Can trump become a dictator

Why do I discuss trump so often in RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) ?

American Law has failed the USA very obviously and extremely sadly because trump IS in the White House. If the American Law was not totally stuffed (as is the Law in Australia – whereby ANY legal objective can be achieved with enough legal power if it can be afforded) then trump would be in jail. Certainly not able to stand for election as President.

So the question only needs to be slightly adjusted to say: Can trump defeat the American Constitution as easily as he has defeated the American Justice System (usually referred to as TheLaw)? Considering the total lack of responsibility displayed by the Republican Party (with GREED and PROFIT as their sole political platform) by saving trump from impeachment, I must say that trump’s chances of making himself Dictator of American is JUST AS GOOD as his chances of another term as President.

He says that he does not read. However, as that is probably just another lie, I would suggest that any reading he does includes Mein Kampf, all Hitlers political speeches and every word uttered by Putin. He is certainly re-enacting those roles in the world.

Having spent some months of my life working in America I must say that I feel very, very sad watching them destroy themselves under trumps “rule”. Since they were the leaders of the western world I wonder where we all go from here?? While trump is destroying America in his efforts to take control China and Russia are very busy expanding their influence!! And the present-day America are so self-centered that THEY are letting it all happen.

The scariest and saddest part of all is that trump still has a popularity rating of  40.3% as at 22 July with Covid-19 deaths at 144953 and the trump claiming that America stats for the virus are the best in the world. By far! Perhaps he means the highest number?

The basic answer is that trump has to create enough chaos and confusion in America so that he can declare Martial Law. I hope and pray for the rest of the world that the “so-called” checks and balances that the USA are supposed to have in place are sufficient to prevent this happening! But, considering the ease with which trump has manipulated the US legal system to get him where he is today, I fear that the American culture is feeding the chaos that will make this possible. Recent attempts to get trump to disclose what he would do if he had another term as president Four more years? Trump struggles to outline second term plan drew no response at all. Even worse (added 6 Aug) is his “fumbled” interview about Covid-19 in the US vs. the World.

(edit: Sorry but this video has “suddenly” become not available. I guess it was another trump-fake-news item that was a little too demonstrative of trump’s increasing psychological instability. The commentary was still there when I last checked.)

because his path to dictatorship of the USA is taking shape rather nicely Trump Is a Would-Be Dictator and it rather looks like this be achieved before the election even takes place.

Why would trump want to declare Martial Law?

Firstly; this effectively places him as the dictator of the now Disunited States of America and as long as the level of chaos is maintained,  that is where he can stay. It really has not been difficult to stir up America’s favorite “rights to freedom” being the “right” to carry guns and the “right” to be bigoted, racist and sexist. Many (too many!) Americas still think KKK and have not yet realised that “rights” are given and cannot be taken, constitution or no constitution!

The Right to Arms and the American Philosophy of Freedom

Secondly; trump can then become The Commander in Cheat (Chief) that he believes is his “right” and take full control of his super-toys. I am sure that there are a few US Generals who are sufficiently hawkish to be able to support trump in his campaign to “show” China how powerful America really is! Let’s Call “Trump’s Generals” What They Are: A Military Junta Each of the 17 (seventeen)  Modern U.S. Navy Aircraft Carriers US carriers are a complete war machine in their own right. These are trumps ultimate super-toys being the bully that he is in addition to his narcissism. Take note that at least 2 of these is NOW in the China sea U.S. aircraft carriers return to South China Sea amid rising tensions .

Thirdly; he is so self-centered that he believes that when he and his new mates, Putin and Kim Jong-un, conquer the world that they will naturally appoint trump as SLP (Supreme Leader of the Planet) or whatever. This is the ultimate delusion!

You have to break a lot of eggs to create an omelette. So a few hundred thousand dead, and a few million health impaired American citizens (as “collateral” damage) is a small price to pay (as far as trump is concerned) for when trump shows that he (and he alone, please note) has conquered the world to show that The Greatest American is now the leader of the whole world. America is Great!!!!! Donald J. Trump for President

Then we come to upcoming election in the USA.

I offer the two most recent available videos to me July, 2020 from the two presidential candidates.

Interview with trump. please note that trump NEVER EVER DIRECTLY ANSWERS A QUESTION. Everything is redirected to side issues or non-relevant references or, in extreme cases, with an “I was not aware of that”. Also note that the stats that he called for he did not understand in any way whatsoever!! He had never previously seen or read them!!

Here is an interview with Dr Fauci. which clearly shows that trump does not pay the least attention to anyone or any thing other than his ego.

Interview with Joe Biden  Note that there was no reference to notes this address was done from the heart and with knowledge. But then I am biased by logic and sanity.

You be the judge.

To quote Maurice Chevalier : I am really glad that I am not young any more !!!



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