Conservatives and exp45 – Oct, 2023

Prompted by a question on Quora : Are all conservatives followers of trump?

I do not believe that anyone, least of all the so-called conservatives even know who they are any more. Those that have taken refuge in the Alternate Reality created by exP45 have lost all sense of who they are and who they want to be.

This Alternate Reality promises them that their innermost fears and desires will be resolved by a con-man who has appealed to their confusion, hate and selfishness to get them into the Alternate Reality. So successful has this con-man been that he still collects many millions of dollars from these people.

What they do not realize, yet, is that this Alternate Reality is an extension of The Apprentice. The difference between these two shows is that the participants in The Apprentice did understand that they were part of a fantasy. A TV show. And when the show ended they could move away from the TV and get on with their lives.

Bad News! When The Alternate Reality of exP45 is over (and may it be sooner rather than later) they are going to find that they are in a very terrible and frightening place. This was not what they expected at all. That place will be similar to the current situations that exist for the people of Russia and Israel. Do not scoff and stop reading! Have a serious think about the what it must be like to be a citizen of either of those countries!!

If you have any sympathy for exP45 or the slightest belief that he may, just may, be a good President of the USA read my brief synopsis of who trump really is here. The post was written in October, 2021.

exP45 has created his Alternate Reality based on the methods used by Putin, Netanyahu and Hitler. What is MAGA? Make America Great Again! Which in exP45s Alternate Reality is actually his recreation of The Third Reich. exP45 wishes to become the First dictator of the USA and use Americas Military Might to take over the rest of the world while he channels the American Treasury into his many personal bank accounts to make him richer than Elon Musk. Because he believes that he is the greatest genius on the planet he believes that once he has control of the USA, as dictator, his military genius will enable him to conquer all. All includes China, Russia and North Korea whom he will treat as pals until they do not agree to become part of HIS Alternative Reality. Absolute power corrupts ABSOLUTELY.

Fortunately the American DOJ is managing to strip away the shell of exP45s Alternate Reality and expose some of his genius con-man antics. Hopefully exP45s only legacy will be the greatest con-man on the planet. And hopefully the whole planet will wake up to the fact that exP45 must remain as the greatest con-man ever to exist. A valid claim when you accept that he conned sufficient Americans into electing him as President of the USA. Fortunately the American system of Democracy had (just) sufficient checks and balances to contain exP45 and prevent him becoming a dictator during his first (and only!!!)  4 years in the White House.

Not only most of the conservatives are supporting exP45, it is many American Citizens who are have the sad and self-destructive view that the Alternate Reality offered by exP45 will make them richer (GREED) and more elitist (GREED AGAIN).  I am afraid that YOU HAVE BEEN CONNED. You will ALL be considered as peasants in exP45s world if he achieves his ambitions. Rudy Giuliani is the perfect example of a truly committed exP45s follower!! And consider what has become of him since he has realized that The exP45 Alternate Reality is NOT the place to be.

All is not lost. There is hope. Step back and change the course of your life. Enjoy the power and beauty which a true American Democracy can provide. Give up on GREED. Give up the hatred generated by exP45s racist propaganda and regain personal happiness and dignity by resisting the worship of false idols (exP45 in this case) and follow The rCode which is  RRR as suggested in the ongoing project at Respect before Responsibility before Rights .

Keep safe, ianm



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