What are LOWLIFE? Also known as TAKERS. They are:

  1. People that are of little benefit to society – always taking and never giving.
  2. People who have such a low RESPONSIBILITY level that they have very little RESPECT for self and do little to look after themselves.
  3. People who are always pointing out that they have RIGHTS. Usually demanding their RIGHTS in some form or another. They do not understand that RIGHTS are GIVEN and not TAKEN.
  4. People that take other people for granted. Without any appreciation for what is/has been done for them. Usually, they have very little RESPECT for the person (or entity) that is benefitting them.
  5. People who frequently have very little RESPECT for animals (pets and/or wildlife). They are very happy about “owning” pets, for purposes of one-upmanship or purely materialistic reasons but they do not RESPECT animals and will frequently mistreat animals.
  6. People who consider freedom to be permission to do anything they wish to do regardless of consequences or inconvenience to any other people or entities. This attitude goes further than just being selfish because there is frequently very little advantage to self but always consequences to others. Freedom is a RIGHT which, like all other RIGHTS, is given and cannot be taken. The benefits of freedom must be enjoyed but, above all, must be appreciated and RESPECTED.

Lack of parental responsibility is what creates LOWLIFE and LOWLIFE are frequently ones that do not discipline their children. If disrespect for animals is demonstrated by children, for example pulling the wings off a butterfly or harming an animal is some other way, it is a character flaw that needs to be addressed as urgently as possible. This is why it is a very good idea to ensure that children have some form of pet that they must take full RESPONSIBILITY for.  One of the root causes of a LOWLIFE is that they were not disciplined as children. This is the reason that parents must teach their children RESPECT and discipline them for not taking RESPONSIBILITY for their actions. Every action is chosen and has consequences. And every action should be determined by the application of The Code.

The cycle of lowlife breeding lowlife is extremely commonplace and must be addressed. I do believe that strict application of, and education about TheCode can resolve this issue. TheCode must be taught in schools!



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