Can trump become a dictator

American Law has failed the USA very obviously and extremely sadly because trump IS in the White House. If the American Law was not totally stuffed (as is the Law in Australia – whereby ANY legal objective can be achieved with enough legal power if it can be afforded) then trump would be in jail. Certainly not able to stand for election as President.

So the question only needs to be slightly adjusted to say: Can trump defeat the American Constitution as easily as he has defeated the American Justice System (usually referred to as TheLaw)? Considering the total lack of responsibility displayed by the Republican Party (with GREED and PROFIT as their sole political platform) by saving trump from impeachment, I must say that trump’s chances of making himself Dictator of American is JUST AS GOOD as his chances of another term as President.

He says that he does not read. However, as that is probably just another lie, I would suggest that any reading he does includes Mein Kampf, all Hitlers political speeches and every word uttered by Putin. He is certainly re-enacting those roles in the world.

Having spent some months of my life working in America I must say that I feel very, very sad watching them destroy themselves under trumps “rule”. Since they were the leaders of the western world I wonder where we all go from here?? While trump is destroying America in his efforts to take control China and Russia are very busy expanding their influence!! And the present-day America are so self-centered that THEY are letting it all happen.

The scariest and saddest part of all is that trump still has a popularity rating of  40.3% as at 22 July with Covid-19 deaths at 144953 and the trump claiming that America stats for the virus are the best in the world. By far! Perhaps he means the highest number?

The basic answer is that trump has to create enough chaos and confusion in America so that he can declare Martial Law. I hope and pray for the rest of the world that the “so-called” checks and balances that the USA are supposed to have in place are sufficient to prevent this happening! But, considering the ease with which trump has manipulated the US legal system to get him where he is today, I fear that the American culture is feeding the chaos that will make this possible. Recent attempts to get trump to disclose what he would do if he had another term as president Four more years? Trump struggles to outline second term plan drew no response at all. Even worse (added 6 Aug) is his “fumbled” interview about Covid-19 in the US vs. the World.

(edit: Sorry but this video has “suddenly” become not available. I guess it was another trump-fake-news item that was a little too demonstrative of trump’s increasing psychological instability. The commentary was still there when I last checked.)

because his path to dictatorship of the USA is taking shape rather nicely Trump Is a Would-Be Dictator and it rather looks like this be achieved before the election even takes place.

Why would trump want to declare Martial Law?

Firstly; this effectively places him as the dictator of the now Disunited States of America and as long as the level of chaos is maintained,  that is where he can stay. It really has not been difficult to stir up America’s favorite “rights to freedom” being the “right” to carry guns and the “right” to be bigoted, racist and sexist. Many (too many!) Americas still think KKK and have not yet realised that “rights” are given and cannot be taken, constitution or no constitution!

The Right to Arms and the American Philosophy of Freedom

Secondly; trump can then become The Commander in Cheat (Chief) that he believes is his “right” and take full control of his super-toys. I am sure that there are a few US Generals who are sufficiently hawkish to be able to support trump in his campaign to “show” China how powerful America really is! Let’s Call “Trump’s Generals” What They Are: A Military Junta Each of the 17 (seventeen)  Modern U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers US carriers are a complete war machine in their own right. These are trumps ultimate super-toys being the bully that he is in addition to his narcissism. Take note that at least 2 of these is NOW in the China sea U.S. aircraft carriers return to South China Sea amid rising tensions .

Thirdly; he is so self-centered that he believes that when he and his new mates, Putin and Kim Jong-un, conquer the world that they will naturally appoint trump as SLP (Supreme Leader of the Planet) or whatever. This is the ultimate delusion!

You have to break a lot of eggs to create an omelette. So a few hundred thousand dead, and a few million health impaired American citizens (as “collateral” damage) is a small price to pay (as far as trump is concerned) for when trump shows that he (and he alone, please note) has conquered the world to show that The Greatest American is now the leader of the whole world. America is Great!!!!! Donald J. Trump for President

Then we come to upcoming election in the USA.

I offer the two most recent available videos to me July, 2020 from the two presidential candidates.

Interview with trump. please note that trump NEVER EVER DIRECTLY ANSWERS A QUESTION. Everything is redirected to side issues or non-relevant references or, in extreme cases, with an “I was not aware of that”. Also note that the stats that he called for he did not understand in any way whatsoever!! He had never previously seen or read them!!

