Using the Code

While trying to structure a solution to the application of TheLaw it was clear that judges and magistrates and other law-enforcers had to be able to make rulings without the distraction, complication and obfuscation that is now the accepted norm in a court of law. For this to be functional these law-enforcers would have to have a moral compass which was above our current laws AND not originating from ANY current religion or cult.  The inevitable we-are-the-only-true-religion aspect of most religions defies the identification of “the best” one without endless debate. To overcome this obstacle, and by researching as many of the religions as I was able to reference it became obvious that the traps that needed to be avoided most of all were a) COMPLEXITY and b) lack of practical application to the CURRENT TIMES. All religions date back hundreds of years and the rules/commandments/quran were written (and subsequently reviewed and revised) for people who have not been subjected to modern day semantics  and/or brainwashing and/or false-news etc.

So we get down to the basic problem of “How do we know what is right or wrong, especially in what we consider to be modern times?”. No matter how simply I try to define this there is always the challenge that is presented by “levels-of-responsibility” or the 8 dynamics. In the case of politicians at this time of Covid-19 they are faced by the dilemma of economics or people. Considering that economics directly affects their own back-pockets the decision to think beyond MeMeMe (The lowlife/ratbag culture) or SELF is totally beyond the intellect (scruples?) of many politicians and the present world death-toll (as at 25th Sept 2020 approaches 1 MILLION PEOPLE. Of this 1M 20% of these deaths have been in the USA which only has 4% of the world population) is largely due to BAD POLITICAL DECISIONS/MANAGEMENT and/or INADEQUATE PLANNING and/or POVERTY.

Any decision between right and wrong needs to use the 8 dynamics as a point of reference. This can make the decision process a very difficult one indeed because WHAT LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY IS APPROPRIATE.  This dilemma is what tests the abilities of true leaders. The ultimate example of a  bad/incompetent leader is one of the most powerful politicians in the world. He operates totally at the level of the 1st dynamic and if he is not insane (which would be the kindest assessment possible) then he has to be stupid, amoral and the ultimate narcissist. This is of course mr. trump.

How can we Apply TheCode?

TheCode is applied from the back to the front in the same way that most computer functions are used in computer programs.

If the decision or action relies or depends on a RIGHT then the rule that RIGHTs are given and never taken applies and the decision should be NO and/or the action should NOT BE TAKEN.

Example: It is my right under the freedom clause in the (American) constitution not to wear a face mask. This is in fact illogical, inconsiderate and in terms of TheCode is extremely disRESPECTful to every other person around you. Thus it is a bad decision/action and classifies you as a low-life in terms of TheCode.

The RESPONSIBILITY LEVEL is evaluated next.The point system is rather crude but serves to keep the process simple and OBJECTIVE. Financial consideration are never taken into account, as such. However if the financial consideration ensures the BASIC SURVIVAL of the dynamic it should be taken into account to the extent that there is NO PROFIT involved.

The first Five (5) DYNAMICS are evaluated with +1, 0 or -1 depending on whether  the decision/action has a beneficial effect, no effect (or an unknown effect) or a detrimental effect, respectively, for that dynamic.

The 6th (physical universe), 7th (spiritual universe) and 8th (Infinity) dynamics are beyond the comprehension of most of us and, as such, have to be ignored in the process.  Elon Musk is probably one one the few people on earth at this time who needs to consider the 6th dynamic. When he gets to establishing his colony on Mars he needs to be aware of the RESPONSIBILITY of who should be allowed to represent the human race in this endeavor.  Just imagine trump as the ambassador for earth as we get closer and closer to an understanding the 7th dynamic.

Example: Why should I not take ICE? I can control it and it is my right to do what I want. Well this is a No-No based on “my rights” as point one and point two is that it gets a -1 on The Self (Dynamic No 1) before you go any further up the five dynamics. In fact the medical facilities should NEVER provide assistance to people who take ICE (or any other recreational drug for that matter) when it gets out of control. This gets a -1 on every other dynamic after that.

There is an example of conflicting evaluations with regard to deforestation which is discussed under RESPONSIBILITY. In this example there is a +1 for The Self Dynamic (to the level that some of the population need the work to be able to buy food) but this is negated by the fact that the driving force behind this initiative is additional (huge) PROFIT which reduces the value to 0 (from +1) and as we go up the dynamic scale; Family gets +1, Groups gets -1 (because it is driven by profit rather than ESSENTIAL to survival), Country gets -1 because the overall result of deforestation destroys other activities (such as other farm crops because of reduction in rain = water etc) AND Planet gets -1 for the same reasons as Country except it is destroying the whole balance of the ecology because the overall effect is so destructive. So the “score” for this example is +2 vs. -3. And the -3 count includes a threat to the very survival of the human race. So it is ESSENTIAL that other solutions are found for the survival of that section of the  population.

The 100 commandments listed in the Quran are all covered by the one word, RESPECT.  In RRR it is my contention/belief/conviction that the strictest application of the word RESPECT covers most of the 100 commandments and in addition removes the need for polarization or any form of segregation created by attempting to address sex, religion, creed, colour or differences in perception. Every entity on this planet deserves respect. An excellent example of RESPECT is provided in the movie Avatar. In the movie the Na’vi (the natives of the planet) pay homage to the soul of an animal which was slayed for food. This is RESPECT. And this is the respect that we as humans should pay the animals and plants that we require to consume as food and the plants and even insects that make up the amazing natural balance that is our ecosystem on this planet.

The worst behavior displayed by ALL humans on this planet is lack of RESPECT and this is the most significant contributor to our current state of ARMAGEDDON.


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