Bill Gates on Covid-19 via TED

I believe that Bill Gates is on the Fox News hate-list and therefore has been given the “hate status” within the trump cult.

The trump cult is the group of people who support trump (still!!). This is all rather sad because it means that these people have a real problem when dealing with reality.  This is pretty understandable if one realizes that these people cannot differentiate between a “TV Reality Show” and reality as defined by Wikipedia see HERE. The trump appears to have been a very successful director and producer of “TV Reality Shows” and he uses this knowledge and ability to “sway” his followers to his extremely convoluted view of reality.

Bearing all this in mind there has been very little discussion about this comment from the multi-billionaire founder of Microsoft :

Bill Gates on Covid-19 on March 25, 2020

This comment adds a new piece to the jigsaw about why trump chooses to pass the buck about his (trump’s) incapacity to even understand the Covid-19 crises. Being the narcissist that he is trump cannot admit an error and this means that his only escape is to blame others for the outcome of trump’s own shortcomings. The cult actually believes that the reason trump has Covid-19 is because the Chinese managed to declare war by spiking trump’s food (or water?) in much the same way as “Russia” spiked the drink of a disagreeing politician.

What continues to frighten me is the fact that there are still so many Americans who are prepared to say (out LOUD) that: “Sure trump has his faults (ignorant, narcissistic, liar and con artist) but he is still what America needs to sort out our economic crisis.” The information reported by the New York Times about trump’s current financial status categorically PROVES that he is an incompetent business man. Not to mention that he is also guilty of defrauding the American people in the process. He is also in hospital at this time with Covid-19. Hoist by his own petard.

And yet his cult following will vote for trump.

The world is sadly in need of a new moral compass! Please, please try to understand TheCode. Please register and help me to understand how this sort of issue can continue in our world.


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