The RLC = Responsibility Level Chain defines the levels of survival which apply to RRR.

The most basic purpose of life is to survive. So the survival of SELF is the most important aspect of survival for ALL LIFE FORMS. From a human’s survival point of view the Physical Body is number one. This LEVEL 1 responsibility is where it all begins. If we are not capable, intelligent enough or mentally stable enough to look after ourselves to the best of our ability then  it is unlikely that we will be able to comprehend the importance of looking after the higher levels of responsibility listed below.

For the purpose of applying RESPONSIBILITY to TheCode the most logical and realistic dynamics that serve the purpose of TheCode (as of 30 March 2020 ) are:

  1.  Self (includes both the physical body and the spiritual being that drives the body)
  2. Family.
  3. Social Groups (which include Religious orientation).
  4. Country.
  5. Planet (which includes ALL life Forms on this Planet).
  6. Physical Universe.
  7. Spiritual Universe.
  8. Infinity.

If we do not yet accept or understand that our Country and the Planet and ALL LIFE FORMS from the smallest algae and the Largest Tree,  to the Covid-19 Virus and ants,  to Elephants and Whales ALL comprise a balance (called NATURE) which enables us to continue to survive on this planet. If you do not understand and accept this fact then there is nothing that you can contribute to our survival on this Planet. The closest intelligent approach to NATURE that I am aware of lies with the Native Americans,  the Bushman and Aboriginal cultures. There are most defintely are others but I have not researched those yet.

These are the levels that must be understood by all of us  and what we must effectively base our life-decisions on. I believe that we CAN understand and accept these as a basis for future discussions in RRR. I do not believe that there is any cult, religion or belief-system that cannot accept these levels. An atheist may not believe in a God, as such, but has to admit that there IS something-out-there above Level 6. He/she may not believe them to be true but they would have to admit the possibility of their existence. Infinity, as a concept, cannot be questioned and is the basis of many mathematical proofs eg. Mass of a body times the Speed of Light squared is equal to the kinetic energy of that body see Encyclopedia Britannica.

Responsibility, morals and ethics are all very much intertwined issues and have a bearing when defining right or wrong, good or bad and happy or sad.

The above references  are very lengthy and erudite dissertations related to the issue of Responsibility. In keeping with the KISS principal for The Code these are far too complicated to be applied to RRR. A dictionary definition is here.

Responsibility must be taken into account when any decision or action is taken on a moral, legal, or personal grounds. This accountability is in turn based on a level of existence on which we are able to live-our-lives. What do I mean by level-of-existence?  The very basis of survival starts with self. If you cannot make decisions for your own existence based on the survival of YOURSELF then you are not in a very good place. If you jeopardise your own existence then you are effectively a danger to yourself and probably a danger to society as well.

This level-of-existence then expands (becomes less understandable??) from self through THE SPIRITUAL LEVEL on to INFINITY which is totally beyond my comprehension other than it is the numeric 8 on its side.  I have spent many hours trying  to  compile a KISS list of these levels for RRR and The Eight Dynamics as proposed by L. Ron Hubbard provided a starting point. These 8 Dynamics are based on the level-of-existence OR the level-of-survival for that dynamic.  Please refer to this reference for his detailed explanation of  Self, Creativity, Group Survival, Species, Life Forms, Physical Universe, Spiritual Universe and Infinity.

How do these levels-of-existence apply to RRR and RESPONSIBILITY?

Unfortunately,  the levels-of-responsibility provide totally opposing actions in many instances,  and this results in numerous discussions, disagreements and even wars.

Let me use an analogy to illustrate how these levels-of-existence relate to the levels-of-RESPONSIBILITY.  The destruction of the Amazon Forests or the logging of the Tasmanian hardwood forests puts the issue into perspective. On Level 1 and 3 you have the lumberjacks (who are earning their keep to survive with their families) and the Farming or Forestry Industries ( who stand to make lots of money from the results of the deforestation ) who will fight to continue for their survival and then exceed their requirements and step into the world of GREED.

However, on Level 6 the ecology of the PLANET is being destroyed in the process.

It is very difficult for the workers to understand that their jobs are less important than the planet.  And it appears that it is even more difficult for the POLITICIANS to understand that the industries need to take second place to the survival of the planet.

Does this mean that this has to be stopped entirely? Not necessarily. It certainly MUST be stopped if the objective is to satisfy GREED ( more profits ! ). Otherwise there needs to be some sort of compromise.  Example of a Solution:  You can only remove a section of the forest when a suitable number of SIMILAR trees have been planted in another area. Preferable AT LEAST 10 YEARS BEFORE deforestation.

The intelligent and logical application of TheCode can identify where alternative solutions have to be found.  Or identify when there is no REAL need for the requirement. There is not ANY need for fur coats or ivory chess sets in today’s world. Well at least they should not be in abundant supply to feed the greed/PROFIT of the manufacturers. I am sure that the planet will not suffer if there were no Rhino horn aphrodisiacs available.

Until Elon Musk and his Space-X vision becomes reality we are limited to the destruction of this planet. I do hope that there are steps taken to ensure that the pioneers that head out to populate further reaches of the The Physical Universe (the 6th dynamic) do not have the same abysmal culture as is demonstrated by the present social chaos demonstrated in the Disunited States of America.

This is the only Planet that we have !

Thank you for being here,  Jude

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