End of trump’s 4th Reich

Last night was the first time that I have slept comfortably since the 7th FEBRUARY, 2020 when I started taking an interest in the status of the USA and the sanity of trump who seemed to me to be leading the Lemming group of the USA  into ARMAGEDDON. Don trump as the godfather of the Lemming Group is discussed in detail here as I attempted to justify my claim that Greed is the root of all evil on this planet at this time.   I first expressed my concerns about the sanity and the intelligence of the American people as a whole when they even listen to the ravings of trump as  TheDon. I also placed a rather cynical and frightening description of what trump would do if he lost the election. This is dated April 26th. Read all of these later because they all take us into deeper and more hopeless views of Life-Today.


There is no doubt in my mind that trump sees himself as the next dictator of the world. He has such a scary conviction of his total knowledge and logic that he really believes that he should be the “Hitler” of the “Fourth Reich of America” using the power of the USA Military and the funds of the USA Treasury he is in fact correct in “his” ability to achieve this. Fortunately however I do believe that The Constitution and the powers of Congress will ensure that this does not happen, regardless of the outcome of the election. In his delusional eyes nothing could be GREATER for America. And his cult of irrational extremists also see this as a “wonderful dream for America”.

However I now believe that the end is in sight! I sincerely believe that the majority of Americans now believe that Joe Biden is more likely to look after the American people. The trump is intent on “leading” the people into an “unlikely” world dominance. I do believe that the majority of the votes cast already will elect Joe Biden as President. Because I DO believe that there are more intelligent and sane Americans than there are members of the Lemming/trump cult.

The last debate defines what trump and Joe Biden believe a New America should look like. On the subject of Climate Change, which is crucially important to the survival of THIS PLANET this is a summary of the two very different “policies” . This is a Must listen;

The rant above took place after the debate. Listen to Joe Biden’s reply. The idiot is doing a really good job of displaying his ignorance about what his country is DOING, his total lack of empathy and his amoral and narcissistic belief in trump.

And then listen to this interview on CNN.

To me this interview about the Transition away from reliance on oil is a breath of fresh air because, not only does it show trump to be the ignorant, amoral, narcissist that he is, it also provides some HOPE that the world (other than trump and his mates in Brazil and Russia) are really working towards getting a proper handle on the Climate Change Issue.




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