Responsibility vs. Morality

GREED remains our Number 1 Problem at this time.

GREED is what drives people to commit most of our crimes. Who was it that said crime does not pay?

GREED is what defines the level of RESPONSIBILITY that we gravitate towards when we are making decisions. The benefits to self are more important, as an opinion based on greed, than any benefit which may accrue to Groups or Country. And who has the mental capacity to consider the Planet before Country or before Groups?

In turn Morality frequently requires decisions based on RESPONSIBILITY. Without considering the levels of RESPONSIBILITY ,  when deciding what is moral (or ethical), any decision can become very complex as defined by Immanuel Kant in the Categorical imperative.  By adhering to the KISS principle I believe that TheCode makes moral decisions simpler and more effective because RESPONSIBILITY provides a level which can be addressed by the decision being taken.

Thus we have a distinct relationship between Morality, Greed and Responsibility.

How does Morality tie into TheCode. I return to my ultimate benchmark of EVIL being trump. When a person is amoral it means that they are simply unaware of morality. When that person, particularly if they completely narcissistic,  wants to do something it is their decision and they will decide whether it is good or bad,  nice or nasty, rewarding or challenging based on how they feel about it. Any external opinion, assessment or evaluation is not even remotely of concern to them. If unfavourable or negative (to them) such “opinions” are “fake news” because they are “not real” TO THEM. That person is after all  the universe to themselves. Nothing else is of any importance whatsoever.

The oath of the president of the USA was totally meaningless to him. That oath signifies an acceptance of RESPONSIBILITY  for a country, its economy and the lives of nearly 400 MILLION people. Not an oath to protect himself or his family or  a  political party. In return the USA undertook to protect The President no matter what the cost! That was the contract.

When trump took the oath of Presidency of the USA it was, to him, just another contract, which he would weasel out of,  if it became inconvenient at any point. In the same way that it was a very regular activity of trump’s to refuse to pay his contractors for work done. In the same way that he did not consider the welfare of anyone other than HIMSELF. And the adoration of his fans whom he had persuaded that he was “THE BEST”. After all it was his RIGHT to refuse to pay if he decided that there was something that he could find fault with regarding any contract that he ever entered. Real or imagined did not matter (no morality) as long as he could reduce costs for that job. $100,000 dollars worth of lawyers fees was a profitable exchange for $780,000 worth of work and materials. The contractor could not afford the $100,000 because he was already out of pocket for far more than that amount on the contract. In trumps view an excellent outcome and good business. To trump the oath was “just another contract”! And lawyers were just a cost of doing business.

With regard to “his people” as long as they continued to worship at the shrine of the trump and maintain “loyalty” to the trump cult, all was well and “they were great people”. As soon as you disagreed, in any way whatsoever, trump would be out to “get you”. Even have you killed! As he instructed the mob to do with Nancy Pelosie and Mike Pence on 6th January.

The oath was “just another contract” which trump broke every time he lied, misinformed, avoided comment, avoided the truth, ignored racism, ignored violence and last of all encouraged violence to try and maintain his position of worship as president of the USA. He was never remotely concerned about ANY of his RESPONSIBILITIES. He was only concerned about SELF. The absolute bottom level of the RESPONSIBILITY scale. He was only concerned about being admired for his actions which he frequently misrepresented to the American People. All the lying he did to the American People is what led them to believe what a “wonderful person” he was and what led the people to violent actions on his behalf.

With regard to trumps impeachment hearing and the senate vote :   Trump may not be impeached (writing this 12/2 1040 my time = 11/2 1940 EST US) because the Republican Senators believe that they can vote for the GOP above, and before accepting responsibility for,  THE OATH which they themselves have taken when becoming senators and part of The Congress.

The impeachment should be based on the fact that trump took actions AGAINST the oath of office which he swore to uphold when he became president. Inciting the riots of January 6 was the final act of denial of trump’s oath of office. This act broke his contract WITH THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (all Americans). As he destroyed that contract so he should be impeached which should ensure that he does not enjoy a single benefit as a result of HAVING BEEN a President of the USA. No pension, no security, no travel and no title. Just another American thug.

