Rights are GIVEN not TAKEN ( or demanded).  When someone is demanding their rights they are usually doing so because they are not deserved.  All logical,  intelligent and contributing people understand that rights are to be respected in their own context and if they are respected then it would also be understood that they are given and never taken.

Freedom is THE MOST MISS-UNDERSTOOD RIGHT. It IS a right and although everyone is entitled to freedom they will not necessarily be granted that freedom. This is particularly relevant to slavery. Every human being is entitled to freedom but they may not necessarily receive this right or the benefits that may stem from this right. TheCode is very applicable to freedom. If an interpretation of freedom included the right to show no RESPECT then that freedom does not exist. If an interpretation of freedom excludes a level of RESPONSIBILITY then very serious consideration must be applied to expectations of entitlement. A TV interview with an American resident recently had that person shouting “I am free to decide whether I want to wear a mask for Covid-19”. This is totally invalid because that action is contrary to the essential belief that you must take responsibility for SELF (Responsibility level 1) therefore the right to claim this as part of the Constitutional rights of freedom is completely inappropriate.

Children in particular should understand that they only have rights if they are taking their responsibilities into consideration.  The concept that a child should not have any responsibilities is the road to disaster for the future of the planet. A child is not entitled to the right of being fed and clothed if they do not 1) respect their parents and 2) accept responsibility for their survival requirements.  Respect is very much a two-way street in the family structure.

There are many, many situations where rights are completely abused.  This is particularly badly applied in regard to litigation and TheLaw and is dealt with in more detail under TheLaw as one of the major problems facing society.

Rights is one of the most abused aspects when to comes to problems like Racism and Sexism. Children destroy their own well-being and happiness by grabbing onto the MY RIGHTS bandwagon with total disregard for RESPONSIBILITIES.

A more basic scenario of a persons RIGHTS:  Person A traveling along a road in their car approaches a T junction on their right-hand side. This T junction has a STOP sign so person A continues along his road and pays no attention to the road on his right. Person B is approaching this STOP on the T junction but for one reason or another is distracted and does not see the STOP. This means that Person B is not aware of the STOP, does not even slow down and collides with Person A’s car. Person A did not take any particular notice of Person B’s car APPROACHING THE stop because IT-WAS-THEIR-RIGHT to expect that car to STOP at the T junction.  Person B did not decide to not give Person A the right-of-way in this case but it could well have been a decision to do so if Person B was under the influence of drugs or similar. In this case Person A drove expecting his RIGHTs to be respected but Person B did not grant that RIGHT. Person A could possibly have avoided the outcome by not expecting RIGHT-OF-WAY to be granted and taken suitable avoiding action.

Thus in terms of RRR all rights should be EARNED by living in accordance with TheCode. Rights should never be taken for granted. Rights should, in fact, never be expected and we should be grateful when they are received. It should also be appreciated that any rights that are received are, almost always, at some cost to some other person or entity. RESPECT that rights are given not taken and certainly not taken for granted.

Ayn Rand describes RIGHTS as it applies to her philosophy of OBJECTIVISM. These two interviews are very significant as it supports the view that RIGHTS are EARNED not GIVEN. In the interview about OBJECTIVISM Ayn clearly states that she believes that the USA is headed to a dictatorship. Pretty scary when you understand the goal of trump at this time and the total mess that is America at this time.


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