The greatest loss that human beings suffer at the moment is the LOSS OF DIGNITY. Wikipedia on DIGNITY: HERE. One of the strongest attributes of a gentleman is DIGNITY.

TheCode (RRR Respect before Responsibility before Rights), above all else, can provide a pathway for each and every person to re-establish some level of personal DIGNITY. We can temper every action that we take with the question “Does, what I am about to do, rate positively when evaluated against TheCode ? ” TheCode provides an escape from the extremes of Religion and Politics.

If we apply TheCode, to the highest level of Responsibility which we are capable of, then we are able to maintain our DIGNITY. We also deserve RESPECT although we must always understand that we have the RIGHT to be RESPECTED but that RESPECT must still be given and cannot be taken (for granted). If we have done all that we are capable of but we still do not get the RESPECT that we deserve (no matter what the reason may be) we can maintain our dignity by respecting another’s point of view.

Dignity and the USA.

Sting does a great song about DIGNITY which describes a gentleman in New York. In general terms Americans do not place a lot of importance on DIGNITY and trump provides an extreme example of lack of dignity. In fact if you look up the antonym for dignity , it pretty well sums up trump’s character. And trump’s supporters, the trump cult, are a representation of the “takers” of the planet. They epitomise the mis-interpretation of the 2nd Amendment.

Joe Biden is the opposite to trump in every way possible. Joe Biden has DIGNITY and he represents a potential “New American Culture” whereas many of the cult followers of trump are beginning to understand that “The Old Republican Culture” based on “Profits are everything” is not a viable, practical or intelligent basis for a successful democracy.

We must start to realise that the only way that we can survive as a species is to share the riches that planet Earth provides with ALL the life forms that exist to maintain the balance of our ecology.

I believe that good will eventually triumph over bad. What trump has succeeded in doing is clearly and painfully demonstrating that America needs to change their culture away from “The Old Republican Culture” . I also believe (14 days away from the 2020 US Election) that Joe Biden is going to have landslide victory in his battle for the White Hose. Especially if trump continues his current “Fun Reality Shows” around the country.

My only wish is that Joe Biden could adopt TheCode to use as his moral compass to redirect the HUGE power of the American Culture away from the trump cult which has now been so clearly identified.

Dignity and Japan.

Unlike America  Japan respects DIGNITY. A significant characteristic of the Japanese is that they do not tolerate any loss of “face”. It is very important to uphold ones DIGNITY which is what I understand to be “face”. They, like every other nation on the planet, have suffered under the rule of one “trump” or another. They, too, have displayed lack of humanity at some point in their history but their is a dignity about the Japanese which appeals to my sense of well-being.

Dignity and the UK.

The terms GENTLEMAN and DIGNITY have a lot in common. When one compares the cultures of the USA and the UK they are very different even though they are the two most powerful nations in the Western World that are essentially based on a Christian doctrine. When a person thinks about GENTLEMAN there is an immediate association with Britain and, before it became a professional sport, cricket. To quote:

I say old chap. That really is not cricket you know.

So there was a politeness about social intercourse which was practiced by a gentleman so as to maintain a sense of dignity.

Dignity and Australia.

Australia is different, original and downright irreverent in many ways. Dignity is not respected and in fact it is often mocked in a rather crude manner. But to give credit where it is due, this is normally done without malice and stems from a weird and very Australian social attitude known as  “being a larrican“.  This cavalier attitude to dignity has resulted in  a major cultural class with the stupidity of Political Correctness.

Another scream for the KISS application of TheCode where the only flexibility lies with the level of responsibility which needs to be considered.


If one can project a calm impression of DIGNITY throughout life this will result in self-confidence, self-pride (as opposed to boastful I-did-it pride), self-esteem and the projection of calm and authoritative well-being.

I am going to re-visit many of the posts and pages of this website to emphasize the inportance of self-esteem and DIGNITY.




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