RACE and SEX are two major political footballs. Why footballs? Because these two words and any implications associated with them provide for endless debates, discussions, opinions, arguments, disagreements, accusations, misunderstandings, rules and laws.

RACISM is closely tied to GREED and stems from “A lie that invented racism”.

RACISM should NEVER be addressed in the political arena in any way. Laws which reference RACISM in any manner need to be struck from all laws, records, forms, rules and considerations. In exactly the same way SEX and RELIGION should never be a consideration in any debate, ruling or comparison.

The first concern regarding RACISM is PERCEPTION. There is no way that anyone can totally understand another persons PERCEPTION and UNDERSTANDING of any subject or entity on this planet. This very delicate subject is covered to the best of my ability HERE.  The potential for misunderstanding a statement by another person is very great. Especially with the way that languages are brutalised in to-days society.

The second concern, which is equally as critical in to-days society, is POLARIZATION.  Polarization is the greatest contributor to false-news and false-information that exists on the planet at this time. This subject is covered under the PERCERTION and POLARIZATION.

For a current explanation of RACISM in Wikipedia see HERE. However all the political systems that support the practice of racial discrimination only exist because some person or persons is/are trying to attain an identifiable level of superiority or some justification for NOT SHOWING RESPECT. In a way it is an attempt to cover the guilt of being different or the establishment of a justification of making a profit (GREED AGAIN!) By creating a difference (it does not matter whether it is sexual, racial, colour, creed or origination) it is then possible to establish a level of superiority and thus servitude in one form or another. Considering that homo sapiens cannot get along with different “versions” of ourselves when there are 7 billion of us on this planet at this time one has to fear what would happen if life from another world (aliens) tried to make friends with planet Earth. Utterly impossible!!

To be continued.


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