Here is an interview with Dr Fauci. which clearly shows that trump does not pay the least attention to anyone or any thing other than his ego.

Interview with Joe Biden  Note that there was no reference to notes this address was done from the heart and with knowledge. But then I am biased by logic and sanity.

You be the judge.

To quote Maurice Chevalier : I am really glad that I am not young any more !!!



American Genocide because of GREED

It is July, 2020 and the world takes another step closer to ARMAGEDDON. The Medical press announced that Covid-19 causes brain damage and that steps need to be taken to address this issue.   The current situation is fueled by GREED which is the number one problem identified by RRR.

When trump started his “reign” in 2016 all his decisions took into his personal profit as his first priority. Anything that “needed” to be done required an element of profit for the companies that his family was managing on his behalf. Someone who may be more familiar with his true financial situation would, possibly, correct this statement to reflect that any/all actions were taken on the basis of ensuring that these companies survived rather than made a profit. Nevertheless the basic driving force is/was GREED.

The present driving force with ALL trump’s decisions and actions is GREED for power. I think that it is safe to say that he is so incompetent (deranged?) that everything that he does, at the moment, is doing more and more damage to his image and his likelihood of a second term of office. I have to agree that “no action” is the best course to follow at the moment A recent Quora quote was “Do not interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake”. Brilliant!

The trump is the most powerful man on the planet. Fortunately there are sufficient checks and balances in the American system to ensure that he is not quite as powerful as he believes he is! Some of the results of these GREED-driven activities by this apology of a man are :

  1. America has become one of the least respected nations in the world today. There are very few (if any? Maybe Mexico now?) leaders that would trust trump. And this means that the world is literally holding its breath to see if Joe Biden will be given the opportunity to sort out the appalling mess.
  2. China is flexing it’s muscles (eg. Hong Kong) in the vacuum which trump has created in “the world order”.
  3. Isreal is re-starting it’s unjustifiable annexation of Gaza in the belief that trump will support Isreal in their ongoing aggression. The fact that trump will not be allowed to do so (Even if he wanted to stick to his promises. Which would be very unusual!) has not yet penetrated the Isreali leader’s mind.
  4. The US has now suffered 127,452 deaths due to Covid-19. This is slightly more than the next THREE countries together. (Brazil – 57,103 UK – 43,514 AND Italy – 43,514). Note: Brazil’s (so-called) leader is a trump-wannabe and is taking his country down the same road.
  5. The US has tested positive 2.55 million Covid-19 cases which is slightly less than the next top FOUR countries together. (Brazil – 1.31m Russia – 0.63m India – 0.51m UK – 0.31m). Oh I am sorry. “We only have the highest number because we test more, MUCH MORE, than any other country” to quote trump. He is saying that if they did not test then they would not have so many cases! They would just magically dissappear!  Not that if they tested more they would have double the number of cases, maybe?
  6. The WHO is under huge financial difficulty in trying to maintain a sane, co-ordinated and scientific approach to the world-threatening Covid-19 because juvenile trump decided that they were favoring China rather than America. So, by withdrawing funds from the WHO he hands the WHO, as a world-power body, over to manipulation and management by China who will take the opportunity to fund anything which the WHO requires as long as it is to China’s advantage. In exactly the same way that America “managed” the WHO until trump lost control (and respect).
  7. The USA used to be the respected power of the west that all Western civilisations could rely on to maintain some semblance of order and balance and sanity in the world. No-one is able to get any sense out of trump with his ego-driven, America must profit at-all-costs diplomatic ignorance. The world is literally coming apart.
  8. Where does the UK get some support in trying to ensure some semblance of independence, freedom and pride for the people of Hong Kong. They are about to be “absorbed” into the 1.382 billion people that are controlled from Beijing.
  9. When one looks at the terrible social mess that is America to-day one has to agree with the “muslim terrorist” description of the USA and even feel some sympathy with their cause. This does not however condone their totally disgusting methods of trying to enforce their religion on the rest of the world. This problem is not primarily one of GREED but one of RELIGION and the folly of any religion which assumes that they are THE ONLY true religion for all mankind in total disregard of RRR.

There are probably another 100 problems of varying proportions that could be defined here but the ones listed above are, IMHO, some of the most significant ones which could all be resolved by TheCode.


