Declining Wildlife


Read about the failing natural resources here.

ARMAGEDON is a very scary situation. This is not scare mongering or politically motivated it is a statement about “red warning signs of vital natural systems failure” and we MUST do something about it.

IMHO this fact is far more critical to the survival of the human race on this planet than the Covid-19 pandemic with   Worldwide: 1,213,886 dead and USA 232,617 with 1,130 today alone – 4 Nov, 2020 is almost “acceptable” from a planetary perspective (The 5th dynamic of the Levels of Responsibility for TheCode. ) for two significant reasons:

1 – the planet is overpopulated (the main cause of the ACCELERATED and extremes of Climate Change) so, even though it is a VERY brutal statement to make, realistically,  Covid-19 is helping the planet in this regard even though it is somewhat insignificant proportionally. The affected world population is 0.61% with deaths at 0.16 per 1000 people.

2 – people are NOT becoming extinct (yet) but animals are  and we are not doing anything approaching enough to ensure the ecological balance effect not to mention the SIGNIFICANT psychological benefit provided to a human mind by the company/love/relationships with nature.

Escaping to Mars (Elon Musk and Mars), as I have already stated, is actually a BAD move if all we are going to do is propagate the human virus (US!!). Elon addressing TedX is Boring. A plan for traffic management.

This is a TedX initiative is well worth following at this time. CountDown .


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