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Sticks and Stones.

An interesting twist on RESPECT,  or rather not having respect, is referred to in a video by President Obama. He refers to the fact that it is kinda easy to criticize another person and then feel that you have done well by doing so. This is certainly one of  most significant forms of disrespect IMHO.

it is does not necessarily, in fact very seldom, achieve anything by merely criticizing another person or group.  One of the major problems with this is that such criticism can often be without justification and it can do a lot of damage. Even more importantly it can do damage to other activities which are very effective.

Do not criticize. Respect the other persons views and opinions as long as THEIR ACTIONS ( not their words ) are in keeping with The3rsCode.

We really must start to accept words for what they are !  Just words. And often they should just be ignored and not reacted to :

Sticks and Stones can break by bones but words can never hurt me.

If only this mantra could be used more often !! As a start verbal bullying would disappear. That would be an amazing start to a big problem in schools at this time.

“That was a sexist remark.”  So what?  You are entitled to your opinion and rather than get upset by it or react to it, I can decide to ignore it. Teaching people to ignore such remarks is a much simpler task than legislating  that such-and-such a statement is racial or sexist or anti-religion-of-one-sort-or-another is illegal and against the anti-discrimination act ( or whatever ).   Problem solved.

What fascinates me is that remarks that are interpreted to be off-colour are frequently only so in the eyes of the interpreter.  NB NB NB.



In Search of a Code – Jefferson

In the search for The3rsCode I did years of research. It was very difficult to try and decide on a code that was simple, short, logical and not easy to complicate. Every religion has a decalogue of some sort and every religion is basically good with good intentions. But, like politicians, the promises made to get your attention, commitment or loyalty are seldom without a degree of (desperation ?) about  being the one-and-only solution to everlasting peace, life or contentment ( fanaticism ! ).

In case you did not take a look at decalogue meaning above you are referred to Thomas Jefferson’s 10 Rules Of Life  which is a rather interesting philosophy !!  However interesting these rules for life may be they do not meet my requirements for simplicity or the fact that the code must not limit our freedom of choice. The things we do, say, decide and define must be the best within our power, understanding and within the realm of responsibility which we can influence.


Hello world!

Hi there,

Thank you so much for visiting this site. It is the Home of TheCode for a New World of Peace. Perhaps we may even be able to reduce the damage being caused by the TWO MOST SIGNIFICANT PROBLEMS FACING SURVIVAL ON THIS PLANET :

One ———– Human Greed and Selfishness


Two ———– Climate Change.

We sincerely believe that, by applying TheCode to our lives, our attitudes and our decisions it will be possible to make a difference.

Understanding TheCode and applying it our daily lives will not affect our religious beliefs or our sexual beliefs. It should only put them ino perspective. TheCode will change our attitude to our fellow human beings and encourage us to take greater responsibility for our own lives.

PAGES on the website are expanded, corrected and updated from day-to-day as our research progresses and our thinking expands and will be based on all the POSTS and COMMENTS. POSTS are provided as suggestions for changes to the PAGES or even new issues that should be addressed. POSTS serve as the basis for presenting different viewpoints for discussion. POSTS can only be added to the website by members. COMMENTS can be added by any person and added to any POST or PAGE on the website.

Please join us and provide us with your thoughts as COMMENTS.

Jude  10/1/2020