The most practical and functional ruler for a country is a  benevolent dictatorship and the worst could probably be a Committee .  Most governments form Committees to assist with their decisions and deliberations.  Parliament is to some extent a committee. Don’t shoot me just yet ! Generally, there are two types of democracy: direct and representative.  Nearly all modern Western-style democracies are types of representative democracies.

The main issue here is that the representatives of the people are elected by the people to govern the country.

A drawback to this type of government is that elected officials are not required to fulfill promises made before their election and are able to promote their own self-interests once elected, providing an incohesive system of governance.   Legislators are also under scrutiny as the system of majority-won legislators voting for issues for the large group of people fosters inequality among the marginalized.  (Quote directly from Wikipedia)

In addition to this, certainly in Australia, as soon as a Politician is elected to power the first thing that he faces is a detailed briefing on what The Party expects him to do and what they will allow her to do. So all the good intentions and promises made on the election campaign take a lower priority.

Most importantly The Party priorities are then clearly explained and regardless of The Party

the number one priority is to ensure that The Party is re-elected.

This process requires that The Party has to convince the electorate ( all the people in the country ) that The Party has one objective only and that is to give the people what they want. Not what they need but what they want. And objective number two is to legislate in such a way that the people are convinced that the legislation is for the benefit of the people not the benefit of the country or, as has become very necessary in the light of Climate Change and Covid-19, for the benefit of the planet!

What is even more significant is that The Party will pay more attention to those issues that will benefit The Party popularity rather than the issues which really need to be addressed.

The word legislation has been used a few times. Legislation is the process of making Laws and this problem is addressed as a separate problem; TheLaw.

We have to get the Politicians to be accountable for their promises and there actions and to place the interests of the country before those of The Party or themselves. Politicians who only consider their own position, authority or popularity are dictators of the worst kind particularly when they do so under cover of so-called democracy.

Another problem with Party Politics is that they cost every country a great deal of money when a new incoming party sets about reversing all the work done by the previous Party.

In terms of TheCode politicians have a very high level of RESPONSIBILITY and they do not even understand that level of RESPONSIBILITY.

These are the main issues at this time,
Now to my suggestions of how to get some sanity into this unacceptable bs,



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