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This is an analysis of trump’s background. He is an amoral, narcissist person and an EXTREME example of such. He was elected President of the United States of America in 2016 by a questionable election process which did NOT reflect the majority of Americans.

It really grieves me to dedicate a page of this website to TheDon but he has without doubt taken the lid off the American democratic system to the extent that America is now an example of the worst possible way to run a democratic country and I have no option but to use this to make many of the points that lead to an understanding of TheCode.

Well after trump’s manipulation of his Impeachment Trial you have to acknowledge that those Americans represented by the Republican Party in the USA have been let down by a group of politicians who completely validate my definition of Politics as Problem Number  2.  Any politician of any government MUST place the interests of  country before their own survival.  That is why they have been elected after all.  The Republican Senators who supported trump so as to achieve his acquittal should really be ashamed of themselves. They clearly place their own individual survival or the survival of the Republican Party before the interests ( survival ?? ) of their country.  I am fairly sure that these issues will be sorted out in time BUT how much damage will yet be done to America by the actions of a man who is clearly unfit to hold the office of President and who continues to lie and cheat with complete immunity. The Republicans have given The Commander in Cheat the OK to bend the Rules as he pleases to achieve his own goals and continue to WIN regardless of the long term effect it may have on himself or the USA or the people of the USA.

Before reading this indictment of The Don I would suggest that you watch this graduation ceremony speech of Barack Obama at the Arizona State University. If you want to get into The Don first I would suggest that you come back to this video afterwards.  The Don is spending an inordinate amount of effort and time destroying all the good work that this PRESIDENT of the USA achieved. I cannot even comprehend why. Another pointer to the demise of the USA as a nation to be respected, followed or appreciated.

trump has earned the crown of The Teflon Don now that Gotti is locked up for life.  Hence my name for trump ( I refuse to refer to him as the President because he is denigrating the whole of the American population. And not only is he getting away with it, but he is also being applauded for his mafia-style of operation by many ?! ) :


the Mafia influence in the USA has never been stronger.

The False News claims by trump are fascinating.  He must have studied the Nazi misinformation experts with great attention.  I do not believe that he never reads. He is just very selective in what he reads and what he does not read becomes classified as False News. Another one of the literally MILLIONS of articles which are trying (vainly it seems) to educate the American people of how dangerous trump really is, is The Original Donald Trump.

With CONV-19 dominating the world watching The Don’s management of the USA Health issues is like a drunk walking down (or trying to walk down !!) a white line. His Republican supporters must be rueing the day they helped him to escape his IMPEACHMENT.  I have just watched a totally frightening TV news report about how The DON has attempted to use CONV-19 as a political tool!!!  But then what else can one expect from someone with THIS LEVEL

of human intellect.  What really amazes me is how many Americans still consider him to be “the man to follow or to TRUST” .  I guess it really shows the flaws in the American  psyche  which clearly places MONEY before all else. I wonder how many Americans would consider adopting The Code as their mantra?

I have spent a lot of time lately trying to find any comments or memes which show support for The Don. All that I have been able to find is unfavorable comments except for one which says it all. This is just a collection of extracts from Quora :

On why do people support Trump ?

I think there are three main reasons why people support Trump: (1) he has hardcore fans who believe he’s exactly what the country needs across the board, (2) he has supporters who don’t love (or even like) him, but who appreciate the growing economy and less apologetic America, and (3) there are people who don’t like Trump, but who are fearful of the leftists who seem determined to make America a poorer and weaker country in the name of “equality.” You put that all together and you have a president who will never be deeply popular, but who has wider support than people think, especially if the alternative in November is too extreme.

As for re-election, it’s far from a certainty, but it is currently likelier than not given (1) Trump’s incumbency, (2) the strong economy, and (3) Democrats struggling to find a unifying message.


Randall James Frost
Updated Feb 11

“Donald Trump said Ivanka created 14 million jobs, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics says 6 million jobs have been created since Trump came to office. What’s Trump talking about?”

Ivanka co-chairs a White House workforce policy advisory board. That board works with American companies to provide “training opportunities” to Americans looking for employment. Early on they were credited with achieving commitments to provide roughly 6.5 million such opportunities. Of course many of these companies said that these numbers were in line with what they were already planing, and a “training opportunity” is not the same as a permanent job. It may lead to one, but it isn’t the same.