The Republican Senators, themselves, are in fact in breach of their own respective oaths of office by letting trump off the hook. Their oath was to protect THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (all of them as a whole) and not just to protect their cult leader from loosing face, popularity and his ability to collect funds for their Party. That oath is taken by Senators because it raises (well, supposed to raise!) them above self, above the party and (should!!) force them to take a higher lever of responsibilitiy for THE COUNTRY and all of its people. Peacefully.

We will see whether the Republican Party is capable of honoring their oath, their contract with the people of the USA and not just consider RESPONSIBILITY  for themselves and maybe their Party but for the USA.

Keep safe,  Jude

Republicans at WAR with Democrats

Civil War:

To all intents and purposes the USA is in the middle of a civil war. The Republicans vs the Democrats. Why are they at war? Because the Republican Party has become a  RELIGION . In fact it is now a Cult – The trump Cult. The trump has turned the Republican Party into a cult, the trumpists , which is the worst form of religion on the planet. A cult displays the worst characteristics possible under the guise of a religion (mainly for tax purposes). Similar to Scientology, to my mind, is now a cult and no longer the healing group that L.Ron Hubbard had in mind.

Edit: 15/Jan/2021 Today I heard a very accurate definition of The Ruspublican’s problem. Their behavior has become TRIBAL rather than a POLITICAL. Wow. Too true! Just like the ANC (African National Congress) in South Africa.

The Republican Party :

Also referred to as GOP (Grand Old Party) is now a body-devided. The visible and active side of this body is now (Jan, 2020) a cult with trump as its leader and Commander in Chief (acting as a dictator). They will continue to be seen as this cult until the sane (and VERY CONCERNED) members break away from the trump cult and reform the Republican Party as the GOP. This can only happen if there is a person who is strong enough to lead this party. At this time I am afraid that the current “leadership” is so stuck in their policy of GREED (Profit is everything) and their FEAR (total ignorance and misunderstanding) of socialism that they cannot grasp the concept of a united America.

In terms of TheCode – RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) these leaders are all stuck at the responsibility Level of 1 ( = SELF). They certainly cannot even claim that they are at responsibility Level 2 ( = FAMILY) because they are prepared to sacrifice their families to ensure that they keep their political jobs. They have zero/none/no RESPECT for their opposition political party as trump has convinced them that The Democrats are now “the enemy”.  This FEAR (Yes! It is the fear and complete lack of understanding) of the Democratic Party and their objectives which results in the conviction the Democratic Party is out to destroy the Republican Party. It is because trump recognized this flaw in the Republican Party and set out to use that flaw to further his own ends. (see:  trump-as-dictator for a description of trump’s EVIL agenda).

The paragraph title refers to the WikipediA document on the Republican Party but, unfortunately, the personal GREED, which borders on insanity, for many of the present leaders of this party has reduced any and all of their policies to a) Keep my job b) If I don’t support trump and enable his madness I will loose my job c) If trump is impeached I will loose my job because “the enemy” may treat me the way I deserve. And d) Again to Keep my job and my “position of power”. Even if democracy, the people of America and my oath of office are damaged (or destroyed and go down in flames) in the process THIS IS THE ONLY POLICY THAT IS IN THE MINDS of trumpist’s (people who are part of the trump Cult rather than representatives of the American people ie. elected politicians). It is unfortunate that The Republican Party do not have any active policies in play at this time. The trump’s “we are going to make America great again” means “I will ensure that everything I do makes ME richer regardless of the cost to America AS A COUNTRY or the American people”. There is of course an advantage in having money in the Treasury because trump will find a way of getting some of it. Hence cutting off payments to the WHO regardless of who may have been harmed by that action. This complete lack of active policies also ensures that there is nothing for the Democratic Party to criticise. Rather a significant problem. Particularly for America as a country.

The Republican Party and the disgusting “so-called” journalists who contribute to some of the social media world and sensational “news” media – such as Fox News, have a choice. They can precipitate this terrible Second American Civil War by continuing to: a) further enable trump and ANY part of his EVIL agenda b) mislead the American people about the objectives and ideals of the Democratic Party and c) ignore the first and most important part of TheCode – RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) – being RESPECT.