At thi

Greed is Critical

This is the most critical and the most important PROBLEM to solve because it starts at the bottom of the RLC. (Response Level Chain).

The problem has to be addressed at every level of society but if it does not start with ourselves then it will be very difficult to achieve anything. The other PROBLEMS can be addressed separately and much can be achieved with solutions to those PROBLEMS but this is the tough one.

1. We need to assess our wants, needs and requirements realistically and based on TheCode. Make a decision based on RLC. a) Do I really need this or is it just something I desire to own. b) Does it harm higher RLC’s c) If it does can I do without it or if not is there something I can do to mitigate the harm or replace its loss to that RLC and d) Is there a better way to do this or is there another option.

2. We must all learn to limit our irresponsible desire for materialistic things. This is most difficult to evaluate but if we are buying “things” from profits that we have made at the cost of others, or even worse, by depriving others of essential needs for survival, it is time to realize that we are moving into the world of Negative RLC.

3. In turn, Governments are going to have to seriously consider environmental implications for EVERYTHING they do and every decision that they take. Once again THE PLANET before profits and the people before BigBusiness. This is an impossible challenge really because it goes against the grain of every Western civilization. I can only hope that Covid-19 has changed the way Governments think. The Australian Government has shown themselves to be very competent leaders by both parties getting together and addressing the problems with appropriate assistance from all the health expertise in the world. I take my hats off to them. The American dictatorship under TheDon, on the other hand, has made a right proper stuff up. They are way behind the rest of the world getting the virus under control (as of today 31 Mar 2020) although thankfully they are now catching up due to the efforts of those Governors who have not followed TheDon’s lead.

4. It is vital that companies consider the environment before profits. The American psyche of profit is good regardless of consequence or damage is going to have to change. If one looks at Wikipedia or an article from FEE that are so TheDon they are both scary. If one considers the effects of war on a country or the current Covid-19 economic crises then you would have to believe that these articles both need a serious re-write. The world has changed overnight to the realization that we are a global society, we will not survive on our own as any nation in the world (we MUST all get together and resolve our differences – nothing has ever been solved by war and nothing ever will be (use TheCode AND NOT greed OR historical rhetoric), we need to start looking after our planet (really soon). Corporations (Big-Business) chants the message that if it was not for them then no-one would have jobs and we would not have abc or xyz. Well the time has come for them to wake up to the fact that if we do not have a planet BIG-BUSINESS WILL ALSO CEASE TO EXIST.

Looking forward to your eMails on this one,


Pro Covid19 No 2

Covid19 has one objective and one objective only:

To find a HOST and get that host to find other hosts which in turn…….

All to ensure the survival of Covid19. It is doing this in an extremely hostile environment because humans as well as other viruses are trying to ensure that they remain the-top-dog and do not get overcome. Joan Baez says it

very beautifully, but for a different reason.

Covid19 has no boundaries, no preference and no bias it is therefore totally objective and totally unconcerned with guilt or conscience.

Covid19, using trump as the medium, has shown us that the US political structure is a complete disaster. There has been no holds barred as trump uses the system to further his own ends. Belief in his own superiority and his own total knowlegde and business skills he is achieving everything he wants. He probably believes that he should be running the whole world and that is probably his goal. Being the first dictator of the USA is acceptable. As the first step it is OK although it is proving very difficult. In his search for the truth (trump’s truth,  take note) he is being completely honest to his own beliefs and his own agenda. Unfortunately Covid19 has come along and trump’s White House did not require any scientific expertise which has left him with a TOTALLY confusing problem. And it will not go away. He only understands that you make problems go away by blaming them on someone else. And Covid19 is not paying any attention at all. In fact Covid19 is holding its own (Jun 10 : 112,921 deaths – more than the 3 next countries TOGETHER – with 935 in THE LAST DAY which is more than the day before). And Covid19 will be doing even better as trump can now distract from his failure to control Covid19 by trying to CONTROL (with violence and insurrection) the black movement for equality.

Down with American Politics :

OK so this is the situation in the USA and we all feel really sorry for them as they stew in their own juice. BUT it also forces us to admit that the American way of life (and their politics) leaves a lot to be desired.

