What is Amoral & the TrumpCult

Why do I spend so much time discussing trump?

The dictionary definintion of AMORAL  is : having or showing no concern about whether behavior is morally right or wrong.

At this time the most highly visible example of an amoral person is trump. I refuse to show any respect for the position of President of the United States while trump occupies that position. An amoral person does not deserve any RESPECT. Any person that supports him and continues to build the TrumpCult is an honorary member of the Church of Satan (or whatever the other Religions hold as equivalent).

My most frequent nightmare at this moment is that the American people will vote trump into power for a further 4 years. At the present time (8 Sept 2020) 43.3 % of Americans approve ( TrumpCult followers ) of trump’s behavior and with this % is rising at a time when he is busy proving to the world that he is a liar and a master of misinformation. This would seem to be the only thing that he is really good at. He does not care that nearly every statement that he makes is shown to be untrue within days of his making (and REPEATING) those statements. But, of course, having made the statement the TrumpCult take it as truth and, without bothering to fact-check anything he says, it is all very convincing and becomes fact in their minds.

How on earth can these people be so blind? Trying to understand what it is that really goes on in these peoples minds is my most urgent and most worrying concern at this time. Surely the absolute bullshit that Fox News broadcasts cannot really be the basis of the TrumpCult beliefs. I must admit that their interviews are quite convincing  BUT as soon as the question “What are your references and where is your support for issues which you claim as false-news?” is asked there is nothing but further misdirection. As an Australian I must add that I am embarrassed that Lachlan Murdoch allows his organisation to actively support the trump regime. Surely he must realise that trump is very busy destroying his own credibility with his ongoing fascist (must read!!!) activities. Or is America really pro fascist. (TrumpCult = 43.3%) ?????

If  America does wish to embrace fascism so be it. Their Constitution does grant them the freedom of choice to “indulge” in any religion (Cult??). However the Constitution FORBIDS RACISM (13th Amendment –  involuntary servitude) and caters for the removal of a President who has actually been Impeached. Whether he likes to admit it or not trump HAS BEEN IMPEACHED. The Republican Senate made the terrible decision to leave trump in office even though he had been impeached!

In addition trump should be impeached on the basis of being amoral which IS implied in the Constitution as being, at the very least a Misdemeanor !!

How can I state that trump is amoral?

Well. The best that trump can do about this list that I am going to place on record is that it is “FALSE-NEWS”. What is most interesting in that he DOES NOT DENY ANY OF THESE STATEMENTS/REPORTS/INTERVIEWS because then he would be lying. Bill Clinton was caught out with a lie. So what trump does is DEFLECTS any derogatory remark, report, claim or statement by denigrating the author and thus avoiding a direct reply and thus “not lying”. And too many Americans choose to accept this process as valid (decent??) behavior.  Anything that is not favorable to his chronic narcissism  is called “false-news”. The Nazi Regime were masters at mis-information. And trump has studied this art in great detail and, it saddens me to say, that this is one ability where trump exceeds any other person on the planet.

Down to ( a few ) of the MANY references that support the fact that trump is amoral :

Some dark truths.

He needs help.

Disrespect? Well actually no respect at all! No idea what it is.

No question is ever answered! Misleading info is SUPPORTED?

The Atlantic Report.

Disregard of the Services and actually people in general.

There are many, many more hours of this type of “frankness” on the net. And ALL of these are “fake-news” and the TrumpCult actually believes this is “fake-news”? Is this maybe a Lemming mentality?

And trump is the guy that the TrumpCult are supporting for President of the USA.  Good luck America,



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