Back in 2017, Trump signed an executive order that would “create apprenticeships for millions of our citizens,”. Not one apprenticeship came from that program. In fact, until recently no PROGRAM came from that order. Cuts to regulations that were supposed to ease the way ultimately made it more difficult to create a system to verify that rules would be followed. Add to that the level of mistrust Trump appointees have for career government employees, and the program has failed to even get to the starting line. Enter Trump’s “workforce policy advisory board”.

Have you heard much about this group before now? From time to time we have heard about companies, most recently Google committing to job training (250,000 over the next 5 years in Google’s case), but nothing much about jobs. What has been reported is that the original 200 companies who committed to 6 million training opportunities has grown to 350, and the number of opportunities has risen to 14 million. What’s that? 14 million you say?

So there it is. Once again, Trump has conflated the goal and the idea. And, as Google said it’s not opportunities today, but over several years. So Trump has taken the number of promised opportunities for training (which may or may not come) and turned them into real jobs numbering more than twice the number of jobs created since he took office, most of which have nothing to do with this program.

“Truthful Hyperbole”. Remember those words whenever you hear Trump make a claim that seems too good to be true or just doesn’t add up when compared to the facts. According to Trump, “It’s an innocent form of exaggeration—and a very effective form of promotion.” It’s also called a lie.

Addition – 02/2020

For those of you interested, here is the video of Trump’s comments. Trump: Ivanka ‘Created 14 Million Jobs’

It was suggested that it’s hard to believe the media. In this video, Trump first notes that “367 private sector partners are providing more than 14 million skills and career training opportunities”, though he fails to mention over what period of time these opportunities are to be spread out. He then goes on to say “When she (Ivanka) started this two years ago, her goal was 500,000 jobs. She’s now created 14 million jobs.” “14 million from 500,000 and going up.”

So there you go. In a matter of less than a minute, 14 million potential training opportunities committed to by 367 American companies becomes 14 million jobs created by Ivanka. Even if you want to give him the benefit of the doubt and say that he simply forgot to mention that these are not actual jobs and are spread out over the next 5 to 10 years, he still claimed that it was Ivanka who is responsible. It’s not the media you should be having trouble believing. The proof is easy to find.

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Randsy Weir on Quora 24/Aug/2019

Well, so far he’s flatlined a growing economy, he’s backed out of a treaty that kept Iran from gaining nuclear weapons, is freely allowing North Korea to grow their nuclear program, and is going back to the era of a US-Soviet arms race by backing out of that treaty as well. The deficit has doubled. Wages are down relative to inflation. We’re paying more in taxes. He’s diverting money from national defense and military pensions to pay for a border wall that can’t be built and wouldn’t solve anything if it were. His trade war is bankrupting farmers, closing American businesses, and is causing the stock market to collapse. He has set records for most time on vacation, most provable lies, most cabinet resignations, most indictments in an administration, least amount of bills signed, and lowest approval rating.

So it depends on your perspective. If you’re an informed, patriotic American, it’s an overall failure. But if you’re one of his Russian handlers, it’s an overall success.


Grace on Quora.

Four days ago, I went on a date with a guy I was chatting with online for a bit. We decided to meet over a drink to see if we click.

Our conversation went through the usual progression of topics that two strangers go through when trying to put each other at ease. We started with small talk, then safe topics about our work, our family, then on to anecdotes that we hope will impart our core values and make a good impression on the other person. So far so good.

Until this exchange.

He said: “You should come to America. I will show you around.” Now, I’ve been to America multiple times in the past but I was interested to know why he thinks I should visit his country.

So I asked, “What would you show me in America if I come and visit?”

His reply, “I will show you why we are the greatest country in the world!” Interesting. Do expound.

He added, “We have always been number one in the world, and now we are even better. We finally elected a president that we deserve!” What?

He prattled on, “He is the first president that is not part of a deep state conspiracy that hides the truth from us. He tells it like it is. He is running our country like he runs his many international businesses. He’s a multi-billionaire so he knows his shit. And now, we are back to being respected by the world because we finally have a leader that is decisive and tough. Russia is back in its place, China is scared of what we can do to them economically, and North Korea now shows us due respect. No other western leader can claim that.”

I literally wasn’t able to say anything for a few moments. My brain was reeling from what I heard. I looked at him trying to ascertain if he was joking. He wasn’t. He was so convinced of his own statements that he thought that my momentary silence and the look of disbelief was because I was impressed.