The Republican Party can gather any NON-trump supporters left in the Party to form an alliance of the true GOP as a group of people who can a) RESPECT the Oath they took when they took office b) RESPECT the wishes of ALL Americans who have the interest and well-being of America and the rest of the Planet at heart c) DISCONNECT from trump and any and all of his mis-informed and mis-guided followers d) RESPECT and try to understand the new President of the USA, President Joe Biden, and his policies (he has 7+million more supporters in your DEMOCRACY!) e) SUPPORT him in his efforts to rebuild a very tarnished and Disunited States of America that has been created by The Republicans mistake of supporting and electing trump f) understand and apply TheCode .

Last but not least is that trump AND HIS MISGUIDED FOLLOWERS MUST ALL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR TERRIBLE LACK OF JUDGEMENT AND THEIR DISREGARD OF THE FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTION. This is the only message that the trumpist’s will clearly understand. Every day that this is delayed increases the inappropriate feeling of being “done” which trump has INITIATED and which he continues to PROMOTE ! Not only does trump continue to promote the lies, mis-information and discontent but WOW (word-of-mouth) makes this discontent far more successful that truth. Rather like Covid-19.

It is trump’s EVIL and AMORAL use of Covid-19 to create chaos in the USA which is causing the death of more than 4000 American citizens per day ie.


This is more than the total number of deaths caused by external terrorists on 9/11 !!!   And Mitch McConnell, the supposed leader of the Republican Party in the Senate, cannot convene The Senate to sanction (Impeach AND apply the 25th amendment) on trump. IMHO he needs to be held accountable as a trump accomplice. Any person who continues to defend trump in any manner whatsoever needs to be charged as an accompliuce!!

The Democratic Party :

The Democratic Party on the other hand have definite policies (AT THIS TIME), objectives and principles which they wish to put in place. In terms of TheCode The Democratic Party have a significant responsibility level. This is Level 5 (= THE PLANET) because part of President Joe Biden’s plans which include POSITIVE actions regarding Climate Change.  Level 5 is about as high as we (human beings) can aspire to at this time! They are not stuck at level 1 = SELF like trump and his cult. Please note that 2=FAMILY, 3=Social Groups and 4=Country which are all more in keeping with the Oath of Office, which trump does not even comprehend, never mind understand and which Joe Biden will take on January 20th with  understanding and intention.

While trump and his followers in the Republican Party are in confused disarray between those who believe in and are committed to their Oath of service and those who believe any or all of the trump BS (including the non-fact that The Democratic Party is intent on turning America into a socialist state) what they are achieving is the RAPID growth of insurrection and non-peaceful riots in the name of justifiable protests.

This situation is actually less harmful that the Covid-19 pandemic BUT has the POTENTIAL of doing far more harm that Covid-19 IN THE LONG TERM.  Covid-19 will either be significantly impacted by the vaccine,  will diminish in intensity as the trump-promoted herd immunity begins to take effect or will have killed sufficient potential victims for the bell-curve of deaths to start diminishing.  Considering that the death rate for week 1 – 2021 is over 40,000 the top of the curve will be at > 500,000 (half-a-million) and the downward curve will record many more deaths. IMHO at least another 150 to 200 thousand people will die before the USA will be in a position to become optimistic about normality.

The trump would have been advised by someone in his entourage of this possibility. Whether trump was capable of understanding or vaguely comprehending this fact trump made the decision that his presidency and his continued access to lots of funding/money was more important TO HIM than those number of deaths. In fact he made the decision that the chaos caused by Covid-19 would be a very useful “distraction” in the event of him not being able to win or manipulate his success in the 2020 election.  BTW remember that the main reason that he believes (and trump HAS convinced himself) that the election was rigged is because his efforts to rig the election were not successful and he does not believe it possible that Joe Biden was able to do a better job of “rigging” than he was.

