Covid-19 and the demise of the American Dream requires a new TEN-YEAR-PLAN with significantly changed priorities for Australia so that we can come out of the economic crisis, probably more slowly, but with a committed objective of putting THE PLANET as number one priority for the future in terms of TheCode.

Australia can be the leaders in this global initiative because:
a) We can afford to do so.
b) We could elect a Government which has the intelligence, experience and foresight to achieve this objective
c) WE could ( ALL !! ) adjust our thinking to be more altruistic but less greedy because the Australia people have so much capacity to be able to do good and to look after other people
d) Australians, as a whole, have compassion and we have already shown our ability to ACHIEVE in this competitive world.
e) There is not a sport in the world where Australians have not achieved significant results !! Australia has been asked to lead the WHO investigation into the WHO’s handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the highest praise that could be given to any country. Australia has only got the 55th highest population in the world with 25.5m people and we rate as 13th in the world with a nominal GDP of $1.314 x 10 power of 12 ( roughly 1/20 of USA with a population of 331m – reducing by 1000 PER DAY from Covid-19 at this time = 21 May 2020 )

The TEN-YEAR-PLAN becomes more important, no critical, with every-day and is consequently a LIVE PROJECT which can change from day-to-day so the Page that contains my list of suggested projects will change as additional projects are highlighted by world events at this critical time in world history !!

Please refer to A TEN-YEAR-PLAN regularly. I sincerely believe that this can be the starting point for a better world. The Australian Government has shown that they have the ability to put this plan in place. How can we persuade them to do so.

I am sure that I am not on my own,
Keep safe,

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