Letter to IbramXKendi

Just watched your interview on AlJazeera. Very impressed with your objectivity, broad knowledge and lack of judgement. And (I think) that I understand what you are trying to achieve. HOWEVER. Based on the following reasoning :
a) Everyone has a different PERCEPTION of everything on the planet. It is VERY difficult to change any of these Perceptions.
b) EQUALITY is impossible to attain or establish. If one reduces Yin Yang to a very basic interpretation EVERYTHING has a positive and a negative. Eg1:Battery – electricity + and – Eg2:Good and Bad Eg3:Black and White. Eg4:Hot climate and Cold Climate. The existence of one depends on the existence of the other. If equality is introduced into these variables then effectively they cease to exist. The pendulum swings from one to the other in varying degrees under varying conditions. EXTREMISM, INTOLERANCE and/or CHAOS is the result of the pendulum swinging too far in any direction.
c) POLARISATION is the process whereby the pendulum is pushed in one direction to make people aware of either + or -.
Racism and sexism are issues which only exist because of polarisation. These are PERCEPTIONS which no degree of education, regulation, speculation or communication will ever resolve because there is this human confusion about freedom and independent thought which resists change or attempts to modify PERCEPTIONS. One huge catch 22 situation.
IMHO the problems of racism and sexism are compounded and confused by trying to address, regulate, promote ( = polarize) whereas we must accept that a) we are not all equal AND b) we are all subject to our perceptions.
So how can these very significant problems be addressed?
By making them go away.
Do not attempt to change a persons PERCEPTIONS. They are the only ones that can do so by experience and observation.
Accept that SEX is a personal and private perception of oneself and that this can only be shared with people who can accept and understand that perception.
We should never legislate or judge people with regard to sex, creed or colour.
This cannot be achieved by trying to enforce equality because that is impossible.
The only solution IMHO is to get people to RESPECT everything in this universe, take RESPONSIBILITY for their own actions and not expect any RIGHTS, I am busy trying to unravel this philosophy on my website rrrhelp.com but I still need a lot of outside help with that.
As well-intentioned and admired as your work, books and website might be, I sincerely believe that you will achieve a lot of good but that you are really polarizing the situation rather than solving the problem.
Your comments and opinion on TheCode = A moral compass = RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) would be very much appreciated.
In anticipation

Thank you so much for reading this,

Most sincerely,  Jude

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