The Bible is obsolete

The dictionary definition of obsolete includes the word venerable. It is OK to venerate The Bible but we must appreciate that all the wisdom and guidance provided by the authors of the many books in The Bible were “talking to” the people of that time. The commandments, the do’s-and-dont’s were structured to guide people of “Those times”.

“Those times” had a different set of requirements for survival of the human race and the requirements for the RESPECT of the Spiritual Universe and Infinity ( GOD as the 7th and 8th dynamic of The 8 dynamics ).

The 1st and 2nd dynamics deal with the Self and Family. During “Those times” the survival, educational development and expansion of the Family was fundamental to the survival of the human race. The 3rd dynamic (Groups and Religion) was a very high level of responsibility at that time and was intended to provide the knowledge about how to RESPECT GOD. Children were very important, not only to support the family and support the parents in their old age, when their knowledge was reaching its prime, but also to expand the population and pioneer the expansion into the furthest regions of the planet. All this to ensure the survival of the human race.

The survival of the human race at this time has virtually the opposite challenges to “Those times”. I am not talking about the under-developed countries but the majority of the current 7 billion+ people that occupy the planet and who are now causing the greatest damage to the planet. Today we are faced with over-population as problem number one with regard to the acceleration of climate change. And one of the greatest “problems” with over-population is the fact that the parents (and grandparents) are no longer required as the source of knowledge. Yeh! That is pretty brutal but the knowledge that the parents and the grandparents do have is the importance of nature and most of the population, in these terrible times,  is only concerned with exercising their RIGHTS and getting away with as many of the Seven Deadly Sins as possible. With regards to knowledge that was necessary for the education of the children in “Those times”, as provided by the parents and grandparents, is frequently invalid, superseded, inappropriate or obsolete. Global knowledge is now available on the web or TV. Separating the right from the wrong and the valid news from the fake-news is another problem entirely. Once again this is not applicable to the under-developed areas of the world.

It is time to accept that The Bible cannot be used to solve the problems of the present generation. It is the ultimate source of historic detail and religious considerations. It provides a reference for most religions and should never be discounted with regards to that function. But it’s limitations must be accepted. The Bible can and will provide comfort and purpose for many lives and assist many people in finding peace and comfort and respect for nature.

BUT it is time for more people to accept greater levels of RESPONSIBILITY and expand their life-styles to include awareness of, and contributions to the 4th and 5th dynamics (Country and Planet).

If we do not increase our levels of RESPONSIBILITY and adopt TheCode then we are acting like Lemmings and following trump into the abyss of ARMAGEDDON.

You do not ever have to sacrifice any of your beliefs to step up to greater RESPONSIBILITY.

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RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights)


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