The American Scam

It is absolutely essential that all democratic GOVERNMENTS ( and dictators if there was the vaguest hope that they could start to place THE PEOPLE ahead of their personal greed for wealth and power) adopt a TEN-YEAR-PLAN which ties ALL PARTIES and INDEPENDENTS to a long term plan for the betterment of a country and its people. As defined under POLITICS all governments have a scary lack of responsibility as recommended in terms of   TheCode .  I should perhaps exclude the Scandanavian countries from the “all”. Denmark, Norway and Sweden have always impressed me as being non-American and their handling of the Covid-19 pandemic seemed so much more humane than the rest of the world.

The Covid-19 pandemic has also unquestionably and dramatically exposed the tragic path to DISASTER  which is being followed by humanity as a whole at this time.

The Emperor’s New Clothes

(see the ref.)  describes so very well what has happened to the American Dream and trump has exposed and demonstrated the effect of GREED (profits at the cost of what will sadly turn out to be the death of 250,000 +/-  USA citizens) as a political tool. I sincerely and humbly hope that this terrible death toll will make the world realise the danger and futility of what I will call the American Scam.

If you look at the current state of the American economy it is glaringly obvious that the whole structure of American Society is one big ponzi scheme.  The Economy is bandied about as a major consideration for all countries around the world and is THE MOST quoted and talked about problem that America, in particular, has at this time. The real truth is that trump is losing a lot of money on his many investments and business ventures because of “the economy”.  Pray tell. What has really changed as a result of the World Pause due to Covid-19????  If he really did own anything of value ( and I suspect that trump was pretty well broke at the time he took over the presidency ) the tangible items themselves have not changed in actual value. It is still there, it still exists and it has not changed in shape, size or weight (MASS). What has changed is the perception of its value based on a valuation placed on it in terms of “the economy”.  “The economy”  is in fact a statistical evaluation placed on paper money which is, in itself, merely an agreed value established by the statistical analysis of “the economy”. Ooops. Is this not in fact an example of a ponzy scheme on an international basis. The most significant determinator of “the economy” is the amount of money spent. Any money spent. And the government can boost “the economy” by paying businesses and people a large sum of money to spend. ( This, in turn, using paper money which exists because it is printed by the government.  There is no longer the need to back money in circulation with gold. For example;  in Zimbabwe there was a time, and it may still be the case, that the metal content of the copper and silver coins was far greater than the actual purchasing power of the coin. ) The amount of money spent contributes significantly to the GDP. The higher the GDP the better “the economy”. To me, this scenario seems very similar to the Oozlum bird.

Because the Western world HAS looked to America as the example, the pace-setter for Western Culture,  the whole of the Western World is now in tatters as the American Dream turns out to be the American Scam. I think that all intelligent people and all rational nations as a whole should be extremely grateful to trump for exposing the American Dream to be the Scam that it is. When the lives of the people who ARE the Nation become less important than the artificial so-called economy of the country then the time for change is very clear.

The American Scam has been comprehensively exposed by trump as the mafia-style-godfather posing as the President of the U.S.A. What trump has actually done is created a huge rift between the true people of the United States and his followers who represent America. The whole country is no longer the United States of America. Strangely similar to the American civil war with the Northern and Southern States.

These issues, Covid-19 and the demise of the American Dream, result in the re-structure of the TEN-YEAR-PLAN which will now been updated. I am sure that there are many updates to come. Especially after I finish reading all YOUR input !!

Keep safe, Jude

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