China on the other hand has very strong leadership. No political infighting and no trump whose only interest is profit. Profit being more important, even,  than taking over the world or even looking after the American population. China on the other hand has two major objectives. Firstly to control AND LOOK AFTER its people (because they do realise that without people they do not exist – once again rather unlike trump). Secondly to take control of the world because they know the best way to look after their people. They have shown excellent control over the people to defend the people from Covid19 (June 10: 4,634 deaths 0 (yes ZERO) deaths today or yesterday)  China in fact has now become strong enough to start considering the planet as being pretty important in the whole deal.

China has Covid-19 conquered?

Well it sure looks like it. So where would you rather be? Particularly if you had a family including kids, parents and grandparents?

Bear with me while I try to be as simplistic as possible.

  1. China’s political process is far better for the people than that of the USA
  2. China IS going to be a much stronger influence in the world as a result of Covid-19 and what Covid-19 has done to the world.
  3. US economy has gone seriously downhill. In fact all economies (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!) have declined throughout the world.
  4. China’s economy is only slightly affected. (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!)

I am an Australian.  Australia has pretty much the same political modus operandi as the US so we need to take careful notice of the exposure of the American political scenario. Very fortunately we have a strong Prime Minister so step one was to get all parties together and manage the Covid-19 on a non-partisan basis. This has worked pretty well. (June 10: 103 deaths total) but a lot of damage has been done to the economy (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!)

The petty bickering and childish inter-party sniping has however resumed and strengthens the case for Australia to do some serious self-analysis to decide how we can get away from the American political disaster. Because we have the same profit-based (fueled by GREED) culture that is proving to be America’s downfall.

WE MUST CHANGE our Political environment.

The above discussion shows that to continue with our Americanisms WILL take us down the same path to disaster.

Am I saying we must go the same was as China. Become a Communist state? No the discussion above is to show the two extremes and show how unrealistic American business practices are and how dangerous it is to have two Political Parties that believe that they should be in CONFLICT ( not opposition !! ) with one another.

Because Covid19 has spotlighted the cause of the Decline of American in pretty well anarchy at this time.

The (NB. BASED ON THE US METHOD OF VALUEING AN ECONOMY !!) was intentional and is the subject of another Problem that needs resolution sooner rather than later.


Pity America

Having said “no more” I was sent a WhatsApp which places the whole of the trump mis-administration in excellent perspective.

Here’s what Ireland’s respected (mainstream) political writer says. Brace yourself! 🇮🇪 ☘️ 🇮🇪

Irish Times
April 25, 2020
By Fintan O’Toole


Over more than two centuries, the United States has stirred a very wide range of feelings in the rest of the world: love and hatred, fear and hope, envy and contempt, awe and anger. But there is one emotion that has never been directed towards the US until now: pity.

However bad things are for most other rich democracies, it is hard not to feel sorry for Americans. Most of them did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. Yet they are locked down with a malignant narcissist who, instead of protecting his people from Covid-19, has amplified its lethality. The country Trump promised to make great again has never in its history seemed so pitiful.

Will American prestige ever recover from this shameful episode? The US went into the coronavirus crisis with immense advantages: precious weeks of warning about what was coming, the world’s best concentration of medical and scientific expertise, effectively limitless financial resources, a military complex with stunning logistical capacity and most of the world’s leading technology corporations. Yet it managed to make itself the global epicentre of the pandemic.

As the American writer George Packer puts it in the current edition of the Atlantic, “The United States reacted … like Pakistan or Belarus – like a country with shoddy infrastructure and a dysfunctional government whose leaders were too corrupt or stupid to head off mass suffering.”

It is one thing to be powerless in the face of a natural disaster, quite another to watch vast power being squandered in real time – wilfully, malevolently, vindictively. It is one thing for governments to fail (as, in one degree or another, most governments did), quite another to watch a ruler and his supporters actively spread a deadly virus. Trump, his party and Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News became vectors of the pestilence.

The grotesque spectacle of the president openly inciting people (some of them armed) to take to the streets to oppose the restrictions that save lives is the manifestation of a political death wish. What are supposed to be daily briefings on the crisis, demonstrative of national unity in the face of a shared challenge, have been used by Trump merely to sow confusion and division. They provide a recurring horror show in which all the neuroses that haunt the American subconscious dance naked on live TV.

If the plague is a test, its ruling political nexus ensured that the US would fail it at a terrible cost in human lives. In the process, the idea of the US as the world’s leading nation – an idea that has shaped the past century – has all but evaporated.