So the incoming Democratic President is faced with 1) the Covid-19 crises created largely by trump’s incompetence and desire for chaos 2) the American racial unrest which has been “encouraged” by trump to create more unrest 3) the pathetic animosity of the Republican Party – another level of hate and unrest aggravated by trump at every opportunity 4) the economic crises – which is actually recovering on its own now that trump is distracted by his loss of the presidency 5) the many unstable “solutions” to international relationships that trump has managed to use as vote-promoting exercises 6) the MANY and serious breaks that trump has managed to create with all of America’s allies and 7) the complete disarray in all of America’s security, judiciary and police that the trump has created with all his inappropriate firings and hirings.  I wonder how many challenges I have missed? I have sent President Joe Biden a letter of congratulation on his election. I would be most surprised if he manages to see it in among his thousands of far more pressing issues but perhaps it will carry some good Karma.

Joe Biden won by a thin thread (7/300  of the population). 7+ million votes is not so “slim” but he has many millions of Americans whom trump has turned into a mis-guided and dangerous group of people. I do so hope that The Republican Party can find a new leader to lead them to some semblance of order and an understanding of TheCode. Co-operation with President Joe Biden and a bi-partisan approach to all of the challenges listed above will ensure a swift recovery of American Pride and achievement. They will grow to be stronger than ever. But if The Democrats continue to be treated as an enemy the Second American Civil War will blossom into reality and the chaos will continue for many years to come.

One really good thing which has happened to The Democratic Party is that they won the two Senate Seats in Georgia. There is hope that President Joe Biden will be able to solve many of Americas problems with the support of previous Presidents and hopefully without even the presence of trump. I do hope that Impeachment will exclude trump from the title of President in any shape or form and that this is accomplished as quickly as possible.

RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights)


Failure of USA Government

The one thing that trump has achieved is to highlight the failures of the USA Government PRACTICES as a whole. I hope that President Joe Biden has the strength, health and tenacity to set at least some of this right.

See my letter to the President.

The USA Gov has drifted far away from their own constitution in their pursuit of Greed.

The best analysis is from The Lucretia Report. This is that document with thanks The Lucretia Report and Ian Stephens :

The Lucretia Report

Americans have long claimed to have the best system of government in the world, with checks and balances, a separation of powers, and cadre of competent administrators who have only the best for the people at heart. The events of this past year however have proven more than any other period in living memory though that that is not and never was true. People long said that our system of government was impeccable, but in fact it was only sustained by luck and the willingness of people in power to sustain it. It has only remained intact because no one ever levied enough stress on it. But that stress was applied in 2020, and our government failed to meet its stated goals because of it.

The United States Constitution, which lays out the system by which our government operates, provides a number of goals in its preamble.

“to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity”

“To form a more perfect union” is of course empty rhetoric, the meaning of which can be changed from one person to another depending on your definition of “perfect.” From there though 2020 can demonstrate the failure of our government to meet each and every one of these goals.

The state sets out to “establish justice” yet in 2020’s opening act it was proven that some people are above the law as long as they can maintain the loyalty of at least 34 votes in the United States Senate, and in the closing days of 2020 it has proven that violations of the law are acceptable and forgivable as long as the criminals at question can maintain the favor of a President with pardon power. Meanwhile, as wealthy white criminals are allowed to walk free, 200 black men a year are shot to death by police in the United States, often for minor crimes or no crime at all. This was brought so clearly into focus this year by the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Rayshard Brooks, Jacob Blake, and more. Our government has failed to establish justice.

The Constitution claims that it has a goal to “ensure domestic tranquility,” yet the United States has no such thing. Resulting from the Government’s failure to establish justice, America saw the largest protest movement in the country’s history, with a backlash of right-wing terrorism to match. The United States is more divided than it has been at any point since the civil war and faces a greater threat from domestic terrorism than it has faced since Reconstruction. The nation is all but tranquil.

The founders claimed that their system of government would “provide for the common defense” and “promote the general welfare,” yet a controllable disease has ravaged the country, killing so many that we have come to be desensitized to thousands of daily deaths and accepted as a fact of life the reality that we can be struck down at any moment. Meanwhile millions are unemployed, millions impoverished, millions homeless, millions hungry. Breadlines stretch for miles in allegedly the wealthiest nation in history. The general welfare and the common defense have been forgotten.

