Lewis Hamilton – BLM is not enough

The Formula 1 community created a really excellent motto for 2020 in the light of the new wave of world-wide Black Protests which has been re-ignited by the protests in the USA. The origination of these protests in the USA and the repercussions around the world, aggravated by the Covid-19 pandemic, warrants an additional volume of the Encyclopedia Brittanica so we will not attempt to cover the subject here.

We Race As One

was an absolutely brilliant slogan and most appropriate for the Formula 1 community which has a very significant place in the world at this time. Even if you are not a fan, as such. We Race As One crystalised the essence of Formula 1 and its true sporting culture. In Formula 1 we have an amazing cross section of many countries, many companies and many people from all walks of life competing against each other using the most sophisticated equipment and technologies available to the automotive industry on the planet. People are not a problem in Formula 1. Every person has RESPECT for every other person in the sport because if it was not for the presence of ALL of them working together and taking complete RESPONSIBILITY for their own part of the operation it could simply never work as a whole. The Formula 1 drivers are certainly the Knights of their time driving the finest four-wheel vehicles that technology can create.

And now in the midst of this wonderful spectacle we have an individual demanding/promoting/insisting on his RIGHTS. Based on his GREED we now Lewis Hamilton busy on two fronts within Formula 1;

Firstly he has not yet signed his contract with Mercedes-Benz (Toto Wolff) because he is confident that he can bully Toto Wolff into a more exorbitant amount of money than he was getting at the end of 2019. This is driven by Lewis’s GREED for money which, of course, also increases his fame. As at 10 Aug, 2020 this contract has not yet been resolved. My personal belief is that Lewis is bringing Mercedes into disrepute at this time and he should be released from his contract entirely. This would remove his opportunity for his 7th world championship with Mercedes. Their car is so superior that there are many drivers that could replace Lewis and win the constructors championship with Valtterie Bottas but Totto would most certainly risk the wrath of Mercedes if that went wrong. Very tough call!!

Secondly Lewis is promoting his GREED for power by shifting the wonderful non-polarising slogan We Race as One into a racist polarizing association with Black Lives Matters by his talk about he-feels-it-is-his-duty to ensure that Formula 1 must increase the percentage black-people in Formula 1. This whole issue is turned into kneel-to-the-power of us poor under trodden and misunderstood black races on the planet. This is true racism! This is the manipulation of the rest of the Formula 1 community into showing preferential treatment for blacks as opposed to any other race creed or colour. This is a polarisation of the black vs. white issue which should not even exist in the first place. It sure as hell does not (did not !! ) exist in the Formula 1 paddock until it was promoted by Lewis at this time. How the hell did he get where he is today if there was a reluctance to have black people in the Formula 1 community. RIGHTS are given not taken or demanded and here we have this egotistical black man demanding preferential RIGHTS for black people while using his gifted driving ability to manipulate the Formula 1 community into doing his bidding while he wears a Black Lives Matter Tee-shirt. Shame on Mercedes-Benz and shame on the Formula 1 community for contributing to the polarisation of a black vs. white gutter fight which CANNOT BE WON and which will never be won because it simply SHOULD NOT EXIST.

The proclamation that We Race As One says it ALL. It is entirely in keeping with TheCode, it is not sexist, racist or anti-ANYTHING. It says it as it should be and that we are ALL in this together. We practice  RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) and when we do judge (because we all do, we are entitled to do so and we would not be human if we did not) we maintain the principles of RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights).

While I am on about Lewis’s unforgivable contortion and polarisation of a situation which basically did not exist in Formula 1 before,¬† I wish to raise a third but unrelated issue. Lewis is unquestionably the most successful Formula 1 driver at this time. I do not accept that he is THE BEST on the grid at this time but he most certainly is VERY competent, very consistent and has the ability to do the most extraordinary things in a racing car. It has even been said, during commentary, that he does not make mistakes or certainly makes very few mistakes. It is therefore rather a backhanded compliment to his ability to question whether his recent “mistakes” (in particular his TWO “mistakes” when taking out Alex Albon and thus preventing Alex from getting his, well deserved, podium positions and also ensuring that Red Bull did not gain too many points against Mercedez Benz) were not clinically calculated and successfully executed driving maneuvers. He certainly has managed to destroy Alex’s driving confidence and possibly remove a potential future threat to his dominance.

A very interesting twist to my thoughts about Lewis Hamilton are, of course, trump-like qualifications that my thoughts are fake-news. They are motivated by jealousy because I do not have his money, racism because I dont’t like blacks and sexism ??………….??……….?? (no idea)!! Oh yeah it definitely is “very unfair” of me to criticise the guy.

Well just think about it and evaluate Lewis’s actions (and words) in terms of TheCode. He sure will not come up with a very good score.


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