RESPECT  is the ultimate essential attitude that is required to get the Human Race back on track.  Respect is the fundamental requirement for a civilized planet. Lack of RESPECT is a major step back to the jungle.  Respect is what separates decent people from the low-life.

Why RESPECT and not LOVE ? Basically because love, can be and frequently is, a subjective emotion and not an objective, considerate and understanding way to interact with other life forms. More information HERE.

Yes! All life-forms require to be treated with respect. The planet, which has an EXTREMELY complex Eco system, MUST be treated with respect as well! This is discussed in detail in the pages that deal with Religion as a Problem. It is not possible for me to LOVE a low-life who is so low on the Responsibility scale that they do not even take responsibility for themselves. I can however objectively RESPECT their predicament and possibly provide some guidance or assistance to help them get out of their situation.  Love, sympathy and money merely supports and prolongs their situation and their unsatisfactory attitude to both themselves and other life-forms.

Respect does not require action.  Respect demands empathy, tolerance and the granting of beingness.    The choice of action is entirely up to YOU. You do not need to agree with another persons viewpoint. You only need to try and understand their viewpoint,  if possible.  Evaluate their viewpoint in terms of The Code and base the action that you take on that evaluation.  If in doubt do not take any action at all.

Try to close unpleasant situations with a non-committal acknowledgement.  Acknowledge that you have heard and/or understood  the communication  whether physical or verbal and carefully consider whether anything can or will be achieved by a response on your part.  Assertive responses will always achieve far more than aggressive responses if they are necessary.

If you decide to take any action as the result of a communication TheCode provides the key as to what would be right and what could be wrong by assessing the appropriate level of Responsibility that is possible to apply to the situation and what actions can best suit the higher Levels of Responsibility.

Thank you so much for reading this far and hopefully you can appreciate what a huge task lies ahead of us to get TheCode accepted and applied in all walks of life. TheCode will never clash with any Religion or belief system unless that Religion or belief system is totally non-survival and a danger to our Society or even more importantly to the Planet.


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