The PROBLEMS  facing mankind at this time are endless and vary in priority from one region to another.  The3RsCode can be used to address and solve any of these problems.  To achieve any improvement in the current state of our planet requires that these PROBLEMS are correctly identified and prioritised.  If a PROBLEM is not correctly identified then it cannot be solved.  If a PROBLEM cannot be solved then it has not been correctly analysed (RCA) and/or needs to be further broken down so that the resulting parts can be resolved.  It is very important that the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) principle is strictly applied.

Our PROBLEMS can be divided into three  sections;
A) High priority PROBLEMS that we believe can be addressed and solved
B) PROBLEMS that can not easily be solved or that can be addressed at some later time
C) PROBLEMS which are very complex, have been,  and are being addressed in  philosophical papers that are way beyond simplification by KISS.

Section B) will be added to as opportunity arises. We will include issues that  may be tackled at a later time and those that should or could remain unsolvable.

Section A) is what TheCode and this website are committed to discussing :

These Categories apply to both PROBLEMS  and SOLUTIONS :

  1. Greed
  2.  Politics
  3. Religion
  4. TheLaw
  5.  DoGooders

Each of these Catagories will have leader PAGES as listed in both The Problems and Ameliorations = Solutions menus at the top of every screen in RRR. Posts will be allocated to these Pages and will be shown is reverse order ( latest being first ) when the menu item is selected.

All of these Pages are living documents which means that they will be updated as issues become clearer or as a result of input ( Posts or comments ) from our many readers.  Pages will also be added as time permits so the RRR site is one that is, very much, a work in progress.

Please join me in what should be a fascinating journey,
In anticipation,
Thank you all,