Perception and Polarization

These two words are the basis of many of our problems and the cause of MOST disagreements, arguments, dissatisfactions, judgements and, yes, wars.


Perception is not only the passive receipt of these signals, but it’s also shaped by the recipient’s learningmemoryexpectation, and attention.

This personal interpretation of the world in general is VERY complex and the link above is worth checking. We never really understand the perception which any other person has of any issue, concept, entity, statement, judgement or experience.

Let us take a very simple example; colour,  is very specifically definable in terms of wavelengths and many studies of effects of colours on the brain. Regardless of this scientific classification of a colour what each and every person perceives that colour to be will not always be in agreement. The most important observation here is that the names used by each person may be different but a) the colour (as graduated scientifically) remains consistent and THE SAME. b) the associations and emotions by each person could be (and probably will be) COMPLETELY DIFFERENT.  Person A says that that material is blue and person B “sees” that material as GREEN. There is a difference in which males and females see colours.

If this difference in perception is merely an observation then there would be no real purpose in the two people attempting to correct the other persons terminology. This becomes an issue of semantics and and has little significance on reality UNLESS on of the parties places some significance (or imagined importance) on the other persons NEED TO ACCEPT THEIR POINT OF VIEW which is the basis of most religious conflict.

If, however, the difference in perception relates to personal preference or emotional conflict regarding an entity (for example the purchase of a piece of furniture for the home) then the issue becomes one than should be resolved and can become extremely adverserial.

Every person has a different perception of EVERY subject on the planet. The more significant the difference, the greater the resistance and emotion there will be to accepting change.

So how do we decide what is right or fact or  good or bad.

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However there are a whole list of Pwords (as opposed to Fwords or four letter words – like GOLF) which serve as chaos catalysts.