Over the years this website has grown in a Topsy-Turvey fashion and is not as readable as I would like it to be. Consequently I am in the process of rebuilding the site into two rBooks.

The first rBook is    The_rCode.

DOWNLOAD as a LibreOffice document — rBook – Version 007   (.odt)

This is the latest release available. It is regularly being updated/expanded within the current Table of contents which should not change except for page numbers as it expands.

LibreOffice Writer is a very comprehensive word processor which can selected for Mac or Windows or Linux Systems and provides for online referencing which can be read immediately with CNTRL+Click if you are connected to the internet. It is available for download (FREE SOFTWARE) here and does MORE THAN Microsoft Office and/or similar expensive software.  If you wish to escape the monopolistic nightmare of Windows Updates and hardware upgrades I would recommend that you use any old PC and convert to using Linux. I have found Ubuntu to be the most stable version available (FREE again!!) here.

The second rBook will be for exP45  which will be built next year from the trump information which is already loaded on this site. Search for trump top-left column,

Keep safe,

ianm Aug 2023