A message from TheVirus

There is a lot of discussion about Covid-19. The trump’s total irresponsibility with regard to the virus has resulted in 227,682 DEATHS in the USA alone (30/Oct/2020). He is responsible for a large proportion of these deaths. And the White House are accessories to this fact. Like it or not. The Republican Party have ENCOURAGED this horrible behavior by their inaction and SUPPORT of an amoral sociopath. And they all knew this in Jan or Feb this year. Plus this brave attempt to get ALL of you to understand what you have done  Trump Insane is dangerous . You really should all be charged with genocide.  Seriously.

This is the Caronavirus !! speaking ! Please answer my question.

The American people are voting to show what THEIR UNDERLYING CHARACTER REALLY IS. The “outside” world is waiting with a high degree of fear because if trump does get “another 4 years” the whole world will be having a hard time.

Essentially America will show the world whether they are a selfish, narrow minded and ignorant country willing to live in isolation from the rest of the world – being the biggest bully on the planet guided by their modern Hitler -OR- will America choose a new President.

I am still a believer that people are basically good! With this thought I have faith in the good and I think (sincerely hope!!!) that the vote counts will be so overwhelmingly in favour of Joe Biden that the “late counts” will not be needed.


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