Our government promised to “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity” yet this year has proven how fragile the “blessings of liberty” are. A free and fair election was upheld only by the good grace of a few people in powerful positions, but there is no guarantee that the next time this happens – and without change it will happen again – that people so noble will occupy those same positions.

The American government has failed to achieve its stated goals and has by that act proven that it is insufficient to be trusted with the United States. The only logical and righteous recourse is major reform. We have a government where Senators representing less than 15% of the population can hold the country hostage, where wildly popular and necessary policy cannot be enacted, where far too much of the wealth and priority of the nation is concentrated into an ever-growing smaller portion of the population, and the malevolence or incompetence of a single man can throw the country into a tailspin. That is an inherently unstable system of government – one that could fail or collapse at any moment.

Such radical failure requires radical solutions. It requires the abolition of the plutocratic and undemocratic institutions of voter suppression and rule by the minority. It requires the destruction of the white supremacist institutions that have ensured that the adage of “all men are created equal” is not and cannot be a reality. It requires a redistribution of wealth and a turning over of the system that has allowed but a few people to control the nation’s resources and the spoils of prosperity.

The system will not correct itself unaided. Until such radical reform is undertaken, until the corrupt and broken system is torn down and built back up, the system of government that failed us in 2020 – that always failed to live up to its promise – will continue to fail us and will continue to perpetuate an unequal, undemocratic, and unstable cycle of despair.

Solution to TODAY’S Problem 1:

This certainly lays out a blueprint for the new government of the USA for 2021. If President Joe Biden places some importance on the issues raised in this doc. he can start sorting the problems of the USA. The USA is the most powerful country in the world militarily. But morally it is being shown up in a VERY bad light. The USA is, unfortunately at this time, THE starting point for sorting out the rest of the world. Getting the US Constitution functional is certainly a start.

A Solution to TODAY’S Problem 2:

Another problem, and possibly even a more significant problem than the functionality of the Constitution of the USA, is the problem of SOCIAL MEDIA. I do believe that Sasha Baron Cohen puts this into perspective. Please watch this video:

And with that I would like to take the opportunity to wish all those who have taken the trouble to register with RRR  AND their families throughout the world,

A Happy and Healthy 2021

May many of your wishes come true and may you have the strength to apply decisions based on TheCode,


Is trump a Russian Sleeper?

This is the ultimate conspiracy theory for 2020. OR IS IT?

Jude: 23% of the American people think trump (he is not entitled to have his name spelled with a capital letter IMHO) is the best president that the USA has ever had. Statistically speaking  this could mean that as many as 2% of the population of the PLANET (7.835 billion 28th Dec, 2020) possibly base their existence on GREED and to hell with the rest of the planet AS A WHOLE.

Jude:On the 7th FEBRUARY, 2020 I started taking an interest in the “antics” of a very scary man, being Donald J. Trump, who is the outgoing President of the USA. I wrote this article in the hope that someone in America would start to appreciate how dangerous this man really is. I tried very hard to get this message across in Quora. I was gravely concerned that this man was really dangerous and that America was in severe danger because of the fact that “The American Dream” is based on PROFIT at pretty well any cost. I believe that nearly ALL very rich people have achieved their wealth at the cost of the well being of many OTHER people. AND because of GREED (the number one problem on this planet) this never stops. So the-rich-get-richer WHILE-THE-POOR-GET-POORER. This the theme song of the modern world.

Jude: Mary L. Trump wrote Too Much and Never Enough which is a scary description of trump’s state of mind. He is so self-centered that he is not even remotely in touch with the world other than HIMSELF.

Or is this really what is going on? IMHO I believe that it is all about a mis-information campaign.

Jude: I do not believe that trump has sufficient brain power to achieve the amount of destruction which he has achieved! Mainly by accident!  My outside-the-box thinking  process has enabled me to solve many problems in my life. The process is based on TheCode and  simplicity is the fundamental rule. Always step outside the problem and look at it from above. Totally objectively.  The problem of trump is SO COMPLEX that it requires that we make assumptions and then test them to see the likelihood of them being true. So:

What if trump is a Russian Sleeper controlled by none other than Guess Who as the ultimate weapon to destroy the USA? I believe that there is better than a 23% probability that this is true!

