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This will be the most frequently updated and changed point of reference on this website – RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) will be this page!

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The welcome to RRR Page.

A Letter to Joe Biden – Nov, 2020


TheCode provides a guide to re-establish our personal DIGNITY.

Explanation of TheCode for the menu item –TheCode—



GREED is the NUMBER ONE problem on this planet.

Why is this the case?  Please refer to Problem Number ONE.

The most significant example of GREED is trump. The best way to check all the trump references is to go to the “Search for a Topic”  field in the left column, enter trump and click on the magnifying glass. That will present all the research which I have done in trying to understand trump.

Covid-19 has changed the world and will continue to do so. The importance of adopting TheCode becomes increasingly important. GREED and The (so called) Economy are closely aligned.

Declining Wildlife is a VERY important aspect of Climate Change, all caused by GREED.

Politics (plus Racism and Sexism):

POLITICS is NUMBER TWO problem facing us.  POLITICS is not a problem that can be addressed on its own. Politics embraces all of the problems associated with Greed, Racism and Sexism because Governments try to judge and make laws on issues that are NOT POLICEABLE. The Government that is in power has the ability to change our lives and the direction of the country as a whole through issues such as the ECONOMY, RACISM and SEXISM. All in the name of JUSTICE. JUSTICE: See TheLaw  and POLITICS see HERE.

It is extremely important that the childish, self-important aspects of Political Reality are brought to a head. The real problem is to get Politicians as a whole to function within the boundaries suggested by TheCode = RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) and take on a higher degree of Responsibility. At this time MOST politicians are only concerned about SELF and that is NOT in the interests of either the country or the planet. This worldwide problem cannot be resolved by going at the problem like a bull at a gate , which is why America is in the terrible state that it now is, but must be resolved one step at a time.

It is very difficult to apply KISS to Solutions to our Political Problems.

Religion and Sex:

The introduction to the problems created by Religion are HERE.

Solutions to Religion and the associated problem of SEX will be expanded ASAP. (Today is 31/Oct/2020)


A Summary of the issue is HERE.  It includes an overview of the main issues that can be tackled to solve the problems which will be expanded as this website develops.


The problems with DoGooders is closely associated with the problems created and aggravated by MISINFORMATION,  Fake-News and propaganda (nazi style).  Separating one from the other and figuring how to prevent this collection of PROBLEMS is low on priority only because it is so difficult to resolve. We will get there. A summary is HERE.

Climate Change:

We cannot leave Climate Change as an unsolvable problem ! Because one thing is axiomatic :

Without Planet Earth we have no country and without a country we do not exist.

Forgive me for reverting to The 2020 American Election. The trump the ultimate example of BAD vs GOOD because as an sociopath and amoral person he really believes that what he is doing is right. Unfortunately his intellect and intelligence is TOTALLY self-centered so, like Hitler, he is able to galvanise his followers into believing that he, and he alone can save the Lemming Cult while, in fact, he is only “saving” himself and his (severely diminished) financial empire.

So a REAL view of what Climate Change is about in the perspective of The Election is HERE.

Escaping this planet is NOT really a solution. It is escaping from the problem : Elon Musk – 1. Boring his way to traffic improvement HERE and 2. the future that we are building HERE. (Must watch) and scare yourself with the reality of the status (Oct, 29 2020) and the FUTURE to 2050+ of Mars Conquest and Space trips. (and the costs !!! This is a challenge to your belief systems and the future plans for space habitation. )

However to get 10 people in a committee to agree to do something which would be against their self-interest but in the interest of survival of the planet is very, very difficult. After all, nature has (and is) doing a remarkable job of keeping the human-race safe and I am immortal, so why should I,me,whatever sacrifice anything!!!! So getting 7 billion people to get behind the idea is pretty well impossible. Unless maybe you are China???

As usual with this site, it is a work in progress,
Thank you for reading my notes and observations,   Jude

…TheEnd of Solutions…
Hope we managed to achieve !


Footnote: Today (4 Nov, 2020 in USA) as the USA Elections are closing with 70 million ( +/- 50% of American voters) STILL voting for trump I have to say that, regardless of who wins, I have lost a lot of faith in “the human race”. It seems to me that Covid-19 has NOT been enough of a message.


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