Why Americans should vote for Biden

This post is a reproduction of a Quora “answer” :

The Question was:

Biden was the second most powerful man in the world for 8 years three and a half years ago. What did he do then? Why would you vote for him now?

This is a REPEAT OF THE ANSWER in case you are unable to get the link that is listed above.  Jude

Are you happier now? I was a lot happier under Obama/Biden. The country was safer. The economy was better. America was more respected. Its leaders weren’t an embarrassment.

They weren’t violating every ethical standard we ever had.

They weren’t dismissing major national security threats.

They weren’t writing off thousands of preventable deaths with blasé statements like “it is what it is.”

They weren’t putting the burden of our most pressing national problems onto the states and rejecting any responsibility for solving them.

They weren’t enriching themselves at taxpayer expense.

They weren’t taking the word of an enemy dictator over that of the American government.

They weren’t being friendlier to enemy dictators than close allies.

They weren’t starting costly trade wars.

They weren’t lying to the American people on an hourly basis.

They weren’t actively, intentionally enflaming tensions between Americans.

They weren’t demonizing millions of Americans.

They weren’t letting polluters run wild.

They weren’t complimenting neo-nazis and white supremacists.

They weren’t ignoring and downplaying the number one source of domestic terrorism.

They weren’t doing everything they can to kick Americans off their healthcare.

They weren’t getting impeached over coercing foreign leaders to benefit themselves personally.

They weren’t trying to sabotage the US Postal Service to manipulate their own election.

They weren’t pardoning accomplices of their own crimes.

They weren’t being called names like idiot, stupid, moron by their own top people.

They weren’t presiding over a government almost entirely run by unqualified donors, lobbyists, sycophants, family members, and ideologues.

They weren’t under constant investigation by multiple state and federal law enforcement agencies.

They weren’t disliked by the majority of the American people for virtually their entire time in office.

They weren’t bungling public health emergencies so badly that Canada and Europe shut their borders to Americans.

They weren’t letting the public health equivalent of a 9/11 happen every 2–3 days.

They weren’t losing more Americans than we lost in all of Vietnam or Word War I, in a matter of months.

They weren’t so incompetent that even justices who agreed with them felt compelled to rule against them, telling them to come back with a legal rationale that wasn’t so “contrived”.

They weren’t attacking and undermining the nation’s leading doctors and scientists amidst a national crisis.

They weren’t shutting their own government down three times in one year.

They weren’t keeping the government shut down longer than ever before.

They weren’t ordering staff to falsify records.

They weren’t trying to fire anyone who dared investigate crimes.

They weren’t calling for elections to be delayed so they could stay in office past the expiration of their term.

They weren’t being intentionally cruel and harmful to children as a “deterrent”.

They weren’t wishing indicted child sex traffickers well.

They weren’t gassing peaceful protestors for photo ops.

I could easily keep going, but if that’s not enough for you, nothing would be.

“What did he do then?”

Well, he dealt with two pandemics …and stopped them in their tracks.

He dealt with a major recession …and got us back on our feet, leading to the longest period of sustained private sector growth in US history.

He saved entire industries from going out of business.

He reduced the deficit substantially.

He negotiated numerous major international agreements with allies and adversaries alike.

He extricated us from a long and costly war.

He helped us hunt down our enemies instead of denying their existence, weakening us, and giving them propaganda wins.

He helped reduce discrimination in America’s workplaces, armed forces, and courthouses.

He helped console us in moments of sorrow.

He helped tens of millions of Americans gain healthcare.

Again, I could easily keep going, but the contrast is already so great, that I’d be wasting my time.

“Why would you vote for him now?”

The choice is between an abject failure, the most unfit president we’ve ever had, and possibly the most qualified presidential candidate we’ve ever had.

It’s between someone incapable of empathy, who doesn’t give a damn about you or your family, and a man known for his overflowing empathy and compassion.

Once again, I could keep drawing these contrasts, but if you aren’t already there, ten more won’t change a thing.

There’s no real choice here. I’m voting like my life depends on it, because it just might.

It’s time we returned to someone with dignity, compassion, and competence. The man-child has to go. The sleaziness must end. The grifter ought to leave. This ill-conceived experiment with empowering an ignorant amoral authoritarian nihilist didn’t work out. The tempestuous tweeter in the oval shaped office isn’t helping us. The lawless negligence of this faithless rage-machine must end. It’s time to put a grown-up back in charge.

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