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We ( myself and any supporters whom I would encourage to join me ) are a collection of people who believe that we need to do as much as we possibly can to ensure the survival or reduce the likelihood of annihilation of the Human Race on Earth.

ARMAGEDDON is now. It is not something that is going to happen at some future date.  We are experiencing advanced stages of ARMAGEDDON at this time, now, as I am writing this Who-We-Are introduction.  There are three major situations that define ARMAGEDDON:

Firstly the world pandemic known as the coronavirus or Covid-19. This is going to significantly change the world and the way that we live.

Secondly is our own inability to get on with our own kind. Consider that in the middle of Covid-19 we have morons still waging war, the trump stirring up Americans to cause chaos while hundreds of thousands are dying because of total-lack-of-leadership, China continuing their global expansion and the huge challenge of managing underdeveloped nations or if we should do so??

Thirdly is the on going effects of Global Climate Change as nature tries to bring the planetary eco-systems back into balance. see Countdown

These are only three of the factors that are combining to destroy the Human Race as we know it.  What can we do about it? Well that is what RRRHELP.COM is all about. We need to identify the BASIC problems, then prioritize them and then get down to finding PRACTICAL solutions. These are never going to be easy because most of these solutions will need to start with ourselves. Each and everyone has an y important role to play if we are to survive. I understand and respect Elon Musk’s huge contributions towards this objective. He is my hero at this time but his efforts to create a colony on Mars must ensure that we change the moral beliefs of any early pioneers so as not to spread the virus that we, as human beings, are at this time. The human race as a whole, with all its faults, can be compared to a virus in the universe, at this time. Rather like Covid-19 is a virus on this planet at this time.

My ongoing research makes me believe that we need a moral compass to guide us and provide us with a common objective which we can embrace and live by in an effort to clear up the total mess that we are in (particularly and very scarily as showcased by trump as president of the USA.). We absolutely need to learn to RESPECT EVERYTHING on this planet; people, animals, plants, nature as a physical dynamic. We must learn NOT to take our RIGHTS for granted but appreciate those that are GIVEN TO US. And we must start to take RESPONSIBILITY for as many of the eight dynamics as we can possible manage. We can do this by understanding and applying TheCode :

Respect before Responsibility before Rights to ENSURE that we Survive.

It is my humble objective to help you (hence grasp the simple process of this moral code.

Please join me in helping other people to understand TheCode by REGISTERING on the site. Only a Username,  Your real name, an eMail address, a password to protect your eMail address and a tick to say you have read this intro. is required. This will enable you to add comments to Posts and Pages on the site which will be checked to ensure that they abide by TheCode, approved and be shown to all visitors.

Thank you, Keep safe,


11 Sept, 2020

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