3. Social Groups (which include Religious and Political Groups).
  4. Country.
  5. Planet (which includes ALL life Forms on this Planet).
  6. Physical Universe.
  7. Spiritual Universe.
  8. Infinity.

An unending debate could be initiated on these 8 groupings of existence but for the purposes of understanding RESPONSIBILITY, as it is related to TheCode, let us accept this table at this time.

Any Government should be making decisions based on what is best for the 4. (Country). Unfortunately all Governments place 3. (Groups) above 4. The problem with trump is that he makes all his decisions based on 1. (Self) and the resulting chaos in America is the result of his (non-existent) LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY.

When a person casts their vote in a democratic election they should essentially assess which candidate is best for 4. (Country) instead of 1. (Self).  When a person is incapable of taking responsibility for 1. (Self eg. drug addicts) it is unrealistic to assume that they are capable of making decisions relating to any higher responsibility level!  This issue justifies the urgent review of the democratic process – maybe the multiple vote system could be applicable so as to ensure the one-man-one-vote is catered for? Humanity as a whole then relies on countries, like America, to take on the additional responsibility of committing resources to 5. (The Planet) and I hope that Elon Musk will carefully review the responsibilities which he is reaching for ie.  6. (The Physical Universe) with his amazing advances with SpaceX.

The recent American Elections clearly demonstrate these LEVELs of RESPONSIBILITY at work. The American people voted for Joe Biden because there were many that liked Joe Biden and his beliefs and convictions but there were many voters (those with non-Christian beliefs in particular) which voted for Joe Biden because of an understanding of RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL 4. (Country). Many Americans realise that trump has all but destroyed America and everything it stands for and even though they may not “like” Joe Biden they accepted a responsibility for 4. (Country). It is quite scary the number of cultists that need to be educated back to sanity! Even if this is only (say) 50% of those that voted for trump (the trump cult) as opposed to the 50% that voted for the Republican Party (or their representatives). 50% = 35m misinformed Americans.

I sincerely believe that TheCode can be used as a effective tool to be presented as a Moral Compass to separate fact from fiction, truth from misinformation, reality from ideology, action from rhetoric, co-operation from antagonism, now from history, love from hate, good from bad and most importantly dignity from evil, immorality and worthlessness.

My sincere best wishes to you, Your family and your team for the USA,

Keep safe,




America to-day : A Simple Overview :

  1. Joe Biden is The President Elect and will be President of the USA in January 2021.
  2. Joe Biden won by 5,331,692 votes as of now (11:50 14/Nov). This is a significant win BUT 72,645,621 people voted for trump = +/-48% of the voting population of the USA.
  3. The USA (embarrassingly) leads the world with regard to Covid-19 statistics. 3.2% of the population (10,552,669) confirmed cases with 153,496 on Nov 12 alone,  242,420 deaths with 1,083 on Nov 12 alone. A recent quote on USA TV satated the death rate to be 1 person every 45 seconds.
  4. While this is happening trump’s staff and many so-called intelligent Republican Senators continue to say that the election will be “turned around” and that trump will have a second term in office (2024??). This enables the mis-information team to tour the country collecting funds for the already-lost-case of voter fraud and invalid votes. The purpose of these delays is to collect as much money as possible from the trump supporters before they a) wake up to the fact that they are part of the biggest scam in American history OR b) curb their GREED OR c) recover from the Stockholm syndrome.
  5. The American Defense System is being destroyed by trumps hire and fire campaign. Although this is a serious threat to American security as a whole, most Americans can be grateful that the rest of the world understands the terrible situation into which The Republican Party have  put them and will wait until Joe Biden can re-establish sanity and some equilibrium.

There are two significant reasons, that I have identified,as to why so many people voted for trump.

No1, in terms of TheCode, is personal GREED. This shows how inportant it is that we (as homo sapiens) realise that we have to think beyond our own gain to ensure the survival of this planet.

No2 is because the American population are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. After 4 years of lies, false news, threats, bullying and mis-information spewing from the Virtual Reality show that is trump, while he  abuses the most powerful political position in the world. Grab TheCode as a life raft and learn to live with a new and brighter outlook on life. Move from the Dark side into the light of social participation, responsibility and happiness. Happiness is far more rewarding than freedom, especially a false understanding of freedom.

I notice that trump is due to start his nation wide tour next week. This will be at the cost of the American Nation and with the purpose of collecting funds for his …….  actually for his depleted bank account. I guess this is possibly his last chance at grandstanding. Would it not be wonderful if no-one turned out for any of his rallies! I guess that the Olympic committee should take note of a new-world attitude to losers. The winner can go off with the prize and the one who comes last takes a tour of the field with the (American) flag.

I sincerely hope that Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News loses a very significant number of “watchers” as the American people seek accurate and reliable information from other channels. In fact I hope that they go down with their major draw-card, being trump, when his debts and court cases start to catch up with him.

It was a great relief to me when I learnt that a Presidential pardon can not remove trump from any state related legal issues ! I do believe that every democratic governor should sue trump for manslaughter based on pain and suffering for the family’s of Covid-19 victims.

Lastly I do hope that Melania Trump manages to keep Barron Trump away from the disaster zone. She seems to have done a good job up till now. Maybe a change of name would be a good idea for all those who realise the folly of trumps “reign-of-madness”.

Please, please wear a mask and KEEP SAFE,




What are LOWLIFE? Also known as TAKERS. They are:

  1. People that are of little benefit to society – always taking and never giving.
  2. People who have such a low RESPONSIBILITY level that they have very little RESPECT for self and do little to look after themselves.
  3. People who are always pointing out that they have RIGHTS. Usually demanding their RIGHTS in some form or another. They do not understand that RIGHTS are GIVEN and not TAKEN.
  4. People that take other people for granted. Without any appreciation for what is/has been done for them. Usually, they have very little RESPECT for the person (or entity) that is benefitting them.
  5. People who frequently have very little RESPECT for animals (pets and/or wildlife). They are very happy about “owning” pets, for purposes of one-upmanship or purely materialistic reasons but they do not RESPECT animals and will frequently mistreat animals.
  6. People who consider freedom to be permission to do anything they wish to do regardless of consequences or inconvenience to any other people or entities. This attitude goes further than just being selfish because there is frequently very little advantage to self but always consequences to others. Freedom is a RIGHT which, like all other RIGHTS, is given and cannot be taken. The benefits of freedom must be enjoyed but, above all, must be appreciated and RESPECTED.

Lack of parental responsibility is what creates LOWLIFE and LOWLIFE are frequently ones that do not discipline their children. If disrespect for animals is demonstrated by children, for example pulling the wings off a butterfly or harming an animal is some other way, it is a character flaw that needs to be addressed as urgently as possible. This is why it is a very good idea to ensure that children have some form of pet that they must take full RESPONSIBILITY for.  One of the root causes of a LOWLIFE is that they were not disciplined as children. This is the reason that parents must teach their children RESPECT and discipline them for not taking RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. Every action is chosen and has consequences. And every action should be determined by the application of The Code.

The cycle of lowlife breeding lowlife is extremely commonplace and must be addressed. I do believe that strict application of, and education about TheCode can resolve this issue. TheCode must be taught in schools!