Trump is doing what America wants

Why do I discuss trump so frequently?

Martin Vale on Quora clearly describes the reasons why America has got itself into the very sad state that it is right now (July 3 2020) click  as America wants to read his extremely but very sad summary of the situation.

I have spent a lot of time trying to understand how people can still support trump and are likely to vote for him and I have sadly come to the conclusion that this is due, in part, to these factors:

1) These people have very closed minds. They do not wish to be questioned or to venture out of their comfort zone structured on THEIR convictions/perceptions.
Reason: I believe that this is very understandable when one considers how  confusing and scary it is “out there”.
Thinking: We have fake-news, fake-fake-news and people out there who refuse to agree with me. And I have managed to get a grasp on this raft in the sea of confusion and I am going to hang on to it no-matter what it costs.

2) They do not wish to hear any questions which they cannot answer with the knowledge which they do have.
Example: Interview with Rudy Giuliani here.
Reason: same as above

3) Maybe they are right? This is the really scary part of it because one always has to test your own beliefs with this question. However whenever I have tried to pursue THE QUESTION (Why would you vote for trump?) all the answers have one thing in common. The answers are always INTROVERTED in that they are always expressed as in-my-opinion (and never humbly!) and very seldom refer to the source of these opinions. Their references are usually  vague sources such as “the left-wing press”, “they”, “people I know” etc etc

IMHO.  Answers/notes/statements/replies which are very carefully referenced to videos and other documents (which come from genuine sources and are unlikely to be have been modified by “trumps internet group”) and which are often cross-referenced (once again to reliable sources) are much more reliable.


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