Letter to President Joe Biden

CONGRATULATIONS on your election as President of the United States.

May the prayers and good wishes of the whole world guide and strengthen you in the your HUGE task of rebuilding America from the rubble that trump has created for you.

One current and critical political issue: Tuesday, January 5, 2021 – The U.S. Senate runoff elections between Democrat Raphael Warnock and incumbent Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler to complete Johnny Isakson’s term. The runoff election between incumbent Republican Sen. David Perdue and Democratic challenger Jon Ossoff will also take place. I sincerely hope that the Democrat nominees are successful. They need to ensure that you do not have to live through 4 years of Senate negativity.

A Moral Compass:

It is my belief/conviction that you need a Moral Compass to use as a tool to justify your decisions and commitments. This tool cannot be aligned to any religion, belief system, race, creed, cult, philosophy or specific country. A philosophic but scientific formula for sanity, truth and co-operation is required.  I believe that this could be TheCode. This is a work in progress!  Sincerely, Jude.

Your strength lies in your strong Christian beliefs which I admire most humbly. President Obama’s faith is well documented HERE and I believe that his commitment served him well. Your commitment to Catholicism and your personal beliefs are very well covered HERE and the (amazing!) interview which you held inspired me to write this letter. America is not totally Christian in outlook or conviction and thus the Ten Commandments cannot be referenced as a GENERAL MORAL COMPASS for the American people as a whole.

The PROBLEMS facing mankind at this time, in order of importance, are GREED, POLITICS, RELIGION, THE LAW and DOGOODERS. I accept that the highest priority problem for America at this time is Covid-19, an issue which you are addressing with competent leadership selection and experience.

I address the problems associated with RELIGION HERE  and it is for these reasons that I believe that you need another MORAL COMPASS to use as a point of reference for your decision making processes and a MORAL COMPASS which can be understood, accepted and applied by any person on the planet REGARDLESS OF THEIR RELIGION, RACE, CREED OR SEXUAL ORIENTATION.

This code (TheCode) is :

Respect before
Responsibility before

Detailed information is provided on the website HERE  but an attempt to provide a summary of TheCode is as follows;


are given and NOT taken. When RIGHTS are demanded or quoted it is usually for the wrong reasons and are usually because they are being misrepresented. Example: I am entitled to make my own decision about wearing a mask!!!! Freedom is granted not taken. And if it is in the interests of the majority of mankind (not even just the local community!) then do as you are told (or requested) by logic and scientific recommendation. Not to do so is selfish, illogical and quite meaningless. Inappropriate demands on the rights of “freedom”.


is the paramount driver of dignity and of truth. RESPECT must be accorded to all living things on this planet, especially between each and every person on this planet.

Example 1: If social media could be encouraged/persuaded/instructed to remove any and all communications which do NOT show RESPECT the battle for truth and facts is partly won. This is not difficult to do and places a significant control on the BS and the vitriol that one sees in the press and social media at this time. RESPECT for a persons beliefs requires a measured, objective and intelligent assessment of another persons beliefs BUT it most certainly does not mean that you have to agree with or support those beliefs AND it does require restraint. A significant reduction in aggression will result in a far calmer and realistic approach to resolving disagreement with someones beliefs and consequently a positive approach to fact-checking!

Example 2: Using TheCode to assess a person; trump has no RESPECT for anything other than a grudging respect for his followers (Trumpists). He certainly has no respect for ANY person or persons (family included!). This objectively defines trump as a bad person and the fact that he is amoral, plus all the other unsavory characteristics which he displays, are irrelevant.

Example 3: Any person who does not accord RESPECT to all animals lacks a necessary aspect of humanity.

Example 4: Lack of RESPECT promotes polarization which is the most significant contributor to sexism and racism and RESPECT would also result in the ability to “confine” mistrust, fear and dogma to be a private issue which can be contained and controlled as such.

RESPECT is a realistic, practical, meaningful and appropriate replacement/alternative for the word LOVE that is the driver of most religious beliefs.


becomes significant when related to the ability to use TheCode for making decisions. Every decision has consequences. Every decision has a bearing on one (or more) of the following dynamics :

  1.  Self (includes both the physical body and the spiritual being that drives the body)
  2. Family.
  3. Social Groups (which include Religious and Political Groups).
  4. Country.
  5. Planet (which includes ALL life Forms on this Planet).
  6. Physical Universe.
  7. Spiritual Universe.
  8. Infinity.

An unending debate could be initiated on these 8 groupings of existence but for the purposes of understanding RESPONSIBILITY, as it is related to TheCode, let us accept this table at this time.

Any Government should be making decisions based on what is best for the 4. (Country). Unfortunately all Governments place 3. (Groups) above 4. The problem with trump is that he makes all his decisions based on 1. (Self) and the resulting chaos in America is the result of his (non-existent) LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY.

When a person casts their vote in a democratic election they should essentially assess which candidate is best for 4. (Country) instead of 1. (Self).  When a person is incapable of taking responsibility for 1. (Self eg. drug addicts – particularly ICE) it is unrealistic to assume that they are capable of making decisions relating to any higher responsibility level!  This issue justifies the urgent review of the democratic process – maybe the multiple vote system could be applicable so as to ensure the one-man-one-vote is catered for? Humanity as a whole then relies on countries, like America, to take on the additional responsibility of committing resources to 5. (The Planet) and I hope that Elon Musk will carefully review the responsibilities which he is reaching for ie.  6. (The Physical Universe) with his amazing advances with SpaceX.

The recent American Elections clearly demonstrate these LEVELs of RESPONSIBILITY at work. The American people voted for Joe Biden because there were many that liked Joe Biden and his beliefs and convictions but there were many voters (those with non-Christian beliefs in particular) which voted for Joe Biden because of an understanding of RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL 4. (Country). Many Americans realise that trump has all but destroyed America and everything it stands for and even though they may not “like” Joe Biden they accepted a responsibility for 4. (Country). It is quite scary the number of cultists that need to be educated back to sanity! Even if this is only (say) 50% of those that voted for trump (the trump cult) as opposed to the 50% that voted for the Republican Party (or their representatives). 50% = 35m misinformed Americans.

I sincerely believe that TheCode can be used as a effective tool to be presented as a Moral Compass to separate fact from fiction, truth from misinformation, reality from ideology, action from rhetoric, co-operation from antagonism, now from history, love from hate, good from bad and most importantly dignity from evil, immorality and worthlessness.

My sincere best wishes to you, Your family and your team for the USA,

Keep safe,



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