Armageddon and The Apocalypse are pretty well the same “event”. Morgan Freeman has produced a very good documentary about how various religions view the Apocalypse. Watch this documentary here.

The most significant message from this documentary is that Armageddon is not a cataclysmic, one-big-bang happening that will occur in the future Armageddon is happening NOW. We are currently in the cycle of what I will call the-final-years.

It is very arrogant to assume that we can find solutions to The Problems that are leading us to the-final-years but therein lies the HOPE. Firstly the-final-years is used intentionally because the process of destruction will not end in one-big-bang,  it will be a gradual process to the extent that there will be pockets of human beings alive after the destruction process is starting to abate.

Let us prepare the survivors to be better people than we are at this time.  If this awakening does not take place during this cycle of the weather climate cycle then it is my belief that the planet would be better without us and nature should be given a chance to re-live the whole creation cycle but hopefully with a better outcome next time.

I am, however,  confident that we, as a constructive group of people,  can start a process which will be able to out accelerate the current  cycle of destruction. This will mean that there will be a group of human beings that know how to live according to TheCode to continue to the next level of homo sapiens.

It would really be a shame if we managed to establish a foothold in space with our current lack of intelligence,  respect, humanity, love and the joy-for-life. What,  I ask,  would be the point of Elon Musk and Space-X managing to establish a colony on Mars when all that would happen would be further expansion of the virus currently destroying this planet, Earth.


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