I am Guess Who. My background is Intelligence/Misinformation/Covert. This at ANY COST other than to me personally.  My objective in life is to be the richest AND THE MOST POWERFUL person. The Dictator of the World. I am Russian and patriotic to a fault. We have been “respected” as the most powerful country AND the most feared country in the world. I can achieve my personal objectives by making “Russia great again”. I have more than sufficient wealth so now I must establish myself as the most powerful person on the planet.

Let me consider how this objective can be achieved :

  1. I cannot take over the whole world by war. Certainly not with conventional war tactics. This was thoroughly tested by Germany with two failed attempts. Nuclear war is clearly not practical. Especially with THOUSANDS of nuclear weapons available for activation around the world. The planet could DEFINITELY not survive such an onslaught. The Americans proved that chemical warfare was not effective and rather self-destructive (Vietnam War) . This leaves biological warfare and that is fraught with terrible danger if it gets even slightly out of control (jude: If Covid-19 was intentional it has very effectively demonstrated that playing funnies with nature is NOT A GOOD IDEA – Christmas Day 2020 80 million infected, 1.75 million deaths world wide. Why is infected important? Because we do not yet have much idea about the long-term after effects. If Covid-19 was not intentional then nature rules supreme and nature is making an excellent bid to try and control the population of the planet!)
  2. The-whole-world is too much of a challenge in one go, so it must be done in chunks. The Chinese started on this path a LONG time ago by “establishing” themselves into MANY smaller chunks! (eg. Countries in Africa) Getting into a position of control and then ensuring that there was sufficient on-going chaos and/or confusion so that the target country does not have enough time, resources, intellect or energy to get themselves reorganized sufficiently enough to combat the Chinese influence. I (Guess Who) do not have the patience of the Chinese so I must start with the MOST powerful country, not the less powerful nations. So America is has to be. If I can get America on her knees so that most of the available energy and resources are occupied INTERNALLY the we can proceed from there. While America is in this state I may face considerable challenges from the Chinese but we can handle that when it becomes necessary to do so. On that subject the rest of the world are also watching China so iy is not the most serious threat to my objectives. Yet.
  3. How to I bring America to its knees? How do I use my experience and knowledge to get this done?  a) MIS-INFORMATION and CHAOS.  It worked very successfully for the KGB who frequently had the American Intelligence community chasing its tail. And the world is already in a very fragile state where few people have any level of responsibility higher than self (Jude: see RESPONSIBILITY for an understanding of the importance of this detail.) b) I have “that” 23% of “people” available as “my army” to support mis-infomation and probably enough chaos to achieve whatever may be necessary.  c) I have a base of “confused” politicians who seem to place their party before country. Particularly if I use the Republican Party as a base because GREED is a very fertile ground for mis-information.   d) I must have an insider to drive this mis-information campaign.  The more important,politically, that this person is, the more likely that the mis-information campaign will succeed. e) The internet is a far more powerful tool that the old, tedious, slow and costly Spy Game. Having carefully listened to many experts discussing Cyber Security and AI the internet is DEFINITELY the-way-to-go (Jude: Elon Musk recently gave a very informative AND SCARY talk on AI. PLEASE WATCH!!! He makes the statement that AI is more dangerous than nuclear weapons !!  Align this statement with worldwide Cyber Security, Homeland Security and the Internet and one must agree that the internet and Cyber Control is much more dangerous than nuclear bombs. This falls into the same level of understanding that climate change is less important than any persons personal wealth!  No planet = no life on earth. Which is therefore more important?  Easy to answer but not so easy to put in practice.) So that means the Internet is the most powerful tool for getting the mis-information campaign to succeed. f) I have to believe that my street-smart can win this battle. It is worth a try!
  4. The choice of THE PERSON for 3 d) (call him Mr d) ) will be the most important part of the mis-information campaign. This person will make or break the project. And the degree to which that person is managed will be the final decider!

