America to-day : A Simple Overview :

  1. Joe Biden is The President Elect and will be President of the USA in January 2021.
  2. Joe Biden won by 5,331,692 votes as of now (11:50 14/Nov). This is a significant win BUT 72,645,621 people voted for trump = +/-48% of the voting population of the USA.
  3. The USA (embarrassingly) leads the world with regard to Covid-19 statistics. 3.2% of the population (10,552,669) confirmed cases with 153,496 on Nov 12 alone,  242,420 deaths with 1,083 on Nov 12 alone. A recent quote on USA TV satated the death rate to be 1 person every 45 seconds.
  4. While this is happening trump’s staff and many so-called intelligent Republican Senators continue to say that the election will be “turned around” and that trump will have a second term in office (2024??). This enables the mis-information team to tour the country collecting funds for the already-lost-case of voter fraud and invalid votes. The purpose of these delays is to collect as much money as possible from the trump supporters before they a) wake up to the fact that they are part of the biggest scam in American history OR b) curb their GREED OR c) recover from the Stockholm syndrome.
  5. The American Defense System is being destroyed by trumps hire and fire campaign. Although this is a serious threat to American security as a whole, most Americans can be grateful that the rest of the world understands the terrible situation into which The Republican Party have  put them and will wait until Joe Biden can re-establish sanity and some equilibrium.

There are two significant reasons, that I have identified,as to why so many people voted for trump.

No1, in terms of TheCode, is personal GREED. This shows how inportant it is that we (as homo sapiens) realise that we have to think beyond our own gain to ensure the survival of this planet.

No2 is because the American population are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. After 4 years of lies, false news, threats, bullying and mis-information spewing from the Virtual Reality show that is trump, while he  abuses the most powerful political position in the world. Grab TheCode as a life raft and learn to live with a new and brighter outlook on life. Move from the Dark side into the light of social participation, responsibility and happiness. Happiness is far more rewarding than freedom, especially a false understanding of freedom.

I notice that trump is due to start his nation wide tour next week. This will be at the cost of the American Nation and with the purpose of collecting funds for his …….  actually for his depleted bank account. I guess this is possibly his last chance at grandstanding. Would it not be wonderful if no-one turned out for any of his rallies! I guess that the Olympic committee should take note of a new-world attitude to losers. The winner can go off with the prize and the one who comes last takes a tour of the field with the (American) flag.

I sincerely hope that Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News loses a very significant number of “watchers” as the American people seek accurate and reliable information from other channels. In fact I hope that they go down with their major draw-card, being trump, when his debts and court cases start to catch up with him.

It was a great relief to me when I learnt that a Presidential pardon can not remove trump from any state related legal issues ! I do believe that every democratic governor should sue trump for manslaughter based on pain and suffering for the family’s of Covid-19 victims.

Lastly I do hope that Melania Trump manages to keep Barron Trump away from the disaster zone. She seems to have done a good job up till now. Maybe a change of name would be a good idea for all those who realise the folly of trumps “reign-of-madness”.

Please, please wear a mask and KEEP SAFE,



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