Other than the Trump impersonator Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, who is now looking to the US as the exemplar of anything other than what not to do? How many people in Düsseldorf or Dublin are wishing they lived in Detroit or Dallas?

It is hard to remember now but, even in 2017, when Trump took office, the conventional wisdom in the US was that the Republican Party and the broader framework of US political institutions would prevent him from doing too much damage. This was always a delusion, but the pandemic has exposed it in the most savage ways.

Abject surrender

What used to be called mainstream conservatism has not absorbed Trump – he has absorbed it. Almost the entire right-wing half of American politics has surrendered abjectly to him. It has sacrificed on the altar of wanton stupidity the most basic ideas of responsibility, care and even safety.

Thus, even at the very end of March, 15 Republican governors had failed to order people to stay at home or to close non-essential businesses. In Alabama, for example, it was not until April 3rd that governor Kay Ivey finally issued a stay-at-home order.

In Florida, the state with the highest concentration of elderly people with underlying conditions, governor Ron DeSantis, a Trump mini-me, kept the beach resorts open to students travelling from all over the US for spring break parties. Even on April 1st, when he issued restrictions, DeSantis exempted religious services and “recreational activities”.

Georgia governor Brian Kemp, when he finally issued a stay-at-home order on April 1st, explained: “We didn’t know that [the virus can be spread by people without symptoms] until the last 24 hours.”

This is not mere ignorance – it is deliberate and homicidal stupidity. There is, as the demonstrations this week in US cities have shown, plenty of political mileage in denying the reality of the pandemic. It is fuelled by Fox News and far-right internet sites, and it reaps for these politicians millions of dollars in donations, mostly (in an ugly irony) from older people who are most vulnerable to the coronavirus.

It draws on a concoction of conspiracy theories, hatred of science, paranoia about the “deep state” and religious providentialism (God will protect the good folks) that is now very deeply infused in the mindset of the American right.

Trump embodies and enacts this mindset, but he did not invent it. The US response to the coronavirus crisis has been paralysed by a contradiction that the Republicans have inserted into the heart of US democracy. On the one hand, they want to control all the levers of governmental power. On the other they have created a popular base by playing on the notion that government is innately evil and must not be trusted.

The contradiction was made manifest in two of Trump’s statements on the pandemic: on the one hand that he has “total authority”, and on the other that “I don’t take responsibility at all”. Caught between authoritarian and anarchic impulses, he is incapable of coherence.

Fertile ground

But this is not just Donald Trump. The crisis has shown definitively that Trump’s presidency is not an aberration. It has grown on soil long prepared to receive it. The monstrous blossoming of misrule has structure and purpose and strategy behind it.

There are very powerful interests who demand “freedom” in order to do as they like with the environment, society and the economy. They have infused a very large part of American culture with the belief that “freedom” is literally more important than life. My freedom to own assault weapons trumps your right not to get shot at school. Now, my freedom to go to the barber (“I Need a Haircut” read one banner this week in St Paul, Minnesota) trumps your need to avoid infection.

Usually when this kind of outlandish idiocy is displaying itself, there is the comforting thought that, if things were really serious, it would all stop. People would sober up. Instead, a large part of the US has hit the bottle even harder.

And the president, his party and their media allies keep supplying the drinks. There has been no moment of truth, no shock of realisation that the antics have to end. No one of any substance on the US right has stepped in to say: get a grip, people are dying here.

That is the mark of how deep the trouble is for the US – it is not just that Trump has treated the crisis merely as a way to feed tribal hatreds but that this behaviour has become normalised. When the freak show is live on TV every evening, and the star is boasting about his ratings, it is not really a freak show any more. For a very large and solid bloc of Americans, it is reality.

And this will get worse before it gets better. Trump has at least eight more months in power. In his inaugural address in 2017, he evoked “American carnage” and promised to make it stop. But now that the real carnage has arrived, he is revelling in it. He is in his element.

As things get worse, he will pump more hatred and falsehood, more death-wish defiance of reason and decency, into the groundwater. If a new administration succeeds him in 2021, it will have to clean up the toxic dump he leaves behind. If he is re-elected, toxicity will have become the lifeblood of American politics.

Either way, it will be a long time before the rest of the world can imagine America being great again.

Ahmen,    Jude