In summary. I am Guess Who and to gain control of The World Part A must be a mis-information campaign using the Internet as the communication (and control) medium. To get this project rolling I need to identify a person of authority in the USA to manage the mis-information campaign. That person must assist and protect the mis-information campaign to the extent that the effectiveness of the USA, as a world influence, is sufficiently reduced for Part B to be designed and executed.

Plan A of the mis-information campaign.

2015 and some American guy comes to a colleague looking for a loan of a couple hundred million dollars. For that kind of money it has to be a BIG PROJECT so I show interest. During discussions this guy mentions that he may become President of the USA as part of his “security” on the loan. Lights flash and I realise two things. One that this could be my Mr. d) and two that the real estate that this guy (claims to) own could be of tremendous benefit to Russian espionage even if that was all that we gained from it. My enthusiasm was not sufficiently controlled however so the loan grew substantially and I think that I overplayed my hand a bit in convincing my Mr. d) what a tremendous guy he was and that he deserved to rule the world not just the USA. In case Mr d) did not make it as President or only lasted one term we did agree on a repayment date of 2021 ( 5 years rather than the ten years he requested). I did convince the guy that he was more likely to get the Presidents job by using the Republican Party rather than the Democrats because they were far more aligned with one another. The common ground being GREED, GREED, GREED. So he switched parties.

The 2016 elections duly rolled around and Mr. d) got himself nominated for the job of President. We (my colleagues and I) pointed out to Mr d) that the Internet was a very powerful tool. So to this end we offered Mr. d) lots of help and guidance. He did not really win the election because he lost out on the popular vote. But we were able to persuade him that the electoral vote would carry the day. I was very proud of the assistance we were able to provide in this endeavor and trump became my Mr. d).

His first mistake was that he nearly screwed up protecting our involvement with the project and all sorts of investigations ensued. These investigations required us to tell trump more than we wanted to about our methods and the knowledge that the Americans picked up enabled them, in turn,  to ensure that the 2020 elections were that much more secure. The result of this was that trump went and lost the 2020 elections. Because of his knowledge about the 2016 election process he is convinced that (now President) Biden got into power using the same techniques that were applied to 2016. And so he continues to fight the 2020 election result based on his knowledge of 2016. How else could he possibly have lost? Yes I know,  he is also battling with the fact that I told him that we could make him dictator of the world and that does not seem to be possible now.

However let us look on the bright side. Even if I do not get my half billion dollars back from the guy next year (repayment due 2015) the investment in trump has gone a long way towards the objectives defined in 3. a). The reign of mis-information campaign has only just started and trump, give him his due, is covering our tracks very, very successfully by sidelining all the skills in American institutions such as National Security, Attorney General, the Pentagon in General, Homeland Security AND the ALL IMPORTANT Cyber Security. I really appreciate all his efforts to undermine anything that Obama did because Obama did so many good things in the interests of the people and the USA in general. The Supreme Court was not so well done because trump did not recognise that the Justice Department could NOT be bought. Their oath of allegiance to the country was far more significant to them than trump’s one was to him.

Covid-19 was both a blessing and a catastrophe. The blessing was that trump had no idea how to do anything about it so he approached it like an ostrich with his-head-in-the-sand. The resulting chaos and confusion was (is??) far better than I could have imagined. Covid-19 is killing more people in the U.S.A. EVERY DAY than all the efforts of the terrorists achieved in the whole of their 9/11 campaign. The bad part is that this attitude managed to loose trump his Presidency.

Every cloud has a silver lining, however, and the fact that Plan A is now over and done with I have been saved the problem of dealing with trump when he starts to complain to me that he would be a far better DICTATOR of the WORLD than myself.

We have achieved the chaos and confusion part of Plan A. In fact far more successful than I would have dreamed possible. We now have to concentrate on Plan B to conclude the take-over of America. The Cyber attacks on America are progressing well and trump continues to protect us. I am a realist however and I am concerned that Joe Biden may prove to be the same sort of adversary for me as trump created for himself with Amy Coney Barrett and the Supreme Court.