I realised that there was no use to engage him as he won’t be open to it. I also realised that there will not be a second date. So I was resolved to just finish my drink and enjoy the rest of it.

But then, he slightly raised his glass and said, “So, it’s Trump2020, don’t you agree? Why change when you have a good thing going?”

I wasn’t able to hold it in with that remark. So I looked him in the eye and asked: “Are you trying to convince me of that, or are you trying to convince yourself?”

And when he looked confused at my response, I smiled briefly at him and told him that I need to go as I need to feed my dogs. So, I left.

I have no dogs. I’m a cat person.


Louise Alder on Quora

When he bought land to build his golf course in Aberdeenshire he claimed he would create 6,000 jobs and spend £1bn building the “greatest luxury golf resort in the world”.

In fact, no “resort” was ever built, only a small golf course. The 450-bedroom hotel has never been built. The 1,500 houses failed to materialise. Trump took a dislike to the houses of locals which could be seen from the course and said that the “ugly houses” spoiled his view.

He tried to buy the locals out offering one man the ridiculous sum of £25 an acre and when he refused Trump started saying that his house was a pigsty and that the man “lived like a pig.”. When other people refused to sell to him he really turned nasty.

His bulldozers sprang into action and began dumping thousands of tons of earth around the homes of local residents. His builders, who had no planning permission for these works, had already been caught on camera, burying trees in an enormous hole next to the mounds of earth piled up to shield houses from the view of Trump’s golfers.

He cut off the water supply and also the power lines and the phone lines to the houses, including that of a 92-year-old woman who had also refused to sell to him. He barred the locals’ way to the beach, completely ignoring Scotland’s right to roam policy. He is a nasty, horrible person and that’s why Scots don’t like him.


Michael Cunningham on Quora

Trump is the single greatest threat to America in history. I’m a retired veteran and was a lifelong republican, but anyone who can’t see the truth is blind. Republicans are controlled nowadays with fear, racism, paranoia, false patriotism, and fascism. It started decades ago with McCarthyism, but today it’s all done by trump and bs like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Alex Jones.

Fear is the easiest way to control people. Every republican message is fear based: “Obamas coming for your guns”, “Obamacare has death panels”, “mexicans are rapists”, “Obamas a Muslim”, “Mexicans will steal your job”, “gays will rape your children in the unisex bathrooms”, “Christmas is under attack” .

Trump’s just the pinnacle of a party of hate. His entire life has been the same. He doesn’t care about America or patriotism or religion or the working class – he is only out for himself, his ego, and his wallet. That is, and always has been, blatantly obvious.

Trump is a vile, corrupt, global elitist, born rich, spoiled, hooker-addicted, racist, entitled brat who went to Ivy League college on daddy’s dime, chickened out of the draft 5x, inherited everything he has, went bankrupt 5x (a form of welfare), and built his life of extreme greed on the backs of illegal immigrant construction workers and shafting blue collar vendors. Not to mention he put his own kids on the Whitehouse payroll while they continue to run his businesses & use their govt positions to make deals for daddy: NEPOTISM.

He’s also using taxpayers money to fund his Mar-a-largo resort and DC hotel. His entire staff is made up of global elitist rich lobbyisits trying to pillage America to line their pockets. He’s created the single biggest swamp on earth. He’s also the first president to insult veterans on Twitter, to skip Arlington & WW2 ceremonies because of rain and his hair, and the first to refuse to spend Christmas with troops (despite a VA hospital just a mile from the Whitehouse).

Not to mention he held a phony fundraiser during the election and stole from veterans. He throws tantrums on Twitter like a 4 year old. Directly uses his position to degrade and sow distrust of the free press and the FBI/DOJ.

He blatantly encourages violence and threatens jail time against his opponents and protesters. He routinely calls the free press the “enemy of the people.” His ENTIRE CAREER in NYC has been one of extreme corruption and attacking disabled veteran vendors. Trump only cares about himself. Trump could not care less about America, except to gaslight it for his ego and wallet. 17 investigations, almost all of his closest long term advisors have all pleaded guilty, been convicted, or are under investigation.

Sick. Disgusting. Evil. Trump is directly & purposefully destroying America. The Republican party is standing by doing nothing.


Keep safe,  ianm dot mon at gmail dot com (2023)

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