A revised perspective of trump

Another Perspective of trump.

This is a work-in-progress. As from 10 Sept, 2022. It is written as my humble  tribute to Her Majesty the Queen РElizabeth II. We should all hope that the ascention to the throne of King Charles III can be set down in history as the date when everyone with any intelligence, whether people or governments or dictators will address the major problems facing mankind at this time.

is to address how we are going to address AND mitigate the havoc and destruction to both the people and the very structure of our planet as a result of the natural catastrophes caused by the elements as they try to re-establish the physical BALANCE required to maintain life on this planet. Usually referred to, casually, as Climate Change. The basic problem here is NO HABITABLE PLANET = NO PEOPLE.

Unfortunately the world needs a stable country controlled by a stable government running the USA. Whether we like it or not they are the only country that can maintain some level of peace and stability on the planet. At this time trump is working very hard to destabilise that country to the extent that he is able to regain the White House and another four years to establish the trump regime in America along the lines as the Putin regime in Russia. (Both use the same methods of mob-rule, discussed below, to establish their autocracies.) Thus ..

Where does trump get the power to do all of the terrible things that he is doing? How does he manage to mis-inform so many people and get them to continue funding his endeavours? And why is it that there are still so many people who are informed and understand how he is trying to destroy America and yet still support and/or defend him?

A laager is : The Globe and Mail, Opinion, Andrew Coyne, Wednesday, January 5, 2022, page A11. “…that the grievances of the Republican base – against foreigners, against immigrants, against racial minorities, against Democrats and against the liberal cultural elites they view as being in cahoots with all of them – have hardened into a kind of laagerism (sic); a sense that they are a beleaguered minority whose very existence is in peril, and that as such all tactics are justified in the name of self-defence….

1.- The first weapon in the TRUMP laager is his legal team.

Aug 18, 23 — This weapon is falling apart at this time as most of the Lawyers who have abandoned their oath in support of the Trump Cult are being charged with the crime of controversey themselves. The Fulton County has taken a number of years and extremely hard work to put together these long overdue indictments against the Trump Cult and their unhinged Alternate Reality. It has become very difficult for exP45 to find and half-honest lawyers who will try to dig him out of his legal challenges across America.

2.- The second weapon in the trump laager is his narcissim.

Yes this IS a weapon because he has this impenetrable belief that exP45 is the greatest, cleverest, most beautiful individual to ever walk this planet. In one regard he is correct. And that is that he is nearly the greatest con-man to ever exist. I say nearly because the other con-man who have been greater that trump have succeeded in taking over their countries as dictators such as Hitler and Putin. In this endeavor exP45 has failed thanks to the heroes of American democracy such as General Milley, Liz Cheney and Mike Pence.

3.- The third weapon in the trump laager is his amoral ego.

See 2. above. I list his amoral ego separately because this is another suit of armour which exP45 hides behind in his childish deflection of any and all wrongdoing while he has his tantrums when not getting his own way.

4.- The fourth weapon in the trump laager is that he is a bully.

Bullies have a rather frightening ability (charisma?) to attract sympathizers (followers?) who are prepared to do their dirty work for them. I am afraid that I have not yet researched this character flaw in these followers sufficiently to comment on it. It is a flaw (character short coming?) because I personally believe that the vast majority of people have good in their characters. However there seems to be so many Americans that abuse their Freedom of Speech at the cost of ignoring their basic responsibility to self, family and society that I have become confused (and worried?)

5.- Fifthly trump has trained himself to be the most significant con-man in history.

I do believe that this will be trumps sole remaining legacy. The greatest con-man in America. Who else has managed to con the American people into electing him as their President?

Finally trump is a real threat to the Republican Party but they do not seem to want to either realize or acknowledge THIS FACT !!

If only we could apply RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights more quickly and effectively.

Thank you for reading my opinions and convictions,

Keep safe.

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