Unsolvable Problems

There is a myriad of PROBLEMS that exist in our times and there is probably not enough time or space to list them all but here are those that we are aware of at this time.

C — These are the PROBLEMS ( or unanswered questions ) which we believe are unlikely to be solved in our lifetime:

C1 — Where do we come from ?

C2 — Why are we here ?

C3 — Where are we going ?

B — These are the problems that we may be able to address at some later stage or could be resolved by our SOLUTIONS from other problems:

B1 — Climate Change.

B2 — Donald Trump and the USA.

B3 — Terrorism.

B4 — Penal System.

B5 — Death Penalty – Capital Punishment.

B6 — World Population Growth.

B7 — Privacy and Enterprise Tyranny.  ref

B8 — Economic Balance – Rich vs. Poor

A — These are the problems which are the root cause of our present degeneration into ARMAGEDDON :

A1 —  Greed

A2 — Politics

A3 — Religion

A4 — The Law

A5 — DoGooders

A2, A4 and A5 are all catch22 problems because the Good Aspect is either essential to our survival or development BUT TheBad Aspect is essentially rooted in Greed.  This confusing balance between Right and Wrong AND Good and Bad is discussed on our YinYang page.

Every effort to resolve our Problems provides us with  HOPE —

Jude      23-Jan-2020

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