Jude:As I finished this article I find that I have a member of my family that believes that trump has done a good job and that “Sleepy Joe” is going to destroy America during the four years that he is in office. I really cannot come to terms with this because I thought that this person was intelligent and logical. Is my character judgement that bad? Or is my assessment of the trump regime that inaccurate. Maybe they were just “having me on”? One thing for sure is that the world of mis-information is very, very scary. How is the common man ever to be sure of what is right and what is wrong. Well I believe that I have researched the world in sufficient detail to believe that the world-according-to-trump is one very dangerous place to be. However “my group” is only a few % more than the 23%. One has to admit that the drivers of the mis-information campaign are VERY powerful and very, very confusing.

Do wear a mask sometimes and ensure that you are able to demand your rights,

Guess Who .

Jude: Like Sam from “The Lord of the Rings” I have to believe that the truth will always win out in the end. Even though there are so few of us left with this hope. Please get to read and understand the TheCode . I sincerely believe there is HOPE for mankind in TheCode. It is a counter to the evil powers of trump and the ring of Sauron.

With less than a month, unfortinately a VERY LONG time in trumpland this is today’s assessment of trump – summary of the worst president in history.

Keep safe, and happy,



America to-day : A Simple Overview :

  1. Joe Biden is The President Elect and will be President of the USA in January 2021.
  2. Joe Biden won by 5,331,692 votes as of now (11:50 14/Nov). This is a significant win BUT 72,645,621 people voted for trump = +/-48% of the voting population of the USA.
  3. The USA (embarrassingly) leads the world with regard to Covid-19 statistics. 3.2% of the population (10,552,669) confirmed cases with 153,496 on Nov 12 alone,  242,420 deaths with 1,083 on Nov 12 alone. A recent quote on USA TV satated the death rate to be 1 person every 45 seconds.
  4. While this is happening trump’s staff and many so-called intelligent Republican Senators continue to say that the election will be “turned around” and that trump will have a second term in office (2024??). This enables the mis-information team to tour the country collecting funds for the already-lost-case of voter fraud and invalid votes. The purpose of these delays is to collect as much money as possible from the trump supporters before they a) wake up to the fact that they are part of the biggest scam in American history OR b) curb their GREED OR c) recover from the Stockholm syndrome.
  5. The American Defense System is being destroyed by trumps hire and fire campaign. Although this is a serious threat to American security as a whole, most Americans can be grateful that the rest of the world understands the terrible situation into which The Republican Party have  put them and will wait until Joe Biden can re-establish sanity and some equilibrium.

There are two significant reasons, that I have identified,as to why so many people voted for trump.

No1, in terms of TheCode, is personal GREED. This shows how inportant it is that we (as homo sapiens) realise that we have to think beyond our own gain to ensure the survival of this planet.

No2 is because the American population are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. After 4 years of lies, false news, threats, bullying and mis-information spewing from the Virtual Reality show that is trump, while he  abuses the most powerful political position in the world. Grab TheCode as a life raft and learn to live with a new and brighter outlook on life. Move from the Dark side into the light of social participation, responsibility and happiness. Happiness is far more rewarding than freedom, especially a false understanding of freedom.

I notice that trump is due to start his nation wide tour next week. This will be at the cost of the American Nation and with the purpose of collecting funds for his …….  actually for his depleted bank account. I guess this is possibly his last chance at grandstanding. Would it not be wonderful if no-one turned out for any of his rallies! I guess that the Olympic committee should take note of a new-world attitude to losers. The winner can go off with the prize and the one who comes last takes a tour of the field with the (American) flag.

I sincerely hope that Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News loses a very significant number of “watchers” as the American people seek accurate and reliable information from other channels. In fact I hope that they go down with their major draw-card, being trump, when his debts and court cases start to catch up with him.

It was a great relief to me when I learnt that a Presidential pardon can not remove trump from any state related legal issues ! I do believe that every democratic governor should sue trump for manslaughter based on pain and suffering for the family’s of Covid-19 victims.

Lastly I do hope that Melania Trump manages to keep Barron Trump away from the disaster zone. She seems to have done a good job up till now. Maybe a change of name would be a good idea for all those who realise the folly of trumps “reign-of-madness”.

Please, please wear a mask and KEEP SAFE,