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Throughout RRR the words highlighted in blue and underlines are references. If the question “what is he talking about” or “what does that word mean” arises click on the blue highlighted references that are available..

Most of us are confused, uncertain and/or scared by what we are or what we may be or what we may become. Some of us survive or even flourish by ignoring the chaos around us and just get-on-with-our-lives without concern or responsibility for other than our own survival. There is so much knowledge “out there” that it is no wonder that we become more and more confused as we try to establish direction or purpose for what we do. RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) is a simple (K.I.S.S) process to make decisions on what is right and what is wrong. There are many, many choices presented to us in our lives and it is NEVER easy to decide whether to take a left or a right turn at one of these decision points. Especially when we are suddenly presented with an up-or-down choice as well. The final choice that one takes is always based on the level of responsibility that one is prepared to consider. We are very deep in the chaos of bullshit-baffles-brains, false-news, false-false-news, sexism, racism, terrorism, cults and religious confrontation which is all polarized by the sensationalism as practiced by the media, that we need to step back, take a very deep breath and arrive at a sane, educated, comfortable and acceptable approach to getting on with our lives.

In addition to all else I believe that the one thing that we all would like to re-establish is our DIGNITY. Please Read!!

RRR would like YOUR input/comments on the thoughts and explanations on this website. Please join us by becoming part of the RRR family.  Go to the Menu (just above the photo), put the cursor (the pointer from the mouse) on MEMBERS, move down and click on Registration. As a member you will have comment pages available to you throughout the website. Registration is very basic and not an attempt to collect any of your private information. It is only an attempt to reduce spam and similar undesirable influences which are prevalent on the internet.

If you wish to follow any specific topic or  subject please enter ONE keyword in the SEARCH FOR A TOPIC:  field on the right.

Please join us in our discussions. site will always be a work in progress as we make improvements and changes as suggested by our members. TheCode has taken about 10 years to develop and is merely a stepping stone in an effort to find solutions to the PROBLEMS which are causing US (the human race as a whole) to destroy this planet (EARTH). The current turmoil and decline of the American Dream,  which has been highlighted by the Covid-19 pandemic, is making the whole world very aware of what happens when The Constitution (The American Constitution in this case) is degraded (debased) by GREED. We used to look up to America to provide many democratic countries with guidance about how to behave, how to survive and how to progress. However the world is now watching the most corrupt, narcissistic, amoral and mis-guided American President that has ever dishonored the White House.

I am NOT capable of providing ALL the Solutions/Suggestions on my own AND I know that there are a whole heap of problems and issues which I will probably never even get to, but we CAN establish significant suggestions which can be taken to higher authorities (perhaps prepare a number of petitions) which can at the very least ameliorate the current crises which are taking the human race closer and closer to ARMAGEDDON.

I do not believe that sitting around and having faith that he/she/it/God or whatever will come down and sort it all out is an option that I care to follow. If there is NO PLANET for him to come down to, or a planet populated by insects only it will not do US a lot of good.

I do believe that we can create some semblance of order on this planet and turn it into a better place for everyone.

Keep safe,


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