Political Responsibility

It took me about three years to establish RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) as a KISS code that could be used as a moral compass like  the Ten Commandments of the Christian beliefs and the equivalent guides for the many other religions on the planet. I really do not expect to be able to create a KISS set of guidelines, on my own, as a playbook for a new democracy but I am hoping that I am able to identify the key issues that can be used to formulate such a plan. Comments from my many registered users will be of invaluable assistance to me in this endeavor.

This is document which will probably be changed on a daily basis because of the complexity of the issues which have to be taken into account and the HUGE ramifications that are the responsibility of every Government.

These suggestions (attempt to) address the APPROACH and ATTITUDE that any Government needs to adopt in an effort to make the task of governing less complex, more practical and more achievable. The things that need to be addressed by the government are formulated in the TEN YEAR PLAN which will be dramatically different for each and every Government.

Step 1:  A Bi-partisan 10-Year Plan.  Why should this be done?  HERE.

Step 2:  Each current incumbent must accept AND EMBRACE the principles of TheCode and base all decision making processes on TheCode.

Step 3:  TheCode and its relevance as a moral compass must be introduced to the education system. Replace Religious teachings with TheCode which embraces the achievement of personal DIGNITY and a MORAL COMPASS to achieve this.

Step 4: Transparency of Government is a keystone in this process but is so complex that I will acknowledge its importance but will leave you in the hands of Open Government at this time.

To be continued (today is 07/11/2020 1200 EST Australia)

In closing here is a stark reminder of reality as the 2020 American elections draw to a close from Ian Stephens of The Lucretia Report.

The American Election was rigged.

There is a LONG way to go here !!!


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