Our Opportunity IS NOW

Nothing Physical has changed.

We are being told that the economy of the whole planet is now a disaster. If you consider the situation objectively, sensibly and realistically the huge wealth, the unbelievable beauty and potential possessed by our planet AND our ability to function as human beings are UNCHANGED.  We are being convinced that the world is about to come to an end (ARMAGEDDON!) That the world is facing a huge food shortage, that all the third world countries are now going to starve and that all the refugee camps are now at risk. All “precipitated” by Covid-19 ( C-19. ) The expression same old, same old comes to mind because the only thing that has changed on the planet is that C-19 has struck the planet with unprecedented SPEED. The speed with which it has spread has caused widespread panic and has resulted in Governments having to take action as never taken before. C-19 has forced Governments to do what they are supposed to do all the time. Take responsibility for their countries! The problem with politicians is dealt with in my Page on Politics as a Problem.  The USA clearly demonstrates where this has NOT happened. I have many references for the USA and TheDon with Pity America being the most recent summary of the situation.

This panic to make sure that countries can manage the situation has resulted in Governments having to force people to practice strict hygiene and forego ALL social gatherings. It had to be ALL social gatherings because we are not capable of controlling our mob instincts. This has resulted in us having to stop and take stock of who we are?

The world has merely PAUSED.

At this time we are sensitive, fragile, concerned and generally worried about ourselves, our families, the elderly, those that cannot care for themselves and, above all, those that are too uneducated, inconsiderate or pig-headed to even take care of themselves. C-19 has suddenly made us consider our own insignificance, illogical attitudes and questionable beliefs.

The planet, nature and the eco-system have not changed at all. Everything physical is exactly as it was before the arrival of the Covid-19. The only thing that has been shattered is our humanity. We have suddenly been forced to realise that we are not invincible. We, as a human race, can be brought to our knees by one small little virus. We, as the big intelligent, physically strong, dominating life form on this planet can be brought to our knees by this one small virus. Covid-19 does not care who or what you are OR  how much money you have OR whether you are white, yellow or black OR whether you are gay, transgender or homophobic OR mentally challenged or a genius OR Muslim, Catholic, Jewish or an atheist OR young or old you CAN BE AFFECTED by Covid-19  and die from the effects of the virus. Covid-19 CAN HAVE a profound effect on your LIFE. The effect that it does have on your life is of your own choosing.

You will choose how you continue to live after C-19. You and you alone can use this as an opportunity for good or for bad. You can take this as an opportunity to make the world a better place. Apply TheCode to your life and if you have a calling that you believe in, embrace your religion, but remember the trap – THE SECOND YOU ARE TOLD THAT YOUR RELIGION IS THE ONLY RELIGION – start to apply TheCode to those beliefs. Put them to the test and take the utmost care that you are not being manipulated by yet another cultist.

Same old, same old.

Unfortunately, many of the prominent leaders in this country will not take Covid-19 as the strongest WARNING that we have had to date. Covid-19 IS a wake-up call and if it is ignored we world will return to the same degenerate state that we were in before Covid-19.

Covid-19 has exposed and emphasised the most undesirable characteristics of our developed and so-called advanced nations.

Take the time to apply Respect before Responsibility before Rights and get everyone you can to do so.

Remember that the highest manageable level of Responsibility is the planet

and we now have the opportunity to take a serious look at how we treat the planet.

Please, Jude

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