Black Lives Matter is INCITEFUL

Black Lives Matter is unfortunately used as a typical media driven polarization of a world-wide problem because all that it achieves is polarization of an issue which should not really exist. It is very loosely used and interpreted in much the same way as racism and sexism.

The only reason that racism and sexism has become an issue is because we choose to make them an issue. Each and every person has a perception of these two words and the only thing that matters is that each and every one of us has a slightly different perception, not only of these words as such, but also the effect or impression that they have on our EMOTIONS. We cannot, and in fact should not, suppress or invalidate our perceptions of these two words but WHAT WE MUST DO is ensure that we apply TheCode to any decision, action or statement that we make on these issues.

The words “Black Lives Matter” are used, in the media, as a typical meaningless campaign slogan that polarizes the issue and turns injustice into another opportunity for sensationalism.

The basic problem here is NOT “Black Lives” but ALL lives matter.

On the one hand we have the self-styled black people trying to DEMAND THEIR RIGHTS but they are doing so in a manner that tries to convince “the world” that they are only poor downtrodden people on the plant that are SO BADLY ill-treated and that they should therefore get “special treatment” which is then taken advantage of by MANY not ALL !!!  The actions taken by the DO-GOODERS, who are really only seeking self-aggrandizement,  as opposed to the true altruists who are in fact practitioners of TheCode in the true sense of its meaning.

On the other hand we (once again this is MANY and not ALL) are not practicing the code. We are not showing RESPECT. We are not taking RESPONSIBILITY for the fact there is more to the happiness and the survival of the PLANET that ourselves alone. And lastly but even more importantly is that we do not have any more RIGHTS that any other living organism on the planet. In fact we must learn to accept that we do not have any RIGHTS at all because RIGHTS are GIVEN and should never be demanded.  It is the demanding of RIGHTS, whether reasonable or not which is what precipitates most of the aggravation, disappointment, anger and antagonism on the planet.



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