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Questions relating to exP45?

First and foremost. For a someone like exP45 to comment on President Joe Bidens mental acuity is rather cynical:


(with acknowledgment to Quora and those trying to tell  the truth as opposed to those who are promoting the trump name at every opportunity.) is a media platform which provides as broad an opportunity as possible for FREEDOM of SPEECH. Particularly relevant to the USA. It is very sad that so many trumpists, either paid or misinformed, use Quora as an advertising board to keep the name of exP45 (ie donald j. trump) in the spotlight. The good news is that these exP45 questions are becoming more and more inappropriate and illogical or even insane.

Here are a few of the memes about exP45 :






There is the hope, therefore, that these questions about exP45 are decreasing at the same rate as his popularity. Why?

Propaganda machine

At the time of writing (December 2021) the exP45 propaganda machine does seem to be losing momentum. More and more of the misinformed trump followers are seeing-the-light although :

There is still a frightening number of people who continue to be misled by exP45. The ablity he has for collecting donations is the most frightening aspect of exP45 and his followers.

The GOP is dead unless exP45 gets back in the White House.

A mid-year report on this subject here.  Most of this money is being paid to exP45s lawyers to try and keep him out of jail at this time (ed. Dec23)

The Department of Justice is steadily working its way through all the barricades that trump and his close followers have put in their way and getting closer and closer to the point where exP45 could finish up in jail before he manages to get back in the White House:

Many trump followers are also realizing that exP45’s never ending string of lies are being repeated too often and are becoming more and more crazy with repetition:



Supporting exP45 is a highway to future dissappointment:


Both ConMen and Gangsters: 

Whenever a exP45 supporter realises how amoral exP45 is they have to decide whether to a) get out of the trumpist influence or b) feed their own questionable morals and ethics to further their own GREED.  The bottom line is always GREED whether this be for riches or for power !!

Family mostly stay as supporters because they rely on exP45 for their income. An exception has been Mary Trump who has persistently warned the people of America that exP45 is the most dangerous man on the planet.

Especially when he has the power made available ti him in the White House.

In case you believe that Mary is all fake-news ( = exP45 does not agree)  then you must read Rick Kelley – Commander in Cheat.

People who have worked with or for exP45 have found out the hard way that if they stray-from-the-fold they will face the true and nasty exP45  recoil !!



Presidency :

Another term of Office?

While waiting for the count of the 2020 elections there was a significant number of Americans who were convinced that exP45 would stay in the White House. At this time I am hoping that this is what will happen:

Wake up exP45 supporters PLEASE !  For the sake of America ! Not necessarily for yourselves, because you cannot change the GREED that inspires you to support trump, but for country that provided you with the opportunity to get what you have right now.

A promise that I can make to you, because I sincerely believe this, is that exP45 will only make America a LOT WORSE than he did in his first term in the White House. Please revisit all the achievements above !!!

Please understand

that exP45is not in the least interested in the Presidency of the USA. He is only interested in:

1. getting back into the White House which will allow him to

2. have another crack at turning America into a dictatorship by destroying any confidence in a democracy and in turn

3. (following in the footsteps of Putin’s Russia) making himself the FIRST DICTATOR OF THE (disunited)USA.

4. Putin (making a typical trump-type promise) has probably promised exP45 that he will be made #1 boss of the world (MegaDictator?) when exP45 hands the USA over to Putin, one piece at a time.

And if you sincerely believe that exP45 is the father figure you need for your own children and that he will make YOU PERSONALLY and instantly wealthy ( and happy and content ) when he becomes MegaDictator I fear for the whole world not only the decline of America, but all it (used to) stand for.

Failing the truth test against TheRcode is the final testament to how bad exP45 really is. Try it.

RESPECT then Responsibility then Rights

IanM (dec 2023)






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