This TEN YEAR PLAN is primarily addressed to the members of the Australian Government. All of these projects are based on an understanding of the RRR (Respect before Responsibility before Rights) Political Responsibility.

A TEN YEAR PLAN (ThePLan)  will be a work-in-progress for as long as it is in existence and the priorities will change from time to time subject to the laws that are put into place to ensure the continuity and viability of ThePlan.

Purpose: This document is intended to focus the Government on issues that will be best for the long-term survival and growth of Australia and all Australians.

ThePlan needs to be defined, prioritised and put into Law as soon as possible.

a) EVERY decision must be made using  TheCode as the point of reference.
b) EVERY decision taken about the structure and the priority of the projects in THePlan must be done without accountability to any political party, religious doctrine and or personal beliefs. These decisions MUST be nonpartisan and voted accordingly.
c) ThePlan can only be modified within a 40-day period before (ahead of) a general election. Under the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011, as amended, Parliament is dissolved automatically 25 working days ahead of a general election so if a Parliamentary majority agrees that ANY aspect of ThPlan needs to be changed this must be COMPLETED before Parliament is dissolved.

Suggested projects for ThePlan :

  1. Restructure all financial institutions such that their business policies and practices are in accordance with the Government guidelines as they are restructured in accordance with  ThePlan
  2. Ensure that all Government policies, Laws and projects are established and evaluated in terms of TheCode.
  3. Assist Industry (advice and financially) to ensure that the Australian Manufacturing Industry is rebuilt. All strategic goods must be made in this country, purchased by Australians in preference to imported goods and produced in quantities that will enable Australia to contribute to the Global Economy. Australia has the greatest capability of re-establishing a degree of self-sufficiency that can stop our reliance on either America and/or China. If America votes trump back into power we need to get as far away from America as we can without open hostility. And we need to stop China buying up Australia.
    a) Tell the Unions to butt-out and invite (persuade?) Toyota to re-establish their Manufacturing Facility in this Country.
    b) Ensure that ALL telecommunication companies re-establish their support groups (help lines) in Australia using Australian staff. Anything less than this should be considered to be treachery. And they should be taxed accordingly.  It certainly is extremely unpatriotic.
  4. Ensure that Australian Department of Aboriginal Affairs is phased out of existence. It appears that this Dept. is now known as the  National Indigenous Australians Agency .  Aboriginals must be treated as Australian Citizens and nothing more (oer less) than that. Where is EQUALITY in the Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs or its offshoots. For example
    All Australian governments are working together to slow the spread of the virus and keep Australians safe. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and communities are a priority population in the Federal Government’s COVID-19 Emergency Response Plan

What is a “priority population”?  In addition to which only a percentage of the HUGE budget for Dept. of Aboriginal Affairs actually gets to the aboriginals themselves. This has to be one of the most expensive (lucrative) jobs available in the public sector. AND I have yet to see any appreciation for this effort. All I have seen is more.. more.. more.. And not even a please. This is their RIGHT ????

Further suggested Projects  Part 2:

  1. Australian Taxation Office. (ATO).  Income Tax Law is the most complex law in most countries around the world. This is because MONEY is the currency of GREED. There should be a General Income Tax with a simple 10% paid on ALL INCOME by everyone. This must be very strictly applied to all persons or organisations dealing with Australias non-replenishable resources (mining).   A Tax based on profits (Profits is all America understands) will always be manipulated (taken advantage of).  Secondly, farmers (the farming industry who are creating renewable resources) should have a special fund created as a percentage of their taxes for assistance in times of need. Farmers are the most important people in our country. Because they keep the nation alive (food) as well as provide export revenues.
  2. We have to find a way to change Democracy so that it is not mob-rule as it is at present. Example: Evaluate a Multiple-Vote Structure and assess how it could be implemented. A person gets extra votes for being educated and contributing to society.
  3. Create a central PrisonCity. Somewhere in the middle of the desert at one of the significant oases. This should become a SELF-SUPPORTING entity in the same way that Australia was created by the British as a penal colony.  The city can have its own industries and will thus provide Australia with cheap labour. The profits generated by this complex are split 50% to Government as Revenue and to assist with the cost of running this city, 30% as compensation victims of crimes committed in Australia and 20% paid to the inmates for their work to be paid to them when they are released (returned to society).
  4. Bring back the death sentence. It defies logic that a person can be sentenced to a long prison sentence for committing crimes against society and then they are sent to a holiday camp to serve out this sentence. The only limitation to “normal living” that is imposed is that they are shut away from social contact and a “home life”. But this is what they decided to “risk” by being irresponsible. Each of these individuals costs the Australian Taxpayer a considerable amount of money. A report by the organization (Vera Institute of Justice), “The Price of Prisons,” states that the cost of incarcerating one inmate in Fiscal 2010 was $31,307 per year. “In states like Connecticut, Washington state, New York, it’s anywhere from $50,000 to $60,000,” he said. – $60,000 a year. That’s a teacher’s salary, or a firefighter’s. Our epidemic of incarceration costs us taxpayers $63.4 billion a year. (USA) The intention is to “reform” these people and get them back as contributors to normal society.  There are certainly a large number of criminals that do return to society. Some with great difficulty. Which is another problem (TheCode addresses this issue!!).  OK. It is not really a holiday camp but the do-gooders continue to get it closer to one. Why should society continue to keep the really bad criminals alive and well? There does not have to be any complicated process for deciding on the death sentence. Or making a judge give a ruling on the death sentence:  Any prison sentence in excess of 20 years and one month should automatically be placed on deaths row.  Re-offenders should automatically be placed on death row if they are being sentenced for the third time for the same “serious” offense. The 20 year rule applies to reoffending criminals on an accumulative total based on their sentences, not the time served.
  5. Commit to getting THE UNITED NATIONS to be a functional entity and provide any assistance that is within our power to do so. The fact that political morons like trump can decide that “his country” can suddenly withhold further payments to the World Health Organisation is a travesty of civilisation and the fact that the American Nation cannot stop that happening is a sad reflection on their constitution. The United Nations should be able to back up the WHO by imposing an immediate fine on the United States Government and trump should be summoned to appear in the World Court on charges of genocide. He limited the ability that the WHO has to assist those countries that so desperately need help at this time.
  6. There will be many additions to this document as issues come to my attention.

Thank you,  